You’re looking for an AI writer to rev up your copywriting output this year.

And you’ve narrowed down your search to the two top contenders: Jasper AI and Copy AI.

So which is better for your writing workflow?

I’ve tested both platforms extensively, so I’m giving you a run-down of all the features, plus a detailed look at how each app performed during testing as someone that does a lot of copywriting. Let’s get into the AI writing tools with the biggest hype.

Quick Answer – Which Is Better?

Best AI writer overall


Full Review

  • Best written outputs overall
  • Brand identity options
  • On-page SEO integrations
  • Expensive
affordable for short copy

Copy AI

Full Review

  • Creates quick and easy copy
  • More templates for use
  • Affordable
  • Writing needs more editing

Who wins in the battle of Jasper AI vs Copy AI?

Here’s my quick breakdown if you want to skip over the full comparisons:

  • Jasper AI is the best AI writer, hands down. But it’s just slightly more expensive and isn’t as intuitive or easy to use.
  • Copy AI is easy to use, quick to generate content, and more affordable. But the content is lower quality, though it does sometimes excel for short-form content.

So if you’re looking for high-quality content and don’t mind paying for it, Jasper is for you.

But if you want something easy and fast, and you don’t mind editing the output (or you want to save money), Copy AI is the best choice.

Want more details? I give a full breakdown below, including features and copy samples from each app.

1. How Do Jasper AI and Copy AI Work?

Jasper AI and Copy AI work like most AI copywriting tools, which means they use the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning to write human-sounding text.

You start by giving them a prompt, usually with a pre-made template or formula for specific copy such as product descriptions, website copy, email subject lines, or social media posts.

Next, the AI will write a piece of copy based on your input.

Finally, you can use a Google Docs-style editor to manipulate the text and get it ready to publish.

It’s pretty simple. And yes, each app works a little bit differently, but this is the main idea.

You might be wondering, what’s the technology behind these apps?

Both apps are built on an open-source AI language model called GPT-3 (developed by Open AI, the same guys that built ChatGPT and their alternatives). This program has read hundreds and billions of words from the internet, books, and other sources and knows how to read and write in English.

On top of this foundation, the developers of Jasper AI and Copy AI have trained their own AI tools to write according to copywriting frameworks, and each performs differently.

To see this in action, keep reading to see how each app handled the same prompts in testing.

2. Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Which Has Better Content?

To settle this debate, I tested both AI copywriting tools with the same exact prompts to see how they performed.

Test 1: Which is Better for Long-Form Content?

Previously, Jasper AI didn’t have a dedicated template for blog posts, but now it offers the Blog Post Outline, Intro/Outro, and Blog Post Starter to help you write a compelling article quickly.

Writing Blog Posts With Jasper

I used the Blog Post workflow to generate a blog post.

There are several options when it comes to doing this, including “Blog Post”, Blog Intro, Blog Outro, Blog Post Starter, Blog SEO.

I decided to trial the blog post workflow to see the entire article it could come up for me, and it basically walks you through each step.

Step 1 was choosing a keyword and Title you were after.

Step 2 was the introductory paragraph. It looked like this:

You could regenerate any prompt you didn’t like. Then, when you’re done, you can hit “Next” to add the paragraph to your article and move on to the next section.

I continued to fill out prompts to generate the outline, each paragraph of the blog, and finally, the conclusion.

Overall, it was time-consuming. Probably took like ten minutes for a 2,000 word article that I had to walk it through step by step. However, this was great to give you editing privileges of the entire article in every way.

So it’s up to your preference. Do you want to just type in your keyword and watch it generate the entire article for you? Then Jasper may not be it. But if you want to guide the AI writer to create higher quality blog posts, then Jasper is more for you.

  • They now offer a “one-shot” blog post where you enter in your title and keyword, along with target audience to get your entire article quickly. However, I found it was a small article of about 800 words and lower level content.

I asked for a second article called “5 Biggest SEO Mistakes Small Businesses Make,” and this was the result:

Also, you would then have to go to “SEO” mode, and edit it with SurferSEO to make it SEO friendly.

Blog Posts with Copy AI

Next, I jumped over to Copy AI to generate the same articles. The built-in Blog Post Wizard makes it easy to generate long-form content in just a few clicks.

I gave this input:

And it generated an outline, which I could edit, regenerate, or approve:

Then it generated points for the outline, which were also editable.

And finally, it generated the blog post:

Here’s how it wrote the second article, “5 Biggest SEO Mistakes Small Businesses Make”:

The Winner: Jasper

Jasper AI is clearly the winner here when it comes to quality content—the outline is more interesting and informative, and the writing is better. However, it took a lot more time to generate and not as intuitive to use.

And Copy AI’s writing isn’t bad. Sometimes it sounds better than Jasper’s, like this conclusion to the SEO-themed article:

Compare that with Jasper’s rendition, which is a bit bland:

Test 2: Which is Better for Social Media Posts?

Social media posts are undoubtedly the most time-consuming content creation there is, which is why many marketers often find themselves looking for an AI social media post generator to take on some of the workload.

For this test, I chose the Jasper AI Photo Post Captions template, which works well for photo-friendly apps like Instagram and Facebook.

This was my input:

And this is what Jasper wrote:

To compare, I chose Copy AI’s Instagram Captions tool and gave the same criteria.

Here’s what it wrote:

The Winner: None

There’s no clear winner here. The captions written by Jasper AI sound better, but both follow the same formula. On the other hand, copy AI gave me totally different ideas, though all sound slightly generic. 

Copy AI seems to perform better for short-form content, as Jasper’s content sometimes follows the same pattern every time.

But both could help you generate a month’s worth of social media posts in a few hours.

Tip: Pair the generated social media posts with an AI art generator to create quick content.

Test 3: Which is Better for Digital Ad Copy?

How do these AI writing tools perform when writing ad copy?

To test, I chose the Facebook Ad Primary Text template found in both apps.

Here’s what I gave Jasper AI:

And these are the ads it wrote:

Turning to Copy AI, I gave the AI writer the same prompt, and here are some ads it came up with:

The Winner: Jasper

Jasper AI is clearly the winner here. The ads sound more natural and could almost be used without any edits.

Test 4: Which is Better for Writing Emails?

Emails take up such a ridiculous amount of our days, and often don’t move the needle much when it comes to pushing your business further. There are plenty of AI email assistants or AI productivity tools to help you speed up your response rates, but can you use Jasper or Copy AI to do this too?

Jasper AI doesn’t have many email templates, but you can use custom commands to generate emails of any type.

In this case, I used Jasper Chat (explained in detail below) to generate a welcome email for me:

And this is what the chatbot gave me:

Copy AI does have email templates, and I chose the Welcome Email template for this exercise.

Here’s what I asked for:

And this is what Copy AI wrote:

The Winner: Jasper

As far as the quality of writing, Jasper AI wins. But every time I generate a welcome email, it follows the same exact formula, which quickly gets old. While Copy AI’s output is rougher, it will give you more creative options for writing emails.

Test 5: Which is Better for Custom Commands?

Both Jasper AI and Copy AI allow custom commands, where you can ask the AI writer for any kind of content with any kind of criteria.

I thought I’d throw something really random at the AI to see how it performed.

Here’s what I thought of:

And here’s how Jasper responded:

The result: Beautiful, poetic writing that actually incorporates moon and sun imagery to match the content. Surprisingly good.

Over on Copy AI, I entered the same prompt into the Freestyle tool.

Here’s what it wrote:

The Winner: Jasper

Jasper AI wins this one. Jasper seems to handle even the oddest requests with beautiful writing. Here it proves its creative skill that goes above and beyond simple copywriting. On the other hand, Copy AI tends to produce content that’s more straightforward, which doesn’t work as well here.

Test 6: Which is Better for Copywriting Frameworks?

Both AI writing tools include a handful of copywriting frameworks for generating powerful copy.

Jasper AI has templates for AIDA, PAS, and the Before-After Bridge formulas.

I tested AIDA with this prompt:

And the result:

Besides AIDA, PAS, and BAB, Copy AI also has templates for Feature-Advantage-Benefit, Problem-Promise-Proof-Proposal, and QUEST Copywriting.

I tested the AIDA tool with Copy AI with the same input, and this is what it gave me:

The copy is more an idea of what to write for each section rather than a finished piece of content.

The Winner: Both

Again, Jasper AI has superior writing, and it shows. Copy AI has more templates, which gives you more options, but it’s hit-or-miss with some of them. (For example, Copy AI’s Before-After-Bridge didn’t work for me at all.)

3. Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Which Has Better Templates?

Copy AI has more templates (80+), but Jasper’s 50+ templates often perform better. Both support custom commands, but Jasper also supports Workflows (combinations of templates) and Recipes (strings of custom commands as a template).

Copy AI’s Blog Post Wizard will generate a blog post in less time and with less effort, but Jasper’s Workflows and Recipes give you more control over the output.

So it comes down to what you’re looking for in an AI writing tool.

Either you want full creative control and high-quality writing that requires less editing, or you want more templates that can be used quickly to get a rough start that you don’t mind editing afterward.

4. Which One Has a Better Text Editor?

How’s the editing experience in Jasper AI vs Copy AI? Let’s take a closer look.

Jasper’s Editor

Jasper AI has a great editor for long-form content (it’s sometimes called the Document Editor or Boss Mode). On the left, you can generate more content using the AI writer. And you can choose the length of text: Shorter, Medium, or Longer.

At the top, you have all of the basic editing features you’d want in a simple text editor: headings, text formatting, lists, links, and images.

Now on to the advanced features:

The icon menu at the very top gives you three ways to use the editor. The first is Focus Mode, which gives you a simple prompt on the left and plenty of space to write (shown in the image above).

The second is Chat Mode, which pulls up Jasper Chat in the left half of the window so you can use it to generate more copy.

And the third is Power Mode, which gives you a full menu of all of Jasper’s templates and options so you can generate anything you want in the editor.

You also get three command buttons that can help you revise your text in different ways: Re-PhraseFix Grammar, and Explain It To a 5th Grader.

Finally, you get two integrations to extend the editor even further: a Grammarly extension to edit your text and a built-in Plagiarism Checker. You can also connect with Surfer SEO to optimize your articles for publishing or share documents with a team member to edit together.

All told, Jasper AI has a powerful editor that will satisfy most writers’ needs.

Copy AI’s Editor

Copy AI’s editor has sufficient features: format your text, or add headings, links, images, and lists. You’re also able to format quotes and code.

There aren’t many other features besides this, but if you highlight any text inside the editor, you have the option to use the Re-Write command to re-phrase the content.

5. What Unique Features Do They Have?

Jasper AI Extra Features

  • Jasper Chat: Jasper comes with a ChatGPT equivalent called Jasper Chat. You can ask the chatbot for any kind of writing, and it will grant your request (to the best of its ability). It even writes long-form content, but it’s usually on the shorter side. You can connect the bot to Google Search results to get more recent data, and its answers will contain sources to make fact-checking easier.
  • Recipes: These are custom templates made by stringing custom commands together. You can use Jasper’s built-in recipes, download recipes shared by the community, or create your own.
  • Workflows: Similar to recipes, Workflows are step-by-step content generators that use multiple prompts and templates to create long-form content.
  • AI Image Generator: Jasper’s AI Art feature allows you to generate custom graphics for your content with many customizable settings.
  • Plagiarism Checker: You can purchase credits to check for plagiarism inside Jasper’s content editor.
  • Integrations: Jasper offers integrations with Surfer SEO to optimize your content for search engines and DeepL to translate more accurately.
  • Browser Extension: You can add Jasper to Chrome to generate AI text inside any platform.
  • Brand Identity: Jasper AI just released its new “brand identity” feature, which allows you to create a custom tone for your business and create articles that have consistent identities.

Copy AI Extra Features

  • Copy AI Chat: Copy AI just released its Chat feature to be in line with ChatGPT and Jasper Chat. This is comparable to Jasper Chat and can generate full blog posts, write any copy or content you ask for, answer questions, and help you with research.
  • Supercharge Mode: Some tools and templates in Copy AI offer Supercharge Mode, which is the ability to use an entire webpage as input instead of typing out text.
  • Copy AI Workflows: Workflows allow you to create personalized content, such as cold emails or InMail messages. For example, you can enter a prospect’s LinkedIn profile and generate a recruiting email based on it.
  • Browser Extension: Copy AI also offers a Chrome extension. However, it doesn’t generate text inside your browser window—instead, it pulls up a tab on the side of your screen to generate text, which you can copy into any website.

6. Jasper AI vs Copy AI: How Many Languages Do They Support?

Jasper’s AI writing software supports 29+ languages and connects with DeepL for more accurate translations.

Copy AI supports 25+ languages.

7. Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Which Has a Better Community?

Jasper’s Facebook Group (#JasperNation) boasts 73K members and seems to be very active.

Copy AI’s Facebook Group has 17K members and is less active, but people interact there regularly.

8. What Kind of Support Do You Get?

Jasper AI allows you to chat with its support team and promises a reply in a few hours.

It also provides help docs, live training, live Q&A calls, and a course called Jasper Bootcamp to help you get the most out of the platform.

Copy AI gives you options to contact the team or submit a bug report. Its email form says the team will respond “as soon as we can,” so it’s not clear how long it’ll take to get a response.

The Copy AI team also provides weekly live demos and publishes tutorials on the blog.

9. Do Jasper AI and Copy AI Have an API?

Copy AI has an API and published documentation to use it, though it’s only available on the Enterprise plan.

Jasper AI does not currently have an API.

10. How Much Do Jasper AI and Copy AI Cost?

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI has recently lowered their monthly payment, as well as the word caps, to compete with the release of ChatGPT.

Jasper doesn’t have a free plan, but you can sign up for a 7-day free trial of the platform (credit card required).

The AI image generator (called Jasper Art Unlimited) is a separate subscription of $20 per month.

And you can purchase credits for the plagiarism checker (Grammarly) starting from $10. (Jasper says that you’ll pay 3 cents for the first 200 words checked, then 1 cent per 100 words after that.)

Copy AI Pricing

Copy AI is just slightly more affordable and has simple pricing.

A monthly payment of $36 (or an annual payment of $432) will get you unlimited words and access to all tools and features on the Pro plan.

A separate Enterprise plan includes API access and a “chat interface,” plus other automation-friendly features. Pricing is not available on the website for the Enterprise plan.

Pitfalls with Jasper AI and Copy AI

At the end of the day, these are both AI writers. So it’s so important to know how to use an AI writer appropriately so you don’t risk unintended plagiarism or loss in rankings.

1) Use an AI Content Detector to see how “AI” your content sounds. Ultimately, the goal is to use these to help speed up your writing, but you need to still provide amazing value and unique perspectives to your target audience.

2) Use an AI SEO Software: These products don’t write for SEO, so if you’re writing articles that need to rank on Google, then you need to still pair it with SEO writing.

Final Verdict

So, who wins in the head-to-head showdown of Jasper AI vs Copy AI?

Jasper AI wins in terms of high-quality content and creative control. You can generate anything you’d like, and Jasper handles it flawlessly. 

However, it requires some finessing to create the templates you need for your workflows. And it’s more expensive (not to mention the Boss Mode plan gets more expensive as you generate more words).

If you want the best possible quality in your AI-generated copy and don’t mind paying for it, go with Jasper.

Copy AI wins in terms of ease of use and affordability. You get more templates, and it’s easier and faster to generate blog posts with Copy AI. 

However, the writing often falls flat. 

If you want to generate first drafts quickly and don’t mind editing the output heavily, Copy AI is for you. It’s also a better choice if you can’t afford Jasper.

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