Productivity is at the heart of any successful business or organization. In today’s fast-paced world, leveraging the right tools and strategies to maximize productivity can be the difference between success and failure in global competition.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) productivity tools are changing how people work. They help you optimize workflow and maximize efficiency. From AI meeting bots that can transcribe meeting notes for you to integrated email assistants, if you’re looking to get more done in less time, I’ve tested the best AI productivity tools to help you get more done in 2024.

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ai project management


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  • Efficient project management
  • AI writer to help speed drafts
  • Centralized documentation
ai content platform


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  • AI writer to create copy quickly
  • AI art generator to create photos
  • Integrations with SEO software.
ai meeting transcription

Otter AI

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  • Automate meeting transcription
  • Send an AI bot to meetings
  • Summarize and delegate tasks

What Are The Best AI Productivity Tools?

I’ve actually tested and tried the majority of these platforms below. Depending on your needs, I was surprised by just how productive some of these tools helped me become. Here’s a quick TL;DR of the product overview:

Best AI Productivity Tools

1. Trevor AI

AI Task Manager and Scheduler

When we think about personal productivity, many of us envision leather day planners, calendars, or a to-do list to keep our task management organized. While there are hundreds of apps and software that have attempted to manage this digitally, Trevor is one of the few that have implemented AI technology to boost your productivity. 

Trevor goes above just creating a to-do list and setting reminders by:

  • Drag and drop functionality from your to-list into your calendar.
  • Third-party integration with Todoist, Google, and Outlook, to name a few.
  • Time-blocking capabilities so you can get deep work (think minimal distractions!).

Trevor User Experience

In addition to their drag-and-drop scheduling experience, you can now ask Trevor to add in a task. Not only will it create the task, but it will suggest how long to schedule the task and at what spot in your schedule will be most optimal. 

It then integrates with the user’s Google Calendar, which you can easily share with your team or partner. With their time-blocking capabilities, you’re sure to become the master of your productivity with Trevor AI, the ultimate productivity tool.

Trevor Pricing

There’s a great free version that lets you optimize your time management skills with their task scheduler and management. The pro version is only $3.99 per month and allows individualized AI assistance so that it can properly estimate the time for each task unique to you.

Trevor Verdict:

If you’re looking for an affordable digital, AI-capable calendar to help you with your schedule, Trevor is a great option.

2. Motion AI

Time Management Extraordinaire

Motion AI is another AI calendar app that takes planning and scheduling to the next level with prioritization scheduling built in. It’s like having an AI personal assistant to prioritize your tasks, schedule your meetings, and time block for essential work all in one. I may be a bit biased on this one because after testing it, I personally use it and love it. Here’s what it does:

  • Their algorithm creates the perfect schedule. If you don’t finish a task in time, it will automatically reorganize your schedule.
  • Choose to prioritize work that needs to be done and create “deep work” chunks of time to minimize interruptions.
  • They have an AI meeting scheduler to block time for your personal work and for meetings, so your time is better spent.
  • They have individual and team management options.

User Experience

When I got started with Motion AI, it was a relatively low learning curve. I easily figured out how to create my work schedule, add events, create tasks with hard and soft deadlines, and few more.

What I love most is the alerts. When a project takes a lot more time than you initially thought, it will give you alerts saying that you’re other projects won’t meet their deadlines. This way, you know to work a little extra or can set realistic expectations of when things will get done.


For monthly users, you’ll spend $34 per month on their AI calendar app or $20 per user per month for the Teams version.


If you’re looking for the best productivity app to manage your schedule, to-do list, and daily planner, then I recommend checking into Motion.

3. Timely

AI Time-Tracking Software

Time-tracking software is not a new concept. It’s a powerful way for entrepreneurs and companies can track how much time they’ve spent on a project or task. Whether you’re doing this for charging purposes (billable hours) or looking to gain more insight on where your time is spent, time-tracking is a necessary evil.

That’s where Timely comes in. It’s an AI-powered tool that automatically tracks your time on your desktop. It works in the background as you work and then gives you a report on how much time you spent on different tasks, from emails, meetings, and communication.

For Teams, it will give individual users an idea of how long they’re spending on a project and doesn’t support taking screenshots or any other invasive privacy maneuver.

  • If you’re a freelance worker, you can accurately track your time spent on projects with just a few clicks to bill correctly.
  • Integrates with any major third-party apps you may be using, such as Asana, Gmail, Harvest, or Azure.
  • It can help monitor employees’ activities, but the data is private– it’s not an intrusive watch like some others.


For an individual user, you’ll pay $20 a month for unlimited projects.

Timely Verdict

I think Timely is a great AI productivity tool for freelancers that need to track their productivity on individual clients and projects.

4. TimeBro

Time Tracking Desktop App

Similarly to Timely, TimeBro is another time-tracking desktop app that will tell you how much time you’re spending throughout your workday. Again, this information is not reported to your boss or used as surveillance. It’s used solely to help you improve your productivity.

  • It will give you detailed reports to the second on where you’re time is spent (Word documents, emails, etc.). And this is where you are active, not what tab you have open.
  • You can attach unique software your business may be using to track the time.
  • You can edit the time slots if you need to attach a project to a client.

Timebro Pricing

The biggest turndown of the application is that you have to commit to a minimum of three months; there’s no monthly option.

Timebro Verdict

As this is catered more toward business professionals, this is a great option for those that have billable hours, like IT or attorneys.

5. Otter AI

AI Transcription Services

Meetings are notorious for destroying any hopes of productivity. If you’re an executive or high-level leader that has a schedule blocked with hours of back-to-back meetings, how can you ever take any time for deep-level work?

Easy– it’s called Otter AI.

Otter AI is an AI-driven software that can listen to and transcribe your meeting notes for you (it’s like having your own personal secretary!) You can even send an AI bot to your Zoom meetings to take notes and summarize the important information on your behalf.

  • Let Otter take your meeting notes for you and summarize the take-home points.
  • Store and share all the audio files from your meetings.
  • It will identify the speaker’s names for you so that you know who said what.
  • You can train your business lingo, which is very important for tech/healthcare/ and other very specialized niches.

Otter AI Pricing

For only $30 per month, I was surprised you get 100 hours of dictation. I think this is a pretty good amount for any SMB.


Otter AI is one of the best productivity apps in the market, in my opinion. Meetings tend to be one of the biggest ways where you can save yourself a ton of time. So if you’re not directly needed to take part or contribute to a meeting, get Otter.

6. Bit.AI

AI Document Collaboration

Have you ever written something on Google Docs, only to send it via Teams and then share it via five other different platforms? I think we’ve all been there, which is why Bit.AI is a fantastic central document collaboration platform.

After testing it out, it’s essentially a super smart Google Docs or Microsoft Word. You can add special widgets, music, videos, internal and external links, code, and much more, all within an extremely user-friendly interface.

Basically, think of having a group document you’re working on whether its an article, proposal, or project. But instead of just having the documents, you can insert EVERYTHING you can possibly need within that document. You have colorful icons where people are commenting on updates. It’s just a gorgeous interface.

The things I loved most when playing with the tools were:

  • Everything is literally in one place. No more sending an email with attached photos and videos in one cloud and then documents in another.
  • They have hundreds of templates to get started from, whether it’s to help you organize your meeting notes or your project management.
  • There is a time tracking so that you can see how much time an individual has spent on a document. This is great for tracking billable hours for a project.

Bit AI Pricing

You’ll spend $20 per member per month, which is great for small organizations, but this can get pricey for large enterprises. I would recommend asking for personalized quotes for companies with a high amount of employees.

Bit AI Verdict

If you’re looking to save time when it comes to document collaboration between your Team members, has a fantastic interface with many more features than the traditional Google.

7. Beautiful AI

Quicker Slide Deck Presentations

If you or your organization commonly puts together internal or clientele presentations, it may be time to look past the traditional, time-consuming PowerPoint basics.

Beautiful AI is an AI tool that can create impressive, professional presentations that’ll surprise all your viewers (but will only take you half the time to create it).

  • There are hundreds of pre-built templates and stock photos to choose from to make your information stand out.
  • The editing features are very intuitive to use; no steep learning curve when it comes to making quick transitions.
  • I love that you can assign slides to members of your team. Gone are the days when you all created your own individual slide, and someone sat there for an hour putting it all together.
  • Automations are AUTOMATIC. Such a novel concept, right? We all know how much time we spend on adding those second transitions.

Beautiful AI Verdict

We all know that the majority of the time spent on presentations is on design. Boost your productivity by creating a professional-level presentation half the time.

8. Ellie AI

Write Emails Quicker

Are you spending a ton of time answering emails? Enter Ellie AI, an amazing tool to help you get your emails back under control. It’s a Google Chrome extension, so just download it and link to your email and good to go.

It’s essentially like having an AI writer within your email account. If you want to deny a request, you simply hit deny, and it will automatically generate an entire email for you.

For C-suite execs and leaders that don’t want to waste five or more hours answering back and forth with emails, then this will help you save precious time with your communication process. Here’s a quick glance of everything it does:

  • It can understand the previous emails and threads to craft your next response- artificial intelligence performing at its best.
  • Ellie speaks more than English, as you can craft responses in multiple languages.
  • It cuts down the email writing process from like five minutes to five seconds.

Ellie Pricing

If you only respond to ten emails a day, then it’s only $16 per month. While this is more affordable, if you’re only responding to ten emails per day, I don’t see how this is that beneficial. It’s convenient and more of a luxury.

Ellie’s Verdict

If you deal with dozens of emails per day, this will help you speed up your email response time.

9. Lavender AI

Customize Cold Outreach Faster

If you’re looking to improve your cold email outreach, then Lavender may be something to help you make this process more efficient and customizable. You can see a full idea here of how it works, but essentially, you connect it to your email account (Gmail, Outlook, etc.).

As you create an email, you will see a pop-up that scores and gives you recommendations to make your email more engaging. It also can pull unique information about your recipient through social accounts like LinkedIn so that you have it right next to your email.

It’s still a bit glitchy when I tested it, but I can see huge potential for this in the future.

Lavender Pricing

If you have a large Enterprise outreach team, $49/user can get expensive real fast. Luckily, they give you a seven-day trial, which I highly recommend.

Lavender Verdict

If you’re looking to speed up and increase your success with cold outreach, Lavendar AI maybe with considering as it gives you social profile widgets within your email outreach.

10. ProofHub

AI Project Management Boost

Proofhub has been in the market for a while but is now making a comeback with its powerful collaboration suite and AI integration capabilities.

For those of you that are new to Proofhub, it’s basically an online project management tool to centralize everything from tasks, deadlines, communication, and team delegation all in one space.

Here are some of their most noteworthy features:

  • Multiple project visualization tools, from tables, and calendar, to boards. This way, you always know where you are in your project.
  • For project managers, you can delegate teammates to assignments, give them deadlines, approve or add comments to drafts of work, and even track time.
  • Communication focused– loop people into conversations, track the discussions, and never fall victim to misunderstanding again.
  • They have invested in AI-driven reports to ensure you’re always on track.
  • API access and mobile apps are available.

Proofhub Pricing

As far as pricing goes, it’s one of the only options that offer flat fees, meaning you won’t pay per user like other options on the market.

Proofhub Verdict

If you’re juggling multiple projects with a virtual team, definitely consider ProofHub. Their communication is pretty stellar so everyone can be on the same page, no matter where on the globe you are.

11. Notion AI

Manage Your Projects Efficiently

Notion AI has been a trending company ever since its release- and they’re on top of its game when it comes to investing in artificial intelligence. Similar to other project management platforms, they give you everything you would expect, including task delegation, communication tools, and file-sharing capabilities.

What makes Notion AI the standout is its innovative AI technology that can read documents, emails, and other typed communications to help you understand the sentiment in conversations and even gauge what kind of work people are doing.

  • Notion AI Assistant will help you create your documents better and faster. You can click things like “improve writing” or “change the tone” and watch the AI assistant improve your text for you.
  • With their AI-powered writing assistant, Notion can create rough drafts within your team projects for you. That gives your Team member more time to make meaningful changes, edits, and recommendations. Less time writing the necessary fluff.
  • Their “Wikis” is a great space where you can centralize all your company documentation from task progress to company culture and keep everyone on the same page.

Notion AI Pricing

When I took a look at how much Notion costs, I was quite honestly surprised. I feel they could get away with charging much more than they currently are.

Notion AI Verdict

If your team is looking for a powerful project management platform with AI capabilities and integrations, then Notion AI is definitely one of the best productivity tools on the market.

12. Jasper

Create Content Quicker

If your company is engaged in the content creation process, then an AI writing tool is a must. Meet Jasper, a powerful AI-driven content generation tool. This tool makes content creation faster, easier, and more efficient by allowing teams to generate high-quality content with the help of AI technology. You can see my full review here.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what Jasper is capable of:

  • Writing: Jasper can write engaging content such as blog posts, social media posts, tweets, and short stories.
  • Art: Jasper can generate creative artwork for logos, banners, business cards, and other digital projects.
  • Research: Jasper is equipped with ontological search capabilities to help you find relevant information quickly and efficiently. But make sure that you verify anything, as all GPT3 chats and resources can produce incorrect results.
  • Editing: Jasper is able to edit and proofread written content to ensure it meets standards of quality and accuracy.

Jasper Pricing

The only thing I’m not fond of is that you will pay per word. This can be good if you don’t use it a ton, but if you need to write a lot, then it can end up costing you a pretty penny.

Jasper Verdict

If you create content, the reality is that every major enterprise will be employing AI to produce more content in less time. You need to jump on the train if you want to remain competitive and Jasper is one of the best.

What Are AI Productivity Tools?

An AI productivity tool is a software system that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize your work tasks so that you can get more done in less time. Thanks to huge advancements in natural language processing (NLP), AI apps are now able to understand, synthesize and even generate information faster than ever before. 

From project management to content creation and business intelligence, AI productivity tools offer businesses the potential to save time and resources while providing employees with more effective solutions for workflow optimization. 

Benefits of AI Tools for Productivity

If you’re not already using AI-based tools, here are a few reasons why you should reconsider (or some productivity quotes to inspire you!):

  • Increased Efficiency: AI tools can automate tedious and time-consuming tasks, freeing up human resources to focus on more complex and interesting work.
  • More Accurate Results: AI algorithms are designed to analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately, making them ideal for decision-making processes. It can do this at much faster speeds than humans.
  • Cost Savings: Automation with AI tools can lead to cost savings in the long run, as there is no need to hire and pay additional staff for certain mundane tasks.
  • Scalability: Growing businesses can use AI technology to gain access to new resources without needing additional staff or equipment, allowing them to scale their operations quickly and efficiently. I find this will be absolutely essential for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to compete today.

Use Cases and Examples of AI Productivity:

If you’re wondering which areas in your workflow and an AI productivity tool can help you, then here are a few examples. This list is definitely not all-inclusive, and I’m sure we’re going to see an explosion of new tools in the coming years.

  • Content Creation
  • Time-Tracking
  • Scheduling Meetings and Events
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Data collection
  • Task Management

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can Artificial Intelligence Increase Productivity?

AI tools provide businesses with the ability to automate mundane or repetitive tasks. This way, you and your team can spend more time on critical human skills such as creativity and problem-solving and less time on trivial tasks.

What Are Some Examples of AI Productivity Tools?

Examples include AI meeting bots to help you transcribe and summarize meetings, automated scheduling tools, AI email assistants to help you automate your inbox, and AI customer support tools to help you quickly respond to customer inquiries. These are just a few examples.

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