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You don’t have to be an engineer or data scientist to integrate artificial intelligence into your life. Odds are, you have been using it without even knowing it. See my in-depth how-to guides and reviews on implementing AI into your business or finances.

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AI in Marketing

Generative AI

AI in Business

Artificial Intelligence is going to be revolutionizing industries over the next few decades. And believe it or not, AI is not just for Google or Amazon. Small and medium sized businesses have the most to gain from its implementation. If you’re a newbie, I recommend starting with the article below.

AI in Finance

If you thought AI was just for business, you’d be wrong. As artificial intelligence automates the most complex of functions, it can do the same for your business or personal finance too. Check out the ways it can help you become smarter.

Booth AI Review: Create Custom Product Photos For Socials In Seconds
Artificial Intelligence

Booth AI Review: Create Custom Product Photos For Socials In Seconds

Product photography has been the cornerstone of marketing for a century. You need photos to show off in your digital and physical campaigns– but the costs and time it takes to constantly obtain new photos are often cost and time-prohibitive for smaller companies. Enter the revolutionary world of AI-powered product photography, where technology meets aesthetics,…