With AI making headlines everywhere, many businesses and freelancers are left scrambling to understand the technology and find the right AI tools to help them create content.

I’ve been testing and reviewing AI tools since 2021 before ChatGPT was even released or considered mainstream.

Here’s an ultimate showdown of all the most popular tools by category. You can click on the heading to find more thorough reviews and breakdowns for each category. I’ll also continue to update this list as more tech launches!

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But first, here are our product spotlights for this month.

AI writer

Jasper AI

Full Review

  • High-quality AI writer
  • SurferSEO integration
  • Hundreds of templates
Seo optimizer


Full Review

  • Easy dashboard for on-page SEO
  • SERP keyword resesarch
  • Domain planner for rankings
COPy Writer

Copy AI

Full Review

  • Copy Ad templates including socials
  • Easy-to-use prompts
  • Affordable pricing options

What Are the Best Artificial Intelligence Tools on The Market?

AI platforms popping up every day and pushing the barriers to what’s possible to automate and intelligently improve your processes. If there’s a particular topic you’re interested in, you can choose to jump to one of them below.

AI Writers

AI writing tools are one of the most popular new AI tools on the market. With an amazing boost in advanced natural language processing (thanks, GPT3!), AI writers are set to become the artificial intelligence tool that transforms industries. Let’s list some of the top contenders.

1. Jasper

Jasper is arguably the most popular AI writer on the market (outside of ChatGPT). They’ve been perfecting their language processing techniques to give you the highest quality of writing. In short, just write something you’re looking for like “write a paragraph on the upbringing of Henry VIII,” and it will spit out an entire paragraph for you. Whether you’re looking for an entire article or essay to looking to make social media captions, Jasper truly does create some of the highest quality content of them all.

2. Rytr

Although less popular than Jasper, Rytr has gained its spot for being an AI writer that can efficiently create great content, but at a fraction of the price. This is really a good option for those that are on a budget but can still perform all the tasks you need it to, such as landing page copies, articles, and social media generations.

3. Copy AI

Looking to generate mass amounts of marketing copy in minutes? Then Copy AI is worth a good look. It has more templates than Jasper when it comes to creating anything from product descriptions to full blog posts. As its name implies, its been developed for the copywriter in mind.

4. Article Forge

If you’re looking for a platform where you can easily create an entire article in just a few clicks, then this is worth a look. While I don’t think it creates immediate publish-worthy content, it is great to create a batch of rough drafts in minutes. All it needs is your special touch to polish the article off!

5. Hypotenuse

This is the AI writer for E-commerce brands. It connects with your E-commerce platform to help you create fun, descriptive writing for all of your products, whether it’s your PPC or social media ads. It also features an AI art generator to help you optimize your content production at scale.

6. Wordplay

If you’re a new brand that needs to create mass amounts of text or articles, then consider Wordplay. It creates batches of content at scale, but you will need to highly edit the content as it’s more of a batch rough draft creator. But they offer a way for you to speed up your content creation as you’re now more of an editor than a writer (so it’s like skipping a step?).

7. ScaleNut

This AI writer is a little bit different than the other tools in that its focus is to become an AI text generator for Google Ads, video descriptions, and other marketing needs. Their goal is to be an AI writer and SEO platform all in one so that you don’t need to purchase two different platforms to do one thing. Many of the others mentioned above have partnered up with SEO platforms to offer both, but this platform aims to be a two-for-one deal.

8. Write Sonic

Quickly becoming a popular AI writer thanks to its Chat Sonic (ChatGPT alternative), this allows you to write text prompts to a Chatbot (“please write me an essay about Winston Churchill”), and it will write it for you. There’s a free plan to test it out before you buy. The big improvement with this over ChatGPT is it pulls data from today, whereas ChatGPT is stuck in 2021.

9. Quillbot

This is a tool to help you improve your content. You can change the tone of your words, summarize, and edit your articles quickly. This tool is a bit more rugged than all of its predecessors, but you can use it for free until you hit your max credits before needing to upgrade to premium.

10. Sudowrite

This is meant for the storytellers. You can ask it to create different plot twists, and it actually helps you write a book with a longer memory to help you create a novel. If you’re looking for an AI tool to help you write a novel, this is a good place to start.

11. AI Dungeon

Okay, this is more of a game than an AI writer, but it creates awesome storyboards, so if you’re looking for new ideas, it’s worth trialing. It allows you to create your own adventures as you move through the game, a great way to inspire some new plots.

AI Art Generators & AI Image Generators

I’ve decided to make this category very broad, as so many things are encompassed in art. From graphics for posters and banners, digital ads, to creative artwork, to AI headshots for your LinkedIn accounts, you can find them all here!

12. Midjourney

Midjourney is one of the most well-known image generators on the market. You can quickly use the tool to create stunning visuals from text with minimal effort and time. I’ve actually decorated my entire office from photos from Midjourney, and they’ve turned out spectacular.

Here’s an example of the type of creativity you can get with their platform.

13. Dall E 2

Dall E2 is an AI art generator that works with the latest neural networks and deep learning. Created by OpenAI, they’re really the “founders” of AI art generation, but there’s a long waitlist to gain access. Some things Dall-E2 can do is quickly generate images from text, learned styles, or random noise. It creates some of the most realistic images in the industry.

14. NightCafe

NightCafe is another AI image generator that allows you to input a text description of what you’re looking to create, and within seconds it will create an image. What’s fun about NightCafe vs. the other contenders is that you can choose different styles to generate different types of output. If you’re not great at your descriptive vocabulary, this is really helpful to achieve the art you’re looking for.

15. Wombo.AI

If you’re looking for an AI art generator that can create stunning imagery while also uploading easily to your NFT collection, then this is the art generator for you.

16. Aragon AI

If you’re looking for an AI headshot for your professional accounts or to hang up at the office without spending hundreds of dollars and hours on a photographer, then an AI headshot generator is a great idea.

Here’s a sample from my Aragon AI photos:

Try it for yourself and see if you can tell what’s real or not.

17. StudioShot

Are you looking for professional photos without the professional pricetag? While Aragon AI provides great photos in under an hour, StudioShot takes it a step further by using AI to generate your headshots that you submitted, but then they’re professionally touched up so that there is no telling which is an AI photo vs. a professionally photographed photo.

Use Code SamanthaBrandon30 for a discount.

AI Photo Editors

Many professional photographers spend hours upon hours touching up, refining, and removing background noise and any other imperfections that may have made their way into their photos. While this used to be a very tedious process, AI is now smart enough to do the work automatically for you in just a few seconds.

18. Luminar AI

This artificial intelligence tool allows you to upload a picture and uses its machine-learning magic to make smart edits to your photo. You can use the sky replacement tool to change the background, touch up portraits or selfies, or use their templates to edit the photo.

19. Paintshop Pro

If you’re a professional photographer, then Paintshop Pro may be something you’re looking for when it comes to fine-tuning those photos. They have stellar AI denoise capabilities, background replacements, and style transfer options to match your creativity.

20. autoRetouch

If you are in E-Commerce, then auto Retouch can be used to produce spectacular product images. They have a “Ghost Mannequin” that allows you to model clothes. Say goodbye to reshooting photos.

AI Content Detectors

Even if you’re not using an AI writer, I promise someone else is. Maybe you’re worried that Google will penalize you for AI content, or you’re in the education system and need to make sure your students are using ChatGPT to write their essays. Either way, nearly every enterprise will find itself needing an AI content detector in the future.

21. Originality.AI

Originality.AI is an AI-powered content checker that can help you detect if the text was written by human or AI. It will give you a “percentage” so that you can take a look yourself and see if the content feels relatable and human to your readers. There’s no “known” threshold to prevent Google penalties, but I’m sure we’ll find out in the future.

AI Video Generators

Video is dominating the digital marketing space, as more Gen Z would prefer to watch their content than read it. But how do you keep up with the content production? You can now upload or write a script, and it will turn it into an entire video for you. As video is often one of the most tedious types of content to create, these are clearly a very anticipated use of artificial intelligence.

22. Synthesia

Synthesia is so easy to use you don’t need to be a video editor to use the product. Choose a video template, enter in your script, and you’ll get an email in five minutes with a narrated AI avatar video. I must admit, it’s pretty realistic, and the avatars have come a long way in the last five years.

23. Elai.io

Want to turn an entire article into an avatar-narrated video? Just upload an HTML address and watch Elai do it for you. It’s pretty astounding how fast this can be done for you now.

AI Music Generators

Can AI make music for you? Now it actually can. Get a composer at a fraction of the cost, with commercial rights and all.

24. Aiva

Aiva produces custom audio tracks for your to use. Simply choose the type of music you’re looking for, then you can edit the track to get a more fine-tuned sound. This is great for any type of background audio you may need for social media, movies, or YouTube videos.

25. Amper/Shutterstock Music

Podcasters know you need that special beat that differentiates your audio from the masses. Amper is a platform that specializes in generating custom sound without needing any music knowledge. They’ve been recently acquired by Shutterstock, so you can find them in both places.

AI Social Media Tools

I thought it would be easier to put all the social media tools in one. Of course, there are many other tools to help with content creation that we’ve already discussed, such as AI art and text generators.

26. Lately.ai

If you’re looking to create a ton of social content across Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube, then Lately AI is one of the leading platforms to help you accomplish this more effectively. They help you take long-form content (YouTube) and then dice it into small bits for socials that will drive more target traffic.

27. Supermeme.ai

This is an AI meme generator that can turn any text into a meme for you. It’s a little rough right now, but a great concept, and am sure will get better as time goes on.

AI Voice Generators

AI Voice generators are great if your business needs to quickly create a lot of audio content. This could be for training videos, YouTube, social media, or even podcasts.

28. Murf.AI

Murf.AI is a great AI voice generator that offers natural-sounding voices in different languages. It supports over 130 languages, and what’s great is that it can connect the entire video, text, and voice process.

If you’re a business looking to create professional videos without the need for a voice artist, this is a go-to.

29. Play.ht

Play.ht is another great AI voice generator that allows you to create voices in over 142 different languages, as well as a variety of accents. You can customize the voice to be more engaging, create different emphases or pronunciations, or whatever you need.

30. Lovo

If you’re looking to use your own voice, then Lovo is a great tool that helps you speed up content production. Simply record your voice, and then you can use it to generate tons of audio content by just copying your script or text prompts. No more hours of video recording.

AI Email Marketing Tools

AI is being used in so many ways when it comes to cold outreach. It can now optimize the time it sends an email specific to each subscriber instead of all at once. It can find customization by scanning LinkedIn URLs. Customization has never been better.

31. Warmer AI

If you perform a ton of cold outreach, then Warmer is a fun tool to test. Upload a list of contacts with their LinkedIn address, and it will come up with custom-written personalizations for each person that you can include for individualized personalization. It does this by scanning their accomplishments, comments, and likes to understand them on a deeper level and include that in your email.

32. Seventh Sense

If you use Hubspot, then this will integrate with your platform to optimize the sending time specific to each user. If one subscriber opens their emails on a Tuesday evening and another on a Wednesday afternoon, it will send each one accordingly to increase the email open rates.

33. Ellie

Ellie is an AI email assistant to help you write emails faster. It’s basically like having an AI writer directly into your Gmail account. Whenever you get an email, you can hit a button like “interested” or “not interested”, and it will write an entire, polite email depending on the original. It literally writes the email for you. All you have to do is make sure it sounds good, edit, and send it off. It’s actually pretty fun to use.

AI Chatbots

You can’t have this list without mentioning the famous ChatGPT and its competitors. While ChatGPT is being used for everything under the sun, I’ve written up a list with all the alternatives and listing their pros/cons so you can decide for yourself.

34. ChatGPT

The trailblazer when it comes to AI chatbots for the masses. Created by OpenAI, it enables users to generate anything from stories, poems, and songs to writing and debugging code. Also, need help with those excel formulas? They’ve got you. I don’t think I really need to say much more about them here.

35. Google Bard

Still in beta mode, we’re waiting on the most updated applications that have been announced will be released this year. What we know so far is that it’s likely going to be integrated with their search features, and will be another way to get accurate answers.

AI Marketing Software

These tools enable marketers to collect customer intelligence in order to understand how the audience is feeling about their brand. This is essential for today’s digital economy, with millions of articles, feeds, comments, and reviews across multiple platforms.

36. Brand24

If you’re looking for an affordable option to understand the sentiment behind your product, Brand24 is a popular AI tool. It provides comprehensive insights into customer sentiment by reporting if it’s positive, negative, or neutral. This can be difficult to achieve sometimes as language is very nuances (like detecting sarcasm).

37. Critical Mention

How do you determine the sentiment on platforms that are mostly video or audio? Then Critical Mention is a good way to do it. It can read audio files like podcasts, radio, and television to see what people are saying about your brand.

38. TalkWalker

Any marketer knows that brand recognition is an essential but difficult-to-achieve endeavor. With TalkWalker, it can recognize imagery like logos and objects to help you identify what people are saying.

39. Smartly.io

If you’re looking for an AI marketing tool that will create and automate the social media process, then Smartly is a great social media management platform that utilizes artificial intelligent to look into.

AI Business Operation Tools

40. Repustate

Need mass feedback internally? Then Repustate is a great tool for your HR to help tap into what your employees feel about things like salary or the work environment so you can minimize turnover.

41. Paradox.AI

Recruitment and hiring in a global economy have made finding the right match an overwhelming process when it comes to thousands of applicants. Paradox is an AI recruitment tool to help your HR department get the job done and find the right candidate for your team.

42. Otter AI

How about those endless hours of business meetings? It used to take away hours of productivity from the workforce, but not anymore. Send Otter AI to transcribe meetings you can’t attend and have the software write your meeting minutes for you.

AI SEO Softwares

If you’re looking to funnel more organic traffic to your product landing pages or to your site in general, than an AI SEO software is a must these days. When it comes to on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, it’s now easier than ever to achieve topical authority in your niche.

43. SurferSEO

If you’re looking to optimize your on-page SEO, SurferSEO is one of the most popular go-to’s. It analyzes the SERPs of your target keyword and identifies the top keywords, headings, questions, and word counts you should be going for with each of your articles.

It also includes tools that help you determine topic clusters and domain planners to gain authority in your niche.

44. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is an AI tool for agencies and professionals. It not only optimizes on-page and off-page SEO content but creates an SEO strategy to help you prioritize which articles you should be writing next based on your own domain authority and your competitors.

That way, you spend your time writing articles that actually have a chance of ranking and funneling more organic traffic.

45. Frase

Frase is a popular SEO and AI writer all in one. If you’re an editor or publisher, it allows you to create automatic content briefs and optimize your on-page SEO while also providing an AI writer to help you create text in minutes instead of hours. This is a great option if you’re looking for a combination AI tool.

46. Outranking.io

Just as the name suggests, this AI tool is all about trying to outrank your competitors on search engines. They’re known for taking your brand or site and making you a topic authority in your niche. Also included are content briefs, rank trackers, and other SEO competitor analysis tools so you can improve your search engine optimization.

47. SemRush

An oldie but a goodie, all great SEO stems from having the best keyword research. How can you write if you don’t fully understand the user intent? SemRush will help you find what users in your area are looking for so you can help them answer their questions.

48. SerpStat

Serpstat aims to be an “all-in-one” tool that combines the keyword and backlink research power (similar to tools like Ahrefs and SemRush) while also giving you tools to audit your own site to increase your brand visibility organically.

49. WordLift

This AI tool is a bit different than the others in that its focus is on your schema markup to help with your search engine optimization. It creates fancy widgets such as geo maps, timelines, and Chrome widgets to help improve things like local SEO and help you improve your internal linking.

50. Alli.AI

If you’re looking for recommendations for technical SEO, then Alli is worth a shot. It will crawl your website weekly or daily and give you recommendations to update your website to help it rank better.

AI in Finance

51. Trade Ideas

For active day traders, Trade Ideas is an AI tool to help you completely automate your trading. It includes charts, alerts, data analysis, and everything you could think of to make smarter trades. You’ll have to upgrade to their premium version to gain access to it all.

53. Trend Spider

This is another trading platform powered by AI advanced analytics. You can fine-tune your sensitivity to changes in the market while allowing your trading bot to make trades on your behalf. Its charts give you a ton of actionable insights to make decisions when it comes to trading on the stock market.

55. MetaStock

Whether you’re trading Forex, commodities, or futures, Metastock is a professional AI trading platform to help you trade stocks with all the major companies.

What Are Artificial Intelligence Tools?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that has gained a lot of recognition in recent years. It is a form of software or a tool that is designed to imitate human intelligence and behavior, often utilizing natural language processing to understand how humans communicate, and then they are able to read vast amounts of data for our interpretations.

AI enables a computer to be able to process data, generate responses, understand questions, predict behaviors, and much more. Its impact on various fields keeps expanding every day; from healthcare to finance, the possibilities are truly boundless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are AI tools?

AI tools are software programs that are designed to perform various functions, such as generative images and video from text, to analyze millions of data points into actionable insights for business operations.

What are the best AI tools for business?

If you want your business to stay ahead of the curve, there are tons of new AI tools launching to help your business operations. Some examples include Otter.AI or other transcription software that will send a bot to meetings for you and transcribe. Others include marketing tools like SurferSEO to help you funnel more organic traffic.

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