They say there have been four major revolutions that have changed how businesses operate: agricultural, industrial, computational, and artificial intelligence (AI). We’ve all witnessed the third, and the fourth is happening right before our eyes- and it’s an exciting time!

So if you’re in digital marketing, you need to implement AI marketing tools yesterday if you want to keep up with the competition. AI marketing tools help you maximize your reach and conversion performance, as well as provide insights that can guide your decision-making thanks to their machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) tech.

As we all know, there are tons of different divisions within marketing (content marketing, social media marketing, and more) where you can implement artificial intelligence into your business. I have spent hours reviewing all of these platforms in-depth, so I hope this list serves as an excellent resource to meet all of your marketing needs!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

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What Are The Best AI Marketing Tools?

Let’s break down the best AI marketing tools to help your company increase conversions.

Content is King. Heard that one before? But what’s changed is the alarming amount of content ampany has to produce to keep relevant. How can any business owner accomplish this without a six or seven-figure marketing budget?

Thankfully- AI Content creators. AI can make any type of content for you, like the following: AI Writers and AI Content Platforms, AI Art Generators, AI Video Generators, and AI Music Generators.

If you’re looking for a specific type of AI technology, click one of the links above.

1. Jasper

AI Content Platform

When it comes to AI writers, look no further than Jasper. Let’s be honest – they were just valued at 1.5 BILLION dollars (that b in billion is not a typo). They’re dominating every which way, including being an industry-leading AI writer that can help you write your blog posts, social media content, and fantastic marketing copy.

I’ve been utilizing Jasper for over a year now, so I can attest to its capabilities.

Here’s a Quick Rundown of Jasper:

  • The AI writer is hands-down one of the best. You can write long articles, create recipes, social media, and email campaigns, to name a few.
  • Recently, they introduced an AI art generator. They’re really become a one-stop shop for all of your content marketing needs.
  • In the last month, they’ve launched Jasper Chat, which honestly rivals ChatGPT. I’m still messing around with it to see how it can increase writing efficiency.
  • Some of their tools still need refining, mostly their AI art generator. But I have no doubts this will be dramatically improving over the next year.

I’ve written an entire in-depth picture-by-picture review where you can learn more.

Jasper Pricing

Unfortunately, there’s no unlimited plan. You’ll pay depending on how much you utilize it (which can either be good or bad depending on your needs).


It’s no contest. If you’re a business that needs to ramp up your content production, Jasper is going to be your premier, all-in-one content platform.

2. Copy AI

AI Copy Writer

Copy AI is another writing tool similar to Jasper, but they’re hyper-focused on one thing: making great copy (hence the name). While Jasper is a more extensive, all-in-one tool, CopyAI is focused on the digital marketer and major enterprises’ need to create compelling content for emails, social media ads, and blog posts. 

It’s one of those AI marketing tools that are very easy to learn and can speed up your content production for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Quick Likes & Dislikes about Copy AI:

  • Supercharge Mode is killer when it comes to content marketing. You can put the URL of your product landing pages, and it will create writing snippets for you. It doesn’t get easier than that.
  • They have nearly a hundred tools and templates like carousel posts, copywriting frameworks like AIDA and 4Ps, Instagram captions, and product descriptions, to name a few that are geared toward marketing needs.
  • The blog post writer has a nice outline feature where you can determine the structure of the article before it writes it. This is a big-time saver.
  • Like other AI writers, some of the information can come off too “basic” and still needs the human hand to add more quality information. They also don’t have AI art or chat.

I’ve also done an entire article on all Copy AI has to offer here.


The best thing about Copy AI is they have unlimited character plans, which is an excellent option for your in-house content team.


If you’re a social media manager looking for an AI writer for your social media posts, I would definitely give Copy AI a spin. It’s definitely more affordable than other options on the market.

3. Originality.AI

AI Content Detector

If you’re scaling your content production with an AI writer, you may be wondering how search engines will respond. To be honest, we’re very much in the dark ages of how this will all end up rolling out. I speculate that AI content generators aren’t going anywhere, but there will be a balance to be upheld. One hundred percent AI content won’t rank, but instead should be used to quickly develop a framework that human editors then enhance and add quality information to.

This is where AI content detectors come in. If you outsource your work and want to make sure the copy isn’t too “AI-sounding,” then you need an AI content detector. That’s where comes in. You simply upload or copy and paste your content into their detector, and within a few minutes, you can find out how much of it is artificial intelligence vs. human.

Although it’s a very new platform, Originality.AI passed my test on detecting human vs AI content with flying colors. You can check out my full test of AI content detectors here.

The Pros and Cons of

  • It accurately spotted if my article was written by man or machine.
  • They offer a full site scan. Just enter your company’s URL and see what work may bring up some red flags.
  • It also includes a plagiarism checker to spot any copied work. I haven’t fully investigated this feature yet, so I still recommend using a more veteran platform like Grammarly or Copyscape.
  • We still don’t know what the frame of reference is. What percentage of AI is okay? Twenty percent? Thirty percent? Pricing charges per scan at $0.01 per 100 words. So a 2,000 word article would cost you only $0.20, which I think is pretty affordable.


If you pump out a lot of content in your content marketing campaigns, I think an AI detector is going to become a necessary addition to your tech stack moving forward. Originality is an AI tool that gets the job done.

SEO Marketing. Such a love-hate relationship as it brings in wonderful organic traffic, but it takes so much work to get ranking and funnel that audience in.

So, where does AI fit in? On-page and off-page SEO!

By leveraging SEO tactics such as keyword research, content creation, link building, technical optimization, and more, you can improve your website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more potential customers to your business.

If there’s an area that I think artificial intelligence has a large part in, AI SEO tools would make the top of the list.

4. SurferSEO

Let’s say you’re writing content about the best espresso machines (I’ve got coffee on my mind!). The first thing you would typically do is check the SERP for the articles that are ranking to develop your content strategy. How long are they? What type of keywords do they use? What headers are common?

This manual labor is thankfully automated with many AI-powered marketing tools. Surfer SEO is one of the top players in the field. Check out what it’s doing for me now:

It can give you headers, word counts, image counts, and more. Just be sure to tailor your content to PEOPLE, NOT SEARCH ENGINES. I’ve seen way too many people go down the AI SEO rabbit hole and forget that this is just part of your SEO content strategy.

Things I Like & Dislike about SurferSEO:

  • It’s so simple to use and feels like a game hitting all the keywords.
  • They have a SERP analyzer that allows you to check out a keyword before you invest in writing about it. This helps me determine if it’s something I could even rank for in the first place.
  • You can use their Content Auditor to check a URL’s on-page SEO performance. I love this feature to check on older articles, and it helps me update them.
  • It integrates with Jasper, so you can write and do your SEO on one page to create high-quality content.
  • It doesn’t give you more SEO information, such as rankings or ideas to create topic authority.


The basic package gets you enough credits for ten content editors and twenty articles per month. You’ll need to upgrade if you need more than that per month.


If you’re looking to increase your organic traffic with on-page SEO, SurferSEO is another great marketing AI tool to extend your marketing team’s success.

5. MarketMuse

AI Content Market Strategy Platform

What about major enterprises that have hundreds or thousands of articles? Then your marketing strategies should include artificial intelligence software that can handle the volume and complexity.

Enter MarketMuse. With their platform, you can actually create an entire content strategy and automates a lot of the process. Simply enter your URL, and you’ll get an entire AI marketing strategy built around your existing site. This is one of those AI marketing tools that was built for major enterprises, as smaller companies may be priced out.

Here’s the Skinny on MarketMuse:

  • It automates your entire content strategy by telling you which articles are performing the best, which ones you should invest in, and which ones you shouldn’t. This is a huge time and money saver.
  • Check your search engine rankings against your competitors. It helps you find their gaps so you can leverage your company strategically.
  • It also helps you with on-page SEO, like keywords, headings, and word counts.
  • It gives you real internal and external insights into which keywords your website could ACTUALLY rank for based on things like domain authority.

Pricing: Quite Expensive

Marketmuse is for those with big marketing budgets.


MarketMuse does more than on-page SEO. It gives you a single dashboard to make your entire digital marketing smarter, backed by powerful artificial intelligence technology.

Social media platforms have become the cornerstone of successful digital marketing campaigns, allowing companies to reach a wider audience and build meaningful relationships through connection.

While there are tons of tools already catering to these digital channels, the up-and-coming AI marketing platforms will likely become stars in their own rights to increase engagement.

6. Brand24

Media Monitoring Tool

You can pump out as many posts on Instagram as you would like, but how can you possibly benchmark or measure success? Simple. Use an AI marketing platform that can help you quantify your social media management. 

Brand24 does just that. It’s an AI-powered marketing tool that helps you track the conversations around your brand and product offerings.

The Pros and Cons of Brand24:

  • I really love the “Influencer Score,” where you can see which influencers are trending or will give you the most bang for your buck.
  • If you monitor social media, then attaching the right hashtag is a must if you want to reach your target audience. Brand24’s hashtag search allows you to see your reach, mentions, and interactions. It also tells you if these are generally positive or not.
  • Like all AI tools, there can be some glitches where the sentiment is read wrong. Like “This is really GREAT” can be a sarcastic comment, but you can fix these in the dashboard.


It’s affordable, but you can only follow a limited number of keywords.


Overall, Brand24 is an artificial intelligence marketing tool that helps you keep a pulse on what the users are saying about your content or products. As it’s impossible to read thousands of posts manually, this is a game changer to help you identify weak points in your marketing.

7. Influencity

Influencer Marketing

When it comes to social media, one of the most powerful ways to buff up your marketing campaigns is to form a partnership with an influencer in your space that has thousands or millions of daily viewers. The average person spends two and a half hours on social media– that’s prime advertising time for companies.

So do you have the time to manually scroll through influencers, stories, and hashtags to find the best influencer to partner up with? Of course you don’t, and that’s where Influencity comes in.

With Influencity, you can measure the performance of influencers, identify potential advocates, and find new growth opportunities. As a bonus, customers can create custom reports to present insights to stakeholders or business partners.

Here’s the Good & Bad of Influencity:

  • Find great Influencer matches within your niche and measure your campaign yield. Their artificial intelligence algorithms find the most monetizable pairing for you.
  • Give your social marketing team a platform that can help them track statistics like engagement and mentions so you can make actionable insights to increase your ROI. 
  • Manage all of your influencer interactions and relationships in one place.

Influencity Pricing

This ended up being much pricier than I thought it would, but thankfully they give you a 7-day trial before you commit.


If you’re looking for a way to implement an AI tool to boost your influencer marketing process, you really can’t go wrong with Influencity.


Social Ad Platform

We’ve hit tools that analyze all of your comments and posts on social media, as well as ways to find amazing influencers. But how do you measure your overall social media strategy?

This is where Smartly comes in. Used by big players such as Uber, Under Armour, and KLM, this is a way to monitor your social KPIs like impressions, how much you’ve spent, and anything else to increase your return on investment.

Smartly’s Biggest Features Include:

  • It helps you create professional, engaging social media ads from their library of image templates.
  • It centralizes campaign management so that you’re not manually posting on five different platforms. You can also monitor the performance all in one location.
  • It includes intelligence where you can track your media’s KPIs across all socials.


Not made available without a demo. Pricing is likely to vary based on the company and its needs.


For large companies looking to centralize their social media campaigns, is a great place to standardize your campaigns and measure your ROI,

When it comes to email campaigns, artificial intelligence plays an incredibly important role in optimizing your effectiveness. AI systems can literally analyze every email sent and optimize your outreach based on what’s proven to work.

We can now personalize emails on an individual level, something we could never do before. While many companies will be using email software like Hubspot, many new AI platforms can be integrated with whichever CRM you utilize.

9. Seventh Sense

Optimize Email Sending Time

If you use Hubspot or Marketo, then you’re in luck. Seventh Sense has been created specifically for companies using these platoforms to help you increase your email opening rates. It accomplishes this by individualizing sending times to each unique user.

  • Each individual has their own schedule, and Seventh Sense will analyze when is the best time to send an email to each individual person on your subscriber’s list. This is a big improvement from sending a bulk email to everyone at the same time.
  • It uses send-time optimization to stagger when emails are sent to minimize the risk of spam.
  • A/B testing is available for Hubspot users.


Pricing changes depending on if you use Hubspot or Marketo. Hubspot users will spend $64 per month and Marketo will spend $360 per month. I’m not quite sure why there’s such a huge price difference.


If your email campaign is struggling with open rates and disappointing results, then I would recommend giving Seventh Sense a shot to see if you can increase your ROI.

10. Warmer.AI

Personalized Custom Emails

Sending an email at the right time of day for each individual user is one thing, but how can you customize the email content at scale? Many platforms offer minor customizations like using the subscriber’s name in the email: Think Hi Sam! Would You Like This Offer Made Just for You? Emoji emoji emoji.

But what if you could customize an email at a deeper level? That’s what Warmer.AI is attempting to do. You can import your subscriber’s list of LinkedIn accounts, and it will investigate and personalize a cold outreach email for you.

After trialing it out, here are my thoughts:

  • I was impressed with the output it found so quickly on my subscribers. It had a personalized email that looked like a real human could have written.
  • It works by using your client’s LinkedIn accounts or websites. This gave great personalization, but most people don’t have this kind of information on hand.
  • The process was tedious and time-consuming. You have to upload your document, then reintegrate the customizations back to whatever CRM or email platform you use. I wish there weren’t so many steps.


There are no unlimited options, so I’m not sure this would work for major enterprises. It would be a better option for small businesses.


I think this tool still has some room for improvement, but I think we will see this type of customization on emails really grow over the coming years.

Instagram stories, TikTok videos, YouTube, and Shorts – it’s clear that video marketing is a necessity in any digital marketing campaign. People LOVE watching content, but their attention span is getting shorter and shorter. This means you need to make more video content that captures their attention in less than three seconds.

Easy right? Well, AI marketing tools will hopefully help with this too.

AI video generators are busting barriers by creating video from text in under a few minutes. This helps you scale your video content across multiple platforms while being more cost-efficient. Here are a few of the popular options on the market.

11. Synthesia

Video Generator with Avatar

There are a few text-to-video options jumping onto the market, and Synthesia is one of the best. Here’s how it works: you enter your script or whatever text you want the video to say. Then you choose your AI avatar, and within a few minutes, you have a video.

It’s seriously that easy.

Features of Synthesia:

  • Synthesia uses real human actors to make their avatars. They don’t look too robotic and move like you would think a human would.
  • You can customize your video like any other video editor- images, text, background music, everything you could need.
  • They offer tons of languages, so you can create a video in English and then translate it for your audience without needing a voice artist.


They let you do a trial with a two-minute video, but all the editing features are blocked so you don’t get a feel for the real platform.


Synthesia is a great tool for making videos quickly. These are great for product demonstrations or shorts for your site.

12. Lumen 5

AI Video Generator

Lumen5 is another great video-generating platform, and where it shines is in recycling content to create professional-looking videos. If you check out my list of Video Generators, you can see a video I created in less than five minutes by simply putting in a URL of a post, creating scenes, and letting it automatically choose imagery to match.

Features of Lumen5:

  • The drag-and-drop controls make it easy– you don’t need to be a seasoned video editor to use this product.
  • It renders videos specifically for the digital marketer, such as aspect ratios for Instagram stories, youtube videos, or other social media platforms.
  • There’s no AI avatar or narrator with this platform.


If you’re a large company looking to scale your video content with artificial intelligence, this is a great option to make lots of quick shorts in just minutes.

Marketing teams need audio for a variety of reasons- background music for videos, podcasts, and advertisements. You can either purchase them at premium commercial prices, and it’s possible someone else is using the same music.

But what if you could create your own custom music to set your brand identity apart from the rest? Thanks to tools like music generators, you finally can.

13. Amper Music

AI Music Generator

You don’t need to be a music producer to create your own music for your marketing channels. With Amper music, you can select the mood and type of genre you’re looking for to create a custom melody for your company.

Here’s What I Like About Amper Music:

  • It’s very user-friendly for those marketers looking to generate background music for social media videos or podcasts.
  • There’s commercial licensing available so that you can have copyrights to use the product in many ways.
  • The music can be created in a few seconds. It will take longer for you to pick out what you want than it will to create the song.


As you can see, this can get pretty expensive when you need all the commercial licenses:


Amper Music is a great way to create a custom tune for your company and help users recognize your brand across varying marketing channels.

What is an AI Marketing Tool?

AI marketing tools are software and services that help marketers create more effective campaigns by leveraging artificial intelligence. By utilizing machine learning and natural language processing technology, you can upgrade your marketing analytics to the next level.

Not only do these tools automate mundane tasks and analyze large batches of customer data, but they can also personalize content on the individual level like never before. Custom email subject lines, targeted marketing, and consistent brand voice is just a few ways that AI marketing tools can help you hit your marketing goals.

What are the benefits of utilizing AI marketing tools?

Eventually, everyone will need to implement AI technology if they want to keep a leg up on the competition. If you don’t, your competitor surely will. Here are a few reasons why it’s better to start implementing these changes now versus being forced into later:

  • Increased Customer Engagement: AI-powered personalization tools can help to customize the user experience on your website or app, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions.
  • Improved Customer Insights: By tracking customer behavior and interactions, you can gain a better understanding of their needs and preferences. This data can then be used to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. For instance, AI sentiment analysis tools can give you great feedback on your product.
  • More Efficient Marketing Campaigns: AI-powered tools can automate tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, and ad targeting. The real-time feedback allows you to make actionable changes now, so you’re not trailing behind.
  • Reduced Costs: Any arduous task that requires a lot of time and manual labor can be transferred, saving staff costs.
  • Increased Sales & ROI: More engagement, more reach, and more customizable interactions with your customers mean more sales.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some AI implementation examples in your marketing strategy today?

If you want to get your feet wet and start adding some small changes, you really can’t go wrong with starting with an AI content platform like Jasper. This allows your to scale your content output at unprescendented levels.

What companies are using AI for marketing campaigns?

Every major enterprise has started (years ago) investing and implementing artificial intelligence. However, it has always been cost prohibitive for smaller businesses that don’t have an unlimited research budget. Thankfully, we’re entering an error where AI is finally becoming available to the masses.

Which marketing tool is best?

This depends on what type of marketing your company would benefit from adding, but using a combination of a content creator with a social media option like Brand24 is a good start.

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