If you’ve been on the internet for more than five minutes, you’ve probably heard of the AI writing tool called Jasper AI.

It’s a big favorite in the AI writing world, and for good reason. (I’ve written a full-length review of Jasper AI if you want to learn more.)

But Jasper’s not everybody’s cup of tea. You may be looking for other features, a lower-priced app, or just shopping for more options when it comes to an AI writer.

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What are the Best Jasper AI Alternatives?

If you’re looking for a Jasper AI alternative, I’ve got you covered as I’ve tested all the AI writers on the market. You can also check out my articles that break down the best story generators and best novel writers.

Copy AI

Most Powerful Writer

Copy AI is one of the most powerful AI content platforms available right now. It features hundreds of tools that can write everything from website copy to a love letter in just a few clicks.

I find Copy AI extremely easy to use, even for beginners to AI writing. But that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. On the contrary, the AI is trained by copywriting professionals to make sure it writes powerful copy that brings in more clicks and sales.

(By the way, I’ve written a full-length review of Copy AI if you want to see how it works, as well as a head-to-head comparison with Jasper.)

Here’s the low-down on what you get with Copy AI:

  • 100+ Templates: Copy AI actually has more templates and tools than Jasper. You get every kind of content you might want to create, plus multiple copywriting frameworks and other tools to help grow your business.
  • Blog Post Wizard: This blog post generator makes it easy to write consistent, well-organized long-form content in just a few clicks. You start with a title and keywords, then you’ll generate an outline and talking points which you can edit to make sure the article covers the information you want. Finally, when you’ve approved the outline, the app will generate the full article—and the quality is very good. (Jasper doesn’t have a feature like this yet.)
  • Freestyle Tool: This is comparable to Jasper’s Boss Mode command feature, which allows you to give the AI any custom command (like “Write a song about french fries in the style of Cardi B”). This is helpful when you can’t find the exact template you want.
  • Copy AI doesn’t include any SEO tools or integrations. That’s because it’s more focused on writing conversion-focused copy, so if you’re looking for an SEO-friendly tool, there might be better options.


Pricing is simple—generate up to 2,000 words per month for free, or pay $59 a month for unlimited words.


Copy AI is a strong alternative to Jasper AI. It features the same high-quality writing you’d expect from Jasper, a similar command tool, a better long-form content tool, and more templates.


Fastest Article Creation

Writesonic is a powerhouse AI writing tool, much like Jasper. It excels at article creation—it’ll write you a 1500+ word blog post in just twenty seconds. In addition, you can use Writesonic to generate multiple types of content and copy for your business, like Facebook or Google ads, website copy, emails, and more.

While it doesn’t have as many templates as Jasper, it does cover most of the same features. In addition, Writesonic’s algorithm has been trained on high-converting copy, supports SEO integrations, and has a similar feature to Jasper Chat (a ChatGPT alternative) called Chatsonic.

Here’s Where Writesonic Shines:

  • Fast and Easy Article Creation: You can use tools like the Instant Article Writer or Article Writer 4.0 to generate long-form content more easily. True to its name, the Instant Article Writer gives you a full blog post from a title and keywords in 20 seconds flat. Article Writer 4.0 takes you from a title and keywords to an outline to a full article to ensure you have full creative control over the content.
  • Chatsonic: This tool, a ChatGPT alternative, claims to fix some of the common problems found with ChatGPT and Jasper Chat, mainly that ChatGPT results are only sometimes accurate. Chatsonic aims to improve this by connecting with Google Search results to make sure the chatbot’s responses contain the latest facts on any topic in real-time.
  • Photosonic AI Image Generator: Similar to Jasper’s AI art generator, Photogenic allows you to generate high-resolution images based on a prompt.
  • SurferSEO Integration: Writesonic integrates with SurferSEO, so you can create articles that will rank higher in search results.
  • Writesonic doesn’t have a command feature inside the editor itself, but you can give commands to Chatsonic to generate custom content.
  • Something to be aware of: Writesonic has four quality levels for its writing (Economy, Average, Good, and Premium). Choosing lower-quality words costs less, but if you’re looking for Jasper-quality writing, you’ll want to go with Premium words.


More affordable than Jasper AI. For 160,000 Premium words a month, you’ll pay $66. (Compare that to $99 a month for 100,000 words in Jasper.)


Writesonic is a solid Jasper AI alternative with most of the same features, high-quality writing, and plenty of templates for personal or business use. And it’s all available for a lower price.


Most Budget-Friendly

Rytr is a full-featured AI writer with many templates to create anything from ad copy to landing pages, creative stories, and more.

The main benefit of Rytr is its super affordable price. It may have a slightly lower writing quality than other tools like Jasper or Copy AI, but it’s still a great return on your investment for such a low price.

I’ve already published another article where I tested and reviewed Rytr if you want to read more. It held up to testing and produced high-quality content.

Here’s the quick and dirty on Rytr:

  • Huge Array of Writing Options: Rytr has more than 30 use cases and 20 tones, allowing you to tweak the tone of voice in which the content is written. You can combine these to create hundreds of different kinds of copy and content.
  • Create Your Own Use Case: And if the large number of use cases isn’t enough, all paid plans come with a Create-Your-Own-Use-Case feature, in which you can write out a custom command and effectively create custom templates for use cases that you can use again and again.
  • Built-In Plagiarism Checker: Rytr can check for plagiarism in your content, which saves you from getting penalized in search results for having similar content to others.
  • There’s no SEO integration available with Rytr. You’ll have to find another tool for that.
  • I found the quality of writing to be slightly lower than Copy AI or Jasper, but it’s still very good for a low-cost tool.

Pricing: You can generate up to 5,000 characters on the free plan or upgrade to the Starter plan at $9 a month for a monthly allowance of 50,000 characters and access to all features. For $29 a month, you get unlimited characters.


If you want a budget-friendly alternative to Jasper or other AI writing tools, look no further than Rytr. While it doesn’t have the extra bells and whistles of the more expensive options, it’s sufficient for most use cases.


Great for SEO

Frase offers more than an SEO integration—it provides a suite of SEO tools alongside the built-in writer, so you can ensure the articles you generate will rank higher in search results. This gives it a huge advantage over other AI writers, in which you have to pay two different subscription fees to get the same thing.

Here are the key features of Frase:

  • Focus on SEO-Friendly Content: Frase’s main focus is generating solid SEO strategies and optimizing your long-form content for search engines, which makes it much more than a simple AI writing tool.
  • SEO-Optimized Content Briefs: You can generate content briefs for writers (or AI writers) based on SERP and keyword research. You can even create custom brief templates for articles you write often.
  • Generate Articles: Of course, you can also generate full articles from the briefs, including intros, copywritten blurbs, FAQs, and other pieces of a strong blog post.
  • Built-In SEO Scoring Tool: After generating an article, you can use the intuitive SEO scoring tool to make sure you’ve included enough keywords to make your article competitive.
  • Find Content Opportunities: By connecting with Google Search Console, Frase can help you find pages to improve, missed keywords to capitalize on, and keyword clusters you can use to get better results with SEO.
  • Frase is fully focused on blog content, so you won’t be able to generate other types of copy, like social media posts, ads, or other creative uses.

Pricing: Solo users can write four articles a month for $15. For more frequent publishers, $45 a month gets you 30 articles, and $115 a month removes the article limit altogether.


If you’re focused on getting your blog posts to rank, generating SEO-optimized blog articles more quickly, or creating AI-generated content briefs for your writers, consider making Frase your go-to AI writing app.


Great for Visual Brands

Hypotenuse AI is another excellent AI writing tool that shines in product descriptions and Instagram captions for lifestyle brands, fashion, and interior design (though it can handle all kinds of products).

It also writes blog posts, web copy, ad copy…practically anything a visual e-commerce brand would need, as well as generating high-resolution AI images.

Here’s what I like about Hypotenuse:

  • Magazine-Like Writing Style: The writing style—showcased on their website—makes it feel like you’re reading Vogue magazine. It’s the perfect tone for lifestyle and fashion brands.
  • Easy Blog Article Wizard: Need to write an article about your niche or product? Hypotenuse’s blog tool takes you from keyword to article in just five minutes.
  • Batch Content Generator: This feature saves you tons of time by generating dozens of product descriptions or product-based content simultaneously.
  • Content Detective: One of the biggest problems with AI writers is that they often write incorrect information. This feature aims to overcome that limitation by researching topics on Google and including citations with the content.
  • Connects with Shopify: You can use the built-in Shopify integration or the Hypotenuse API to further automate your workflow.
  • Doesn’t have any SEO tools or integrations.


The Starter plan includes all the tools, 200 images, and up to 25,000 words for $29 a month. Upgrade to the Growth plan to get up to 87,500 words, unlimited images, and plagiarism checks.


Hypotenuse is a great fit for product-based businesses that want to maintain a sophisticated tone as they create blog posts, ads, product descriptions, and other types of content to promote their products.


Best Content Strategy

Outranking is an AI-powered SEO specialist that also happens to write content. It can do keyword research, create SEO-optimized content briefs, write articles, and help you optimize your content for search.

Here are the key features of Outranking:

  • Fast Keyword Analysis: Outranking conducts keyword and SERP analysis in minutes to help you discover opportunities for your content to rank.
  • Create Detailed Content Outlines: Going above and beyond other SEO tools, Outranking not only writes outlines based on SERP analysis but also includes specific directions to writers about how to describe your brand, products, or services.
  • Write SEO-Friendly Content: You can generate articles with the AI writing assistant, including step-by-step guides, alternative products, reviews, and more.
  • Optimize On-Page SEO: The built-in SEO tool gives you checklists and score-based tools to help you optimize each article for search engines.
  • Fact-Checking: The AI writing assistant gathers facts from the internet to help make your articles more accurate and up-to-date.
  • This is a strictly blog-post-only tool, so it won’t help you generate copy for other uses.

Pricing: Plans start at $79 for a single user on one domain. The basic plan allows you to write 10 articles. The Pro plan includes fact-checked writing, 1 team member, multiple domains, and up to 20 articles for $149 a month. The Company plan gets you 2 team members, all the features of the Pro plan, and 30 articles a month.


If you’re laser-focused on writing superior blog articles and skyrocketing your content to the top of Google search results, Outranking is for you.


Great for E-Commerce

Want an AI tool that can plan and create marketing campaigns for e-commerce products? Look no further than Copysmith.

This tool helps you generate product descriptions, ads, social media posts, landing pages, and more based on your lineup of products, all organized under strategic campaigns for your brand.

Here’s what you get with Copysmith:

  • Bulk Generation: Upload a spreadsheet of products or blog ideas, and Copysmith will generate content in bulk. This works with a number of templates, like social media captions, ads, product descriptions, and more. In just a few minutes, you could create social media and ads for the entire year.
  • Campaign Builder: This feature helps you create multiple pieces of content for a single campaign so everything is consistent and organized.
  • Helpful Integrations: Copysmith integrates with Frase, Google Ads, WooCommerce, Google Docs, and other apps to simplify your workflow.
  • Plagiarism Checker: No need to go to another tool to check your content for plagiarism. It’s included in paid plans.
  • Roll-Over Credits: If you purchase an annual plan, you get a bonus feature—unused AI credits will roll over month-to-month.
  • Blogs could be better in this app. It works better for sales copy like product descriptions and landing pages, though you can write blog posts with the AI writer.


The Start plan gives you 20,000 words and 20 plagiarism checks for $19 a month, plus support for 5 users. The Professional plan bumps that up to 80,000 words and 100 plagiarism checks, plus support for 10 users. If you pay annually (starting from $190 a year), your unused credits will roll over every month.


Copysmith is an excellent tool for e-commerce marketing teams that want to save time creating multiple pieces of copy that work together in strategic campaigns.


Best Content at Scale

Scalenut is designed for companies that want to create content quickly and at scale rather than fine-tuning each into perfectly-written masterpieces. 

Because of that, its tools focus on creating and optimizing blog posts with minimal time and effort.

Here’s what I like about Scalenut:

  • Cruise Mode: Scalenut’s guided blog post generator goes from content brief to full article in just five minutes.
  • SEO Scoring Tools: As you write your article, you get SEO and readability scores so you know if you’re on track to reach your goals.
  • Versatile AI Writer: You can ask the AI writer to continue writing your article for you or choose from several templates. You can also prompt the AI to continue writing from specific connecting words, like “In addition” or “So,” to direct the article where you want it to go.
  • Generate Content Outlines: Scalenut makes it easy to create an article outline based on SERP and keyword research. You can drag and drop headlines from other ranking articles and access dozens of questions based on your topic to use in your article.
  • Talent Network: If you’re not happy with the quality of the AI writing assistant or want to get more articles on top of your AI-generated ones, Scalenut has a talent network of for-hire writers (yes, human ones) who can write for specific industries.
  • Cruise Mode isn’t on the basic paid plan, so you’ll need to pay at least $79 per month to access it. However, you can write blog posts without Cruise Mode.

Scalenut Pricing

The Individual plan, for $29 a month, provides you with 100,000 AI words, 5 SEO reports, and all AI writing templates. At $79 a month, the Growth Plan gives you unlimited words, 30 reports, 30 topic clusters, access to Cruise Mode, and other advanced features.


Scalenut is a great option for fast-growing companies that want to write long-form articles at scale and get exposure quickly.

Novel AI

Great for Novelists

While most AI writers focus on creating marketing content and copy, there’s another category of tools called AI story generators that excel at creative writing.

One of my favorites is Novel AI, specifically designed to help novelists craft engaging stories with the help of creative AI storytellers.

Here’s what you get with Novel AI:

  • AI Trained to Write Fiction: Unlike standard AI tools trained on copywriting or blog posts, Novel AI’s bots are specifically trained with creative stories.
  • Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Style Writing: If you’re not in the mood to write a story prompt, you can switch to Text Adventure Mode and keep the story going by choosing the action you want to take in each scene.
  • Write in the Voice of Famous Writers: You can ask the AI storyteller to write in the voice of famous writers from the past or follow a specific theme like “Mars Colonization” or “Dragons.”
  • Long AI Memory: The AI writer boasts a large memory, meaning it can remember what happened in the story to keep the plot consistent.
  • This app has limited editing tools—you can edit everything by hand, but the AI writer can only rewrite the last section it generated.


All plans give you unlimited credits, but you can upgrade for a larger memory capacity. Plans range from $10 to $25 per month.


Novel AI is one of the best Jasper AI alternatives for creative writers since it’s specifically designed for that purpose, and its unique features make writing fun.


Most Creative

Sudowrite is another creative-story-focused writing app similar to Novel AI. The difference with Sudowrite is that it’s great for beginners.

The app is easy to navigate and use and teaches you how to write better by suggesting ways to improve your stories.

Here are some key features of Sudowrite:

  • Beginner-Friendly Story Writer: The interface is simple—it’s a minimalist writing window that asks you for a story prompt. From there, you can generate your story section by section, editing as you go.
  • Describe Command: Once you’ve generated or written parts of your story, you can access different editing tools. My favorite is the Describe command, which takes sentences in your story and suggests ways to make them more engaging by describing how something looks, sounds, tastes, smells, or feels.
  • Twist Feature: Another innovative feature you get with Sudowrite is its story twist idea generator. You give the tool the basic plot of your story, and it returns a list of surprising ways to twist the story and make it more interesting.
  • You can’t directly specify the genre you want the app to write for. But if you create a clear summary of the story you want to write, the AI should be able to pick up on it.

Sudowrite Pricing

The Hobby & Student plan is great for beginner writers, with 30,000 AI words per month at $19. Established writers will get a lot of use from the Professional plan, providing 90,000 AI words for just $29 per month.


Sudowrite is a great alternative to Jasper for creative writers that want a distraction-free workspace or beginning writers who want to improve their writing skill.

What is an AI Writer?

AI writers are software applications that write for you. They can write everything from blog posts and ads to personal letters and novels. To use one, you give the bot an idea of what you want it to generate, such as “blog ideas to promote dog food” or “a social media post about how AI will change the world,” and the app writes you a piece of content that fits that description.

Many AI writing apps give templates that make generating specific content easier.

How Does AI Writing Software Work?

AI writing software uses the power of artificial intelligence to understand language and write content based on a prompt.

AI writers use machine learning to figure out how human language works. They can parse written content, understand its meaning, and then write a natural-sounding, appropriate response.

Considering whether or not to use an AI writer? Here are the benefits:

Why You Should Use an AI Writing Tool

  • Overcome Writer’s Block. Often the biggest hurdle in writing is getting the first words on the page. AI writers can generate text for you so you don’t get stuck.
  • Write Faster. AI writing software can generate a first draft based on your criteria, which you can edit instead of having to write from scratch.
  • Generate Better Ideas. Need more ideas? AI writing assistants can generate long lists of ideas for blog posts, stories, social media content, and more.
  • Create More Content. You can’t multiply yourself many times over, but AI writing software can, and it can create way more content than you could ever create by yourself.
  • Increase Conversions. Many AI writing assistants are trained on copywriting frameworks, meaning they can write copy for your website, ads, and other marketing collateral designed to convert.
  • Save Money. You can remove the need to pay for hourly SEO specialists or junior-level writers by using an AI tool instead.
  • Boost Search Engine Rankings. Many AI writing tools also contain SEO software that can research keywords, build strategic outlines, and/or help you optimize your content for search rankings.
  • Improve Your Writing Skill. Most AI writing apps can take your written content and suggest ways to improve it, which can teach you how to write better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which AI Writing Software is Best for Google Ads?

If you want to write ads, you’ll want an AI copywriting tool like Jasper. My favorite Jasper AI alternatives are Copy AI, Writesonic, Hypotenuse, and Copysmith.

Is There a Free Alternative to Jasper AI?

Rytr is a great low-cost AI writer and Jasper AI alternative with a generous free plan.

Which is Better? Copy AI or Jasper AI?

It depends on your use case. I find Jasper AI to have better writing quality and more versatility overall—not to mention its ChatGPT-like Jasper Chat and AI image generator—but Copy AI has more templates and a better blog post generator.

What AI Writer is Better Than Jasper AI?

It all depends on your use case. Check out this full article to see my top choices for Jasper AI alternatives.

How Much Does Jasper AI Cost?

Jasper AI starts at $59 a month for 50,000 words and goes up from there. If you’re looking for Jasper AI alternatives, see my full article for more.

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