6 Best AI Email Assistants Tested & Reviewed (Ultimate Guide)

Last Updated on January 20, 2023

Artificial intelligence is here, and it’s crushing barriers in every industry.

Email marketing is no exception- the best AI email assistants are here to help you quickly slash through your inbox and redirect your time to more important tasks.

How can an AI email assistant help you out?

  • Write personalized emails faster than ever before through the use of AI tech.
  • Smartly auto-respond to specific emails, so you don’t have to.
  • Help you customize compelling subject lines to help you increase your click-through rates.
  • Pull in prospect contact information to help you customize quickly.

A lot of the current email assistants are Chrome extensions that can pop up right within your email so that you have everything you need all in one place.

With that being said, these are all in their infancy on how they will help you organize and automatize your inbox. But it’s exciting to see what’s in store for the future, as I’m sure these tools are only going to advance quickly over the next two years.

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What Is The Best AI Email Assistant?

Here’s a list of the best AI email assistants right now. I’ll continue to update this as soon as more enter the market and as I gain access to beta mode.

1. Ellie AI Email Assistant

Write Replies Faster

The Ellie email assistant helps you reply back to your email quickly. Here’s how it works:

First, sign up and download the Chrome extension. Once that’s done, every time you hit the “reply” button on an email, it will give you different reply options. Here’s what that looks like:

Then just hit write and watch the magic happens as it crafts a response. Here’s what it came up with for me:

Here are The Pros and Cons:

  • It pops up right within your Gmail, so it’s extremely easy to use. Just choose a sentiment, and it writes your response based on the original email.
  • The actual writing was spot on. It reminded me of the same quality I would get with an AI writing tool.
  • The more you use it, the smarter it gets. It will start to understand your writing style over time and craft emails in your voice.


I would recommend something other than the casual plan. If you’re sending less than ten emails a day, then I just don’t see how this would save you a lot of time in the end.


This is an extremely promising tool. The fact that it integrates straight within Gmail makes it so easy to use, and the responses I’ve trialed have been great so far. It’s one of my favorite tools so far.

2. Lavender.ai

Lavender is an AI email assistant that is focused on composing the most compelling sales email.

First, download the Chrome Extension. Then, open up a new email. Within your email, you’ll see a little purple icon on the right that allows you to find prospect information, generate emails, and score your current one for engagement.

Here’s the profile view:

Here’s the Scoring View and how it helps you with suggestions:

Lavender.ai Features:

  • Allows you to integrate with Salesloft, Gmail, Outlook, and Outreach email clients
  • Where this platform really shines is its email recommendation tool, which is a must for cold emailing. It gives you recommendations on how to make your email more impactful.
  • They also include all the information about your prospect that you gained from socials. That way, you can personalize the email more quickly.
  • Easily drop in GIFs to your email to make them more engaging.
  • Unfortunately, many emails I tried didn’t find much information tied to their Gmail accounts, so this wasn’t as useful.
  • The scoring could use some work. It said my copy was great, and I don’t think that would get me any guest posts.



This tool absolutely wowed me with potential. I’m sure in a few years’ time; we’re going to have all the information we need in a few seconds from our Gmail. However, it wasn’t as effective as I would have hoped for quite yet.

3. ChatGPT

Everybody is talking about ChatGPT. It’s probably going to be one of the biggest buzzwords for 2023. So what exactly is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is software created by OpenAI, a company that is pushing the bar when it comes to deep learning and natural language processing (NLP). It can answer your questions for you, write songs, write articles… it seems like the possibilities are endless, and it’s only going to be smarter.

So how can it help you with your outreach or sales emails?

  • Help you write compelling subject lines.
  • Help you write the reply email quickly.
  • You can download the ChatGPT extension so that you can have it near your inbox.
  • It doesn’t integrate with your email platform, so you would have to copy and paste.


Totally free to use. But unfortunately, it can often be at capacity, so it may not be as reliable at this time.


ChatGPT is the ability to construct long messages that are extremely intelligent- similar to an AI writer like Jasper would. I loved that you could use the extension. However, it was always at capacity when I tried to use it, so it’s just not reliable at this time.

4. Flowrite

Flowrite is an AI email assistant that’s focused on helping you reduce writing time and create better emails. It’s a Chrome extension that attaches an AI writer next to your inbox for convenient use.

Take a look at how it performed:

You can see the extension pop up to the left of my Gmail as pictured below:

All I clicked was “meeting request” and typed “meeting for Friday at 3 pm” (see above). Here is the email that it generated:

My name is Samantha Brandon, and I am the Founder of Samantha Brandon LLC. I would love to have the opportunity to meet with you and discuss potentially working together.
Our company specializes in (area of expertise), and we believe that we could be a valuable asset to your team.
Would it be possible to schedule a meeting for Friday at 3 pm?
Hopefully, we’ll get to speak soon! Thank you for your time.

I was pretty impressed that it created that entire email when all I wrote was “meeting on at Friday 3 pm”.

Here are other Features of Flowrite:

  • It allows you to import a few AI templates, such as cold outreach, accepting an email, meeting requests, scheduling, and self-introduction.
  • It constructs great emails that allow you to present yourself to potential prospects as confident and engaging.
  • I wish it also added a subject line, but it doesn’t at the moment.


They’re generous with a 30-day free plan; then it’s pretty affordable thereafter.


I actually really enjoyed Flowrite as I felt the AI email was well constructed, and I could see improving your conversations while minimizing your time in your inbox.

Waitlisted Platforms

I’m on the waitlist for a few platforms, so when I have access, I’ll be sure to update this article with their review.

  • Addy.AI Email Assistant
  • Email Triager: This one will supposedly read the message and then generate the draft for you. So instead of going in your inbox every morning, you’ll go through your drafts and send them off. This is true AI capabilities.

What is an AI Email Assistant?

Frustrated with having to respond to emails manually?

An AI email assistant is an extension or program that utilizes artificial intelligence to automate or streamline the process of responding to emails.

AI-driven email assistants can detect patterns in incoming emails, identify keywords and phrases, generate personalized responses, and then draft an email copy in under a few seconds.

Benefits of AI Email Assistants:

  • As these are extremely new technology, we’re not quite sure how much time this will save you yet. Here are some of the things they can do now:
  • Quickly draft a relevant reply email in under a few seconds.
  • Create replies written in your voice as it learns your style.
  • Integrate within your current email client, such as Google or Outlook (depending on the assistant).

Things I would like to see moving forward:

  • I would like to see it automatically draft and send emails automatically. This would actually save time because it would act like a virtual assistant and do this for me, allowing me to only focus on the most important emails.
  • Integrate with more email software. If you’re a large company doing a lot of email outreach, then it would be great to integrate AI writing assistants within these programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does an AI email assistant help with writing emails?

These are entering the marketing left and right as I’m writing this article, so it’s going to be fun to see how these evolve over the next year.

Some things email assistants can do are:

  • Draft a witty email reply either automatically or through bullet points
  • Look up contact information as you write to create more personalized emails
  • Autoreply to emails and generate them as drafts to save time
  • Help you craft engaging and unique sales emails to increase your reply rate.

What type of email writing can they help with?

They can help with event scheduling, meetings, positive replies, not-interested replies, and really anything, depending on the context of the original email.

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