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Busy entrepreneur? Let me help you streamline and scale your business with tried and true AI & digital solutions.

AI Solutions

With hundreds of solutions entering the market every day, I have been testing and implementing them. Check out my AI resource page.

Digital Solutions

Digitizing has been here for decades, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t untapped opportunities. For instance, do you use a digital business card?


I don’t just review tools but educate on their uses. Find helpful articles and posts that are related to your business on this blog.

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Doctor of Pharmacy. Online Entrepreneur. AI & Digital Guru.

I’ve been implementing and reviewing digital and artificial intelligence platforms before ChatGPT was mainstream.

I spill the tea on everything I review and hope that my content hits different than others. (I give you honest reviews you won’t find elsewhere).

It’s time to break down barriers, demystify AI, and automate your business workflows.