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This site is dedicated to automating all aspects of your life, so you can spend less time on the mundane and more time living. Discover how to implement the newest artificial intelligence and digital tools on the market, without being a data scientist. Come live the smart life with me.

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Whether you have a small business or a booming enterprise, we live in a time of data overload. Learn to incorporate AI into your business processes to increase your bottom line.

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Welcome to SamanthaBrandon.com

My goal is to help you automate the mundane tasks in your life, whether that be your business or your personal finances.

I spent nearly a decade working really really hard. As a Doctor of Pharmacy, with eight years of education and a year of residency, I thought my life would be complete. But instead, I found myself working a million hours a week, with nothing to spare for my passions or family.

That’s when I made the career switch to online marketing, where I’m passionate about delivering you the most cutting-edge tools to create efficient systems in all aspects of life.

Technology is rapidly evolving with artificial intelligence, NLP, and many other advancements. Come live smarter with me.