Digital Automation

There are so many ways to automate your life. Thanks to the many emerging SaaS (software as a service) platforms, new apps, and APIs, you can automate anything whether that’s your business, your personal, or your family life.

Automate Your Business

Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a solopreneur of a small home business, there are tons of functions you should be automating. This means less time crunching numbers or making sense of thousands of customer data inputs, and more time navigating the company ship to the beautiful Med.

Automate Your Personal Life

Are spending a ton of time on the weekends with an Excel sheet balancing your bill sheet or manually adding up your investment portfolio predictions? Or are you spending a ton of time on meal prep and grocery store lists? You can automate nearly everything in your personal life. So take the time now, so you can be sipping a cocktail later.

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Automate Your Family Life

When I had kids, I massively underestimated the work it takes to keep a family functioning. Between the social events, shopping, and staying up to date with holidays and school functions, it’s a full-time job. Try automating some of these processes (like your annual picture books!). The kids grow up so fast, don’t miss the true connection time while you’re busy.

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