I think everyone is now making the switch to digital business cards. And that’s great! I personally think there are no more reasons to carry paper cards (no tracking analytics, bad for the environment, limited space, it goes on and on). If you’re not sure what a digital business card or how to create a digital business card, I’ve gone into full-depth of everything you need to know.

I’ve spent the last few months test-driving every single digital business card and NFC card on the market. I’ve heard from my audience that you’ve wanted a more detailed review of each company, so here it is for Mobilo.

Now I would place Mobilo near the top of the best digital business cards thanks to the products and Teams platforms. Let’s get into the full review.

Disclaimer: This post is a paid partnership with Mobilo with free products for trial. We only partner with brands that we believe offer products or services that will benefit our readers, but all reviews and opinions expressed in this post are our own. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

Who is Mobilo?

Mobilo is a company based out of the big apple NYC. Per their about page, their CEO Pieter coded the first version of the app himself. I’m a big fan of that because I’ve found that when a C-suite actually get their hands dirty, you end up with a much better product because they have a better understanding of their customer’s needs.

Per their site, they have onboarded over 10,000 companies and have locations in the USA, Australia, and the Netherlands.

My personal favorite of their “about” information is they actually have a calculator where you can determine how many trees you can save by switching to digital depending on the number of employees and reprinting costs your company spends.

Alright, let’s get into the products.

What Products Does Mobilo Offer?

At the time of this article, Mobilo offers five different NFC products:

NFC Digital Business Cards

When it comes to NFC cards, I will freely say that Mobilo have my favorite cards out of everyone. They have metal, wood, and customized cards. Here’s a quick look:

1. Metal

The metal card is the same size as a debit card, but this thing has some weight to it. It feels like one of those special credit cards that only the ultra-rich have. And I’m all for it. I messed up and should have gotten the gold version as it comes in black, gold, and silver. But the black looks great too:

Front of Card

Back of Card

2. Wood

They also have wood business cards which would be great if you’re in a home improvement, carpentry, etc type of business. There are two tones, light a dark, and I opted for the light card.

Front of Card

Back of Card

3. Customizable

Now, even though I said I personally loved the metal look better, if you’re a company or enterprise with many employees, then these are the way to go because you can completely customize the color and logo design of your card.



NFC Button & Keyfob

The NFC button can be customized with your company logo. This is convenient to have on the back of your phone or laptop. If you would rather have your digital business card on your keychain, this works really well too.

Who is Mobilo For?

Mobilo is truly for any user such as an entrepreneur or large enterprise as they have a great Teams program. The only person that I would say this may not be the best for is an individual looking for a landing page that can feature things like video embeds and a customized landing page as they don’t yet have this capability.

Landing Page

Now, when it comes to the landing pages, Mobilo falls a bit short. They offer all the links their competitors do (social media, PayPal, Venmo, basic contact information, etc), but none of that appears on the landing page. Here’s a quick shot of mine:

To be honest, I can’t quite tell if this is a good or bad thing. On one hand, it doesn’t distract you from the purpose, which is to get those emails and phone numbers for leads in your business.

What I do like, is that all the links automatically pull up and are entered into someone’s contacts on their phone.

How to Share

You can share in many ways. Wave your NFC product. Scan the QR code. Set up an email signature. They’re pretty in line with their competitors this way.

What differs, is MOST competitors go to a very fancy and immersive landing page experience. From the landing page, you then can click some type of button to “Save Contact” so that your potential customer or client saves it to their phone.

Now, Mobilo does not. Once you wave your card, it pulls up their phone’s contacts directly and adds all your links to save.

Here’s what happens when you wave the card:

Once they click the link, it pulls this up directly into their contacts. One they hit done or save, it goes to the landing page.

Here are all of the different types of links you can include:

Full App Breakdown

They have an app that lets you do the majority of the functions you would need from your phone. Here’s each tab and what it looks like.

There are five tabs that you have, here’s what they look like:






We’ll start from left to right to describe each page:

  • “Data”: This lets you see how many card taps or Links have been hit in the last 2 weeks or all time. You can’t change the date on this
  • “Cards”: This lets you look at all of your cards (especially if you’re a Team lead and have many people under you.
  • “M”: This will show the most recent “news feeds” alerts and taps.
  • “Leads”: This is your lead board where you can sort from the most recent or oldest.
  • Share”: If your NFC isn’t working or you don’t have it on you, then simply send a QR code.

There are four “modes” you can change each card to (Business Card, Social Profile, Lead Generation, or URL). That way, if you want to share something different you can as you can see below.

Mobilo Pricing

The nice part about their program is you just need to pay for your card, and then you have access to everything. No subscription for their app or access.

If you’re looking for the cost of the products, that depends if you’re a business or individual. Here’s what cards can cost you for example:

Mobilo Teams for Businesses

As I mentioned above, Mobilo offers a Teams platform so that you can manage everyone in your company. I’ve broken down their entire Teams process, but here is a quick snapshot of everything this offer:

  • Easy organization of your Team through admins. You can have as many admins as you would like (say for different departments of your company).
  • HR integration, which automatically onboard and offboards your digital cards for you. This is clutch because you don’t have to remember to manually go in and inactivate or activate a new card.
  • CRM activation with all the most popular systems.

Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve had a chance to go through the full review of Mobilo, here is the breakdown of the pros and cons:

  • Great platform for Teams. With HR and CRM integrations, lead generation, and a user-friendly dashboard, you can increase conversions and easily manage the needs of your large enterprise.
  • Beautiful NFC card products. The customizable colors of the cards, metal and wood options, are one of the best on the market.
  • Incorporates all the important links you could need (payment, social media, customizable URLs, etc).
  • The landing page is very minimalistic and doesn’t have advanced features like video embeds and unlimited links. I think this can use the most improvement.

Overall Thoughts

Mobilo is a great digital business card that has beautiful NFC products and accomplishes the primary purpose: which is to exchange contact information. While they have a great Teams dashboard and interface, their landing page has room for improvement.

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