You know that AI technology has transformed the sales and marketing landscape DRAMATICALLY in the last year.

And there are so many companies claiming to be the “best AI lead generation software,” so which one will actually push the needle and increase leads for your business?

Because let’s be honest, lead gen is probably one of the biggest pain points for small and large businesses alike.

As we look at this comprehensive list of the best AI lead generation tools, I’ve broken it down for you into 5 major buckets:

  • All-In-One Lead Generation Platforms that combine multiple functions to assist the entire lead generation process.
  • Prospect Databases that use AI technology to enhance their services.
  • AI Copywriters that generate sales copy.
  • Conversational AI Platforms that can chat with prospects and generate leads in your place.
  • AI Marketing Assistants, a grab-bag category that features some new uses of AI for marketing (you’ll see what I mean).

Now, without further ado, here is the full list of my 21+ picks:

  • Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.
AI Cold outreach

Seamless AI

Full Review

  • AI writing outreach assistant to improve cold emails.
  • CRM integrations.
Conversational salesbot


Full Review

  • Book Sales appointments for leads.
  • Omnichannel marketing.
AI Ad optimization

Albert AI

Full Review

  • Creates assessment and risks on ad spend.
  • Automatically learns from historical ads.

What is the Best AI Lead Generation Software?

Here’s the full breakdown of recruitment tools, broken down into different categories.

Best AI Lead Generation Software

All-In-One Lead Generation Platforms

Prospect Databases

Conversational AI Platforms

AI Copywriters

AI Marketing Assistants

1. Growbots

Outbound Sales Support

Growbots’ AI sales software supports your business’ lead generation efforts from all sides, including finding you leads within your niche and sending out an email campaign to generate leads. It gives you all the bells and whistles of a outbound sales platforms- with a dash of AI.

All of their prospects are verified with artificial intelligence to improve your email conversion rates. So leads are actually leads.

Here’s what I like about Growbots:

  • Find leads in a database with over 170 million verified prospects.
  • Set up automatic campaigns with personalized emails, phone calls, and LinkedIn messages.
  • The Premium Support option gets you specialized help from Growbots’ team to make your campaign a success.
  • The personalization options are limited to updating fields like “company name”- it doesn’t craft personalized opening lines.

Growbots Pricing

Plans start at $49 per month with limited features. You’ll need to pay at least $199 per month to access the prospect database.

Premium Support starts at $807 per quarter.

Growbots Verdict

Growbots would be great for marketing teams that want to search for prospects and send multi-channel messages at scale.

2. LeadIQ

SaaS Prospecting Platform

LeadIQ is a specialized prospecting platform designed specifically for SaaS businesses.

And it packs a one-two punch of AI-backed prospect search features and outreach support.

Some top features of LeadIQ include:

  • Find prospects in LeadIQ’s specialized database and track intent signals to know the right time to approach someone.
  • The AI writer Scribe crafts unique, personalized emails (not just fill-in-the-blank ones).
  • Data in LeadIQ automatically syncs with Salesforce, so everything stays up-to-date.
  • I couldn’t find any information about how big the contact database is.

LeadIQ Pricing

Plans start at $75 per month for 250 email look-ups and 100 emails. See all pricing plans in the screenshot below.

LeadIQ Verdict

What better way to reach out to SaaS prospects than by using a SaaS-specific prospecting tool? You can try LeadIQ for free to test it before you buy.

3. xIQ

Personality-Driven Lead Generation

What is personality-driven lead gen, you say?

In xIQ’s words, it “combines neuroscience, psychology, and AI to understand the buyer’s mindset.

So here’s what xIQ brings to the table:

  • On top of basic triggers like job title and firm, xIQ also looks at things like strengths and weaknesses or motivators and stressors to understand how prospects think.
  • The app identifies content that matches your prospects’ personality and interests so that you can recommend them interesting and valuable content.
  • Get a helpful dashboard for each prospect and company that shows you what they’re engaging with.
  • The website isn’t always clear about how the software works.

xIQ Pricing

I couldn’t find pricing info on the website. But you can book a demo for more details.

xIQ Verdict

xIQ is all about personalizing the sales outreach experience. If you’re looking to test out personalized conversions, give them a try.

4. Overloop

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Overloop calls itself a “multi-channel outbound platform.” Specifically, it can help you with email and LinkedIn outreach at scale.

These are some key features of Overloop:

  • Use the platform to find email addresses or create lists from LinkedIn contacts.
  • You can automate LinkedIn outreach, including profile visits, requests, and messages.
  • Track replies to your messages and email and manage conversations in one place.
  • It doesn’t seem like Overloop has its own contact database. It’s limited to importing and managing contacts you already have.

Overloop Pricing

You can use Overloop for a flat fee of $99 per user per month and 250 Email Finder credits per user. (Additional credits are available for purchase.)

Get started with a 14-day free trial.

Overloop Verdict

Navigate the delicate balance of LinkedIn outreach and cold email outreach with the powerful automation tools inside Overloop.

5. ZoomInfo SalesOS

Enterprise-Level Lead Generation

ZoomInfo SalesOS is an enterprise-level sales prospecting software that boasts a full stack of lead generation features for your B2B organization.

Here’s what you get with ZoomInfo SalesOS:

  • A huge contact database with over 150 million verified email addresses and 65 million phone numbers, plus the ability to detect sophisticated intent signals.
  • The ability to automate emails, chats, and phone calls to prospects, plus analyze all conversations to uncover sales opportunities.
  • Set up automatic signals to alert you when certain data thresholds are met.
  • This would probably be overkill for a small to medium-sized business.

ZoomInfo SalesOS Pricing

Pricing is available upon request.

ZoomInfo Verdict

ZoomInfo SalesOS is one of the top impressive enterprise-level lead generation tools I’ve seen.

6. Hunter

Smart Email Finder

Hunter helps you find hidden email addresses for the people and firms you want to connect with online. It also helps you send cold emails and monitor performance. I’ve used Hunter for years, and they never disappoint, even if you’re just using their free options.

Here are some top features of Hunter:

  • Search a domain name to find the best people to contact at that company
  • Verifies emails to avoid bouncing
  • Sends personalized cold emails at scale
  • It would be great if Hunter also had an AI writer feature.

Hunter Pricing

Plans start at $49 per month. The lowest-tier plan includes 500 searches and access to all features. 

You can also start for free with 25 searches every month.

Hunter Verdict

Hunter is an all-around solid platform for organizing and conducting cold email campaigns.

Try Hunter Here

7. Seamless AI

Smart Pitch Writer

Seamless AI is a hybrid outreach assistant that combines a robust prospect database with a fully-functioning AI email writer.

And with several extra features, this is a strong contender for the best cold outreach platform on the list.

Here’s what you get with Seamless AI:

  • Detailed search filters to find the right people easily.
  • Generate personalized emails with the AI writing assistant Writer by Seamless AI.
  • Integrates with sales software and CRMs.
  • The AI writer doesn’t seem to “learn” from prospects’ websites to write personalized intros (unlike Warmer AI).

Seamless Pricing

Pricing isn’t available, but some sources say the Pro plan starts at $99 per user per month. 

Contact Seamless AI for a quote.

Seamless AI Verdict

If you want to have a verified prospect database and AI writer in one tool, Seamless AI is a great choice.

8. Lusha

Smart Prospects Database

Lusha calls itself the database with the “most accurate B2B company and contact data.”

And it has several user-friendly features that make it a favorite of many B2B marketers.

Here are some highlights:

  • Use smart indicators like intent to find qualified leads at the right moment.
  • Integrate with other software to enrich data in your CRM.
  • Smart analytics help you uncover the biggest sources of leads so you can focus on higher-converting accounts.
  • It seems like part of the model is asking users to share their network’s contact info, which might be uncomfortable for some.

Lusha Pricing

Plans start at $39 per user per month for 40 credits and basic features. 

Intent signals are only available in the highest-tier Scale plan.

Lusha Verdict

Lusha’s super-clean data sets and smart analytics help you improve your lead generation performance.

9. LeadFuze

Hyper-Detailed Lead Search

LeadFuze aims to automate the process of building prospect lists.

The AI assistant, Fuzebot, can follow custom guidelines to create outreach lists automatically. 

Here’s what I like most about LeadFuze:

  • You get hyper-detailed search options like ad spend, job history, size of firm, and more.
  • Fuzebot builds lists of high-quality leads for you.
  • Get all the info on contacts you need, including social media profiles and personal email addresses for ad targeting.
  • There are no options to contact prospects from the platform, so you’ll need another tool for that.

LeadFuze Pricing

Plans start at $147 per month for 500 leads.

LeadFuze Verdict

Choose LeadFuze to generate prospect lists on autopilot, so you can spend more time connecting with potential leads.

10. Swordfish

Find Phone Numbers

Swordfish can do many things, but what stood out to me was its verified cell phone number data.

You can discover which phone numbers will likely connect you to quality leads.

Here’s what Swordfish does best:

  • Verified cell phone data helps you get closer than email.
  • Use detailed search filters to find only strategic leads.
  • Use the Chrome extension to search for contact information from any social profile.
  • Doesn’t search for lead signals that could denote a warm lead.

SwordFish Pricing

Pricing is available on request. 

According to other reviews, plans may cost anywhere from $39 to $79 per month.

SwordFish Verdict

Businesses that prefer cold calling over cold emailing will get great use out of Swordfish.

11. OpenLead

AI-Generated Prospect Lists

OpenLead is like ChatGPT for prospect list generation. Just tell them your ideal lead or customer and they’ll generate a list specific to your requirement.

Here’s what OpenLead does well:

  • Enter a prompt, and OpenLead will generate lists of potential sales leads automatically.
  • See charts and graphs that visualize your closing rate and number of leads in your sales funnel.
  • OpenLead emphasizes data security, which is nice to know.
  • There database only has three million contacts, which isn’t nearly as much as their competitors.

OpenLead Pricing

You can access the database for $249 per month, but you’ll need to fork over $1,799 per month for AI-enhanced features.

OpenLead Verdict

Try OpenLead for its automated list-building, but make sure to test out other options before committing.

12. Drift

Comprehensive AI Sales Chatbot

These days, it seems like everybody’s website has a chatbot ready to greet you.

Drift is one of the best AI-powered lead-generation chatbots, designed to generate leads and sales for your business.

Some key features:

  • The chatbot can handle marketing, sales, and customer service conversations.
  • The chatbot is ready on any page to answer questions and invite leads to book a call with your team.
  • You get a notification when promising leads are on your website, so you can chat with them live.
  • Drift is expensive, but worth it depending on your expected ROI.

Drift Pricing

Plans start at $2,500 per month for small businesses. Bigger organizations can contact Drift for pricing details.

Drift Verdict

Drift is one of the leading AI chatbot and video chat platforms. If you can afford it, I recommend checking this one out first.

13. Conversica

Multi-Channel Conversational AI

Conversica is another great AI chatbot software with some pretty impressive features.

Here’s what stands out the most:

  • The chatbot uses the full power of generative AI for natural, human-like conversations.
  • The AI assistants contact prospects through email, chat, and SMS and can even speak 9 different languages.
  • You can set up templates for each interaction, and Conversica will automatically write emails based on lead stage, personal data, and more.
  • I found the website difficult to understand, so it might involve a bit of a learning curve.

Conversica Pricing

Request a demo to get pricing.

Conversica Verdict

Conversica excels in natural-sounding, omnichannel conversations. If that’s your focus, I recommend you check it out.

14. Exceed AI

Affordable Conversational AI

Exceed AI offers an affordable alternative to pricier AI chatbots. (At least, that’s what I gather from internet research.)

But it still features the same functionality.

Exceed AI’s key features include:

  • Automated conversations from the beginning to end of the lead nurturing process
  • Conversational AI bots help leads book a sales conversation with your team
  • Omnichannel conversations, including email, chat, and SMS
  • Unlike other chatbots, the demo didn’t let me type my own answer. It only gave me 3 options to choose from.

Exceed AI Pricing

Pricing isn’t available on the website, but other review sites say plans start at $500 a month.

Exceed AI Verdict

If you’re looking for a pared-down and potentially more affordable chatbot for your business, I recommend checking out Exceed AI.

15. Reply

B2B Outreach & Booking Assistant

Reply calls itself an “AI-powered sales engagement platform.”

While its main feature is its conversational AI that engages sales prospects, it also features a contact database and meeting scheduler.

Some cool things you can do with Reply:

  • Send messages and requests through email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and SMS, and connect with more apps through Zapier.
  • Connect your account to Vidyard to send personalized videos to prospects.
  • Access a library of high-performing email replies to get the best response.
  • Let book meetings with your prospects .
  • The contact database doesn’t seem as developed as other options, so I feel like they could’ve left it out.

Reply Pricing

Paid plans start at $60 per month.

Or try it for free with 1,000 credits a month and basic AI tools.

Reply Verdict

Reply seems to give you the most multi-channel options for conversing with prospects, which is a huge plus.

16. Landbot

No-Code Chatbot Builder

Landbot is a no-code AI chatbot that allows you to design your own conversation rules.

It’s a way to save money on pricier solutions and also have some control over the look and functionality of your chatbot.

Here’s where Landbot shines:

  • Chatbots use a combination of rules and generative AI, which gives you the best of both types of AI chatbot.
  • You can get started with a chatbot templates library provided by Landbot, plus tweak the design to your liking.
  • Chatbots can be used on your website, in Facebook Messenger, or in WhatsApp to reach more people.
  • The downside, of course, is that you have to build it yourself.

Landbot Pricing

Paid plans start at 30 euros a month (roughly $30), but to support WhatsApp, you’ll need the Business plan at 300 euros a month ($300+).

Landbot Verdict

Landbot’s no-code chatbot builder is a great way to save money on your AI chatbot, but it’s only for companies willing to build one themselves.

17. Trellus

AI Cold Call Coach

Trellus is a personal sales coach when your sales team is on calls. Remember when you used to have a peer or coworker sit with you and whisper next discussion points in your ear? That’s all gone. Now, the chat will give you tips throughout the call to make each and every encounter as successful as it can be.

Here’s what I like about Trellus:

  • It’s simple to install with a single Chrome extension that turns on when you’re in calls.
  • Helps train sales reps with helpful cues like “pause” or “ask why” during a live conversation.
  • It can also give helpful local data on prospects, including news and weather data, so you can find something to break the ice with.
  • They’re a pretty new company, so may not be as reliable or worked out the bugs like an established software has.

Trellus Pricing

Paid plans start at $60 per month for team features, but you can use the software as a single user for free.

Trellus Verdict

If you’re looking to get some insights and help on your sales calls, check out Trellus. You spent a long time getting those leads, let’s make sure we convert them.

18. Albert AI

AI-Driven Ad Manager

Albert AI is a smart ad manager that uses AI and machine learning to optimize your ads.

The website features tons of case studies where Albert has increased ROI significantly thanks to its smart optimization.

Here’s what Albert AI excels at:

  • Albert automatically makes decisions based on data and executes them, so you can enjoy better ROAS (return on ad spend) with no bottleneck.
  • Albert carefully looks at the data and considers risk before starting new ads and increasing investment.
  • Can handle all stages of ad campaigns, from planning, to setting parameters, to optimizing, to generating reports.
  • It’s hard to imagine how Albert works just from the website, which has no screenshots or walkthroughs to view.

Albert AI Pricing

You can contact the team behind Albert AI for pricing information.

Albert AI Verdict

Albert can run and optimize your ad campaigns better than a human marketer. It’s certainly worth a try for forward-thinking companies. 

19. Reachout AI

Video Prospecting Tool

Finally, we have Reachout AI. 

This helpful AI platform takes a single video you film and personalizes it for 1000s of prospects in minutes. What’s cool, is you can actually create an AI avatar of yourself and your voice using Resemble, then give yourself different scripts to speak about.

Here’s what you get:

  • Film once and send 1000s of personalized videos where you speak the prospect’s name and other info.
  • Connect with your CRM to send to your contacts automatically.
  • Get better results from emails thanks to the power of video prospecting .
  • The AI avatar is great, but the voice can use a bit of improvement, which I’m guessing will happen over time.

Reachout AI Pricing

Plans start at $79 a month for basic features.

Reachout AI Verdict

If video is a big part of your prospecting strategy, you’ll save tons of time by automating your video creation with Reachout AI.

20. Jasper AI

AI Sales Copywriter

Jasper AI is the OG AI copywriter and still one of the best. (Check out my full Jasper AI review to learn more.)

It writes any marketing copy you might need, with the skill of a seasoned copywriter.

Here’s what you get with Jasper AI:

  • A powerful AI writing app that’s trained like an expert copywriter.
  • A brand voice feature that teaches Jasper how to emulate your business’s tone of voice.
  • Write and organize whole campaigns with the new Campaigns feature.
  • There’s a ton to learn, so it may take a few hours to get over the learning curve.

Jasper Pricing

Plans start at $49 a month for unlimited words.

Jasper Verdict

Jasper AI will write the persuasive copy you need to generate more qualified leads online.

21. Warmer AI

Cold Email Writer

Warmer AI is an AI copywriter specifically designed to write personalized cold emails.

Here’s what I like most about Warmer AI:

  • You can bulk upload multiple prospects in CSV format.
  • It writes excellent personalized copy.
  • It’s simple and specialized for email writing.
  • It’s hard to find information about credits and how they work.

Warmer AI Pricing

Plans start at $59 per month for 150 credits (equal to 150 emails). You can try it out with 10 free credits on sign-up.

Warmer AI Verdict

If your lead generation strategy focuses on cold emails, I suggest checking out Warmer AI.

What is AI Lead Generation Software?

AI lead generation software uses artificial intelligence to automate parts of the lead generation process.

Here are some things AI-powered tools can do:

  • Help you find qualified prospects
  • Write conversion-focused copy for marketing campaigns
  • Manage ad campaigns and optimize them for you
  • Chat with prospects and answer their questions
  • Qualify leads and book calls with them
  • Get smart data on prospects and firms to make better decisions
  • Analyze sales conversations and find opportunities to get better results

The benefits are huge. Check out my shortlist of 21 lead generation AI software (above) that you can try today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use AI tools to generate leads?

Yes! Check out my top 21+ picks in the list above.

How can AI help my lead generation efforts?

AI can help you in many ways. You can find contacts, reach out to them, generate inbound leads, book calls with your sales team and more.

What’s the typical lead generation process?

Lead generation typically starts with defining your strategy. 

Inbound lead generation involves creating content that attracts leads, while outbound lead generation focuses on reaching out to prospects through messages and phone calls. 
Once you have a lead in your pipeline, you nurture them until they’re ready to buy (or not). 
This often includes setting up a sales call with them to talk about your product or service.

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