Product photography has been the cornerstone of marketing for a century. You need photos to show off in your digital and physical campaigns– but the costs and time it takes to constantly obtain new photos are often cost and time-prohibitive for smaller companies.

Enter the revolutionary world of AI-powered product photography, where technology meets aesthetics, automating and enhancing the art of imagery. This isn’t just about snapping a few pretty pictures—it’s about storytelling, engaging the customer, and ultimately, turning viewers into buyers.

Welcome to my in-depth review of Booth.AI, a groundbreaking platform that is at the forefront of this transformation. Let’s get creating images that are not just worth a thousand words, but potentially worth a thousand sales.

First, What Is Booth.AI?

Booth AI is among a new onslaught of generative AI tools that utilizes the power of AI and machine learning to completely revolutionize the world of product photography.

In a nutshell- you upload a few photos of your products with different angles. Then you can place your product in any setting or place in the world to create stellar product images for your marketing materials.

The platform allows users to create realistic 3D photos with lifelike shadows and reflections, as well as custom backgrounds. The AI software automatically retouches images to perfection, giving photos a professional look and feel without having to do any manual editing.

The best part is, Booth AI does all of this in a fraction of the time it would take someone manually editing photos using traditional, or even AI photo-editing programs.

Who is Booth AI For?

Booth AI so far works for the following types of products:

  • Furniture
  • Products
  • Model Background Change
  • Model Change (your clothes on different models)
  • Mannequins to Human (take a photo of your clothes on a mannequin, and it will put it on an avatar model)
  • Footwear

Basically, Fashion, Packaged Goods, and Furniture. No jewelry.

Putting Booth AI To The Test

The process is very straightforward and super easy

Step 1: Upload Your Product Photos

Simply upload photos of your products. Don’t worry if there’s a background of your product photo, it will get rid of that for you. Make sure you get good angles, and then be sure to choose the right category so the software knows what to do with it!

Ultimately, you’ll have yourself a nicely organized image catalog.

Step 2: Change Your Background

This is the fun part, simply write a text prompt describing what you want. So you can say “I want this candle in a modern luxury bathroom” and it will do it for you.

Here’s what that dashboard looks like:

Booth AI To The Test

Okay, so now let’s put this in action to see some high-quality lifestyle photos from Booth ai.

Part 1: Product Photography

I took a picture of my water bottle and wanted to create unique, original images for a social media campaign.

The Prompt: The Waterbottle on top of a rock in the mountain of an Arizona hiking trail with hikers.

Here’s what it came up with.

As you can tell, it did miss the group of hikers, but overall I’m pretty dang happy.

Now this was a more closeup view, so my creative vision told me that it needs to be a bit more zoom out.

That’s when I figured out that Booth AI realized this too: Just hit “Compose,” and you can adjust the scale of the product photo to achieve your desired shot.

I then went on to create a smaller version on a surfboard in the Ocean, and here’s what it did:

These ones, unfortunately missed the mark. So I tried it one more time, this time just stating “in the hands of a surfer” but got this:

So, what I’ve learned is it doesn’t yet apply to humans at this time, only background changes.

Part 2: Clothing Photography

Okay, not gonna lie, this one was my FAVORITE. I wanted to see what it would look like if you took my wedding photo and put it in front of different settings. I looked online for reference photos of what I was looking for, so I could create better prompts.

Here’s my original wedding photo:

So I asked for a scene change: “Place my product in front of a beautiful catholic church”.

These ended up better than my real photos!

Here’s a closer look at my favorite:

Now, there are more things you can do, like swap out the model, create a model from a mannequin, etc, but I didn’t test those ones out.

Booth AI Pricing

There’s a free trial for new users so that you can compare Booth AI to the tools you may already be using.

Now, you would think 100 credits would be 100 images, but it’s not.

Lots of things typically cost like 10-20 credits, so you are really only getting like 5-10 images for the cost.

Booth AI Pros and Cons

Here’s what I really liked about Booth AI:

  • The concept is there. Remember, this is the Beta mode, so I’m so excited to see how this will improve over the next one to two years.
  • The background photos can create some really engaging product images. You have to understand how to do the right prompts to get the most from it.
  • The fashion scene change was incredible. You can completely change the look of your socials with just a few picks which I really loved.

Here’s where they have some work to do:

  • I wish they could take the reference product photos you upload, but then change the angle. It seems like it just places a background behind it, but it would be amazing if it could pivot, turn, and do different angles to bring it to the next level.
  • The product photography needs to include models. I want to say “Have a group of hikers on a mountain holding my water bottle” because, in the end, those are the photos that convert and sell a story.
  • Add brand guidelines. Enterprises and eCommerce typically have filters, shades, and colors that they use to keep their content consistent. They should add this feature that is applied to all photos.
  • No editing options once a photo is created.

Booth AI Take Home

Overall, it’s hitting the basics for background changes and is a great way to get thousands of photos of your product in different settings for your social media campaigns.

There is definitely room for improvement, but with AI moving at the speed it’s going & the fact they have some heavy-hitting angel investors (ehemm, Meta, Uber) that I’m willing to bet they will get there in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Booth AI cost?

It starts as low as $25 per month, but increases depending on how many images you need per month.

What is the best AI for product photography?

In my personal opinion, Booth AI is going to be one of the leading platforms in this niche.

What is the use of Booth AI?

This is a great way to create hundreds of use booth AI for clothing and model photos. I loved what it did to my wedding photos.

At this time, Booth AI can only be used for background changes on products. It cannot yet be used to create images with humans in them. However, they are actively working on improving the software’s capabilities.

Can I edit my product photos with Booth AI?

Unfortunately no. Once you create a photo, there are no editing options.

Can you use AI for product photography?

Yes, you definitely can. With AI art generations jumping into the picture, their technology is likely going to be commonplace in the B2B space.

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