You already know that AI copywriting software can save you hours in your content creation process and help you write better copy. But with new AI writing apps coming out all the time, how can you find the right AI copywriting software for your business?

In this article, I’m giving you a rundown of the 9 best AI copywriting software tools you can buy right now, including best features, pros and cons, and pricing information so you can make a decision FAST and start automating your copywriting right away.

  • Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.
Most Powerful copywriter

Jasper AI

Full Review

  • Creates fantastic copy
  • Integrates with SEO software
  • Most Expensive
most customized copy templates

Copy AI

Full Review

  • Hundreds of copy templates
  • Affordable pricing
  • Copy requires a bit of editing
conversion focused writer

Anyword AI

Full Review

  • Provides predictive performance score
  • Create customer personas
  • Writing also needs edits

Before we dive in, here are my criteria for choosing the best AI copywriting tools on this list:

  • They must be designed for copywriting or have solid AI copywriting features.
  • They must have unique defining features that set them apart.
  • They must have a solid user base, actual reviews, and proof that they’re still actively being developed.
  • They must create high-quality content.

What is the Best AI Copywriting Software Right Now?

Ready to get started? Here’s my list:

Copywriting Platforms

1. Jasper AI

Most Powerful Writer

Jasper AI (previously known as Jarvis AI and Conversion AI) tops the list because it’s simply the most powerful AI copywriting software out there. I’ve written an in-depth Jasper review if you want to learn more.

Whatever you throw at Jasper, it can handle. The writing is beautiful and flows. It’s specifically designed for copywriting, but with over 50 built-in tools and the ability to create custom templates, it’s well-suited for any content you might need.

Jasper Dashboard Experience

Check out the dashboard experience below:

Jasper Pros and Cons:

  • A Well-Trained AI Copywriter: Whatever the Jasper team has done with the AI writer, it’s working. Jasper can write smooth copy and handle random requests with skill. (I asked it to write a love letter from the moon to the sun in the voice of Adam Sandler, and it was downright poetic.)
  • Jasper Chat: Jasper has a feature called Jasper Chat, which gives you a chat interface for interacting with the AI writing tool. You can ask the chatbot questions or request specific types of copy. And the best part is, you can connect Jasper Chat with Google Search to get recent facts about your topics, complete with citations. (This is something you can’t do with Chat GPT.)
demonstrating how jasper chat works
  • Jasper Workflows: Jasper’s blended some of its standard templates into multi-step workflows to help you easily create long-form content. For example, the Blog Post Workflow combines the Blog Post Introduction, Blog Post Outline, and Paragraph Writer tools to write long-form content for you in just a few steps.
  • Jasper Recipes: On top of Workflows, you can create Recipes, a string of commands given to Jasper’s AI copywriting engine in order, so you can generate highly-specific types of content. In effect, this becomes a custom template you can use again and again. You even get access to Recipes designed by the Jasper team and community for more options.
  • Jasper Art: Jasper also has an AI art generator that can create custom designs for your copy and content. It’s available on a separate subscription plan.
  • Boss Mode Editor: When you’re ready to edit the copy you’ve generated, you’ll use the Boss Mode Editor, the Google Docs-style editor inside the app where you can format text, rewrite, and use more commands and templates to extend your copy even further.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Jasper has a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure everything you write is original. (Credits are available on-demand for the number of words you’d like to check.)
  • Robust Integrations: You can connect the AI writing software with Surfer SEO to optimize long-form content without leaving the app or integrate with DeepL for more accurate translations. In the editor, you can switch on Grammarly to help edit your text with the power of AI or connect your paid Grammarly account for more heavy-duty editing.
  • Jasper is one of the more expensive tools out there.
  • The writer can sometimes repeat itself.


Jasper starts at $59 a month for 50,000 words or $99 for 100,000 words (there are higher tiers for more words). Businesses can apply to learn more about the Business plan, which gets you more advanced features and team support.


Jasper AI is the best AI copywriting software out there. If you want the biggest and most powerful toolset and are willing to invest the money for it, Jasper will be a powerful asset in your copywriting workflow.

2. Copy AI

Most Templates

Copy AI is one of the easiest copywriting software tools to use. It’s got more than 90 templates (think social media, Google ads, even brand voice) that can quickly generate the copy you need with no extra hassle.

I’ve written a comparison of Jasper AI and Copy AI if you’re trying to decide between the two.

Copy AI Dashboard Experience

Copy AI has one of the nicest writing experiences. Depending on the workflow (pictured below), you can create a title, keyword, and tone. It will generate an outline that you can edit and voila! You’ve got content.

Copy AI Pros and Cons

  • Huge Template Library: With more than 90 templates covering everything from ad copy to blogs to personal letters and more, this AI writing software can handle the needs of most businesses.
  • Copy AI Workflows: This new tool allows you to generate personalized cold outreach messages to prospects based on a website or LinkedIn profile.
  • Copy AI Chat: Copy AI’s chatbot was just released in beta mode for paying users. You can give the chatbot custom commands to write copy, research for you, give you ideas, and more. It also connects with Google Search to include information from recent news and top search results, complete with citations.
  • Blog Post Wizard: This quick-and-easy blog post generator writes a well-structured blog post in just a few clicks. You get full control over the title, outline, and bullet points, so you can make sure the final article says what you want it to say.
  • Marketing Tools: Copy AI has some fun extra marketing tools to help you brainstorm ideas for your audience, brand voice, and more. While you still need to do research before determining your marketing strategy, these tools can spark some ideas you may not have thought of.
  • Unlimited Words: One thing that sets Copy AI apart is its pricing model. There’s just one subscription, and it gives you unlimited words. You don’t need to worry about paying more because you’ve exceeded your quota—you’ll always have enough.
  • The biggest con of Copy AI is that some of the templates just don’t work that well. I got bad results with the Before-After-Bridge, for example. That said, Copy AI tends to give you more variety in its output than Jasper AI, so ultimately, you will get more copy options.


Start with up to 2,000 words per month for free, or upgrade to the paid plan at $49 a month for unlimited words and access to Copy AI Chat.


If you want to get in and out of your AI writing software with minimum hassle and don’t mind editing the output, I recommend Copy AI. Its intuitive templates and ease of use make it a top contender for the best AI copywriting software right now.

3. Anyword

Most Conversion-Focused

Anyword helps you increase conversions by employing data to aid the copywriting process. Not only will the AI writer create copy for you, but it also uses something called “predictive analytics” to predict how well your copy will convert with your audience.

Anyword Pros and Cons

  • Plenty of Templates: This AI copywriting tool can generate product descriptions, landing pages, blog posts, social media posts, and more, comparable to other copywriting tools.
  • Predictive Performance Score: This is what makes Anyword unique. Similar to Surfer SEO, which scores your blog posts based on how likely they are to rank in search engines, Anyword scores your copy based on how likely they are to convert. This gives you a better ability to critique and improve your copy, so it actually gets results.
  • Create Customer Personas: You can describe multiple target audiences to the tool to generate and optimize copy for various personas.
  • Website Targeted Messaging: You can connect your website to Anyword, then have the tool dynamically serve different copy variations to your visitors to test them against each other.
  • Detailed analytics are only available on the highest subscription tier, but you can get a simple predictive score on the basic plan.


The Starter plan gives you access to all tools and 20,000 words for $29 a month, while the Data-Driven plan gives you 30,000 words plus all the analytics for $99 a month.


Anyword can help you get better results from your copy by attaching a performance score to every piece of copy you generate.

4. WriteSonic

Most Budget-Friendly Writer

WriteSonic has most of the tools and features you’ll find in big names like Jasper and Copy AI, but for a fraction of the price. That’s why I’ve chosen it as the most budget-friendly tool on this list.

WriteSonic is backed by Y Combinator and lists Spotify, NYU, and other trustworthy names as users.

Writesonic Pros and Cons:

  • Lightning-Fast Blog Creation: WriteSonic gives you two different blog tools. The Instant Article Writer gives you a fully-written post in 1 click, and the AI Article Writer 4.0 gives you more control over the structure as it takes you through the blog post-writing process step-by-step.
  • ChatSonic: This is WriteSonic’s answer to Jasper Chat and other tools, and it works in a similar way, but again for a lower price point.
  • PhotoSonic: This is WriteSonic’s AI art generator that compares to Jasper Art and similar tools.
  • Sonic Editor: The Sonic Editor, similar to Google Docs-style editors found in Copy AI and Jasper, allows you to format, edit, and re-generate parts of your text.
  • Bulk Content Generation: WriteSonic makes it easy to generate content in bulk. If you upload a spreadsheet of data, you can generate hundreds or even thousands of pieces of copy or content (like product descriptions, ad copy, or blog content) in minutes.
  • Interesting Templates: I found some fun and unique templates I haven’t seen on other AI software yet, including a Song Writer and Analogy Maker.
  • One of WriteSonic’s features is the ability to choose the quality of words you produce, anywhere from Economy to Premium. The lower quality of the words, the less you pay per word. But if you want to generate good copy, you won’t want anything less than Premium.


Start by generating up to 2,500 words for free, or upgrade to the Long-Form plan starting at $19 a month for 19,000 Premium-quality words. The next tier is $49 a month for 75,000 words. This is much more affordable than Jasper, which costs $59 a month for 50,000 words.


If you want an AI copywriting tool similar to Jasper without the high price point, or if you need to generate content in bulk, I highly recommend checking out WriteSonic.


Great for Ad Creation

AdCreative AI caught my eye because it brings something new to the table. This app combines copywriting and art generation to produce ad creatives for marketing campaigns and the copy to accompany them. You can create multiple designs and test them to see which performs best.

AdCreative User Experience

You upload your logo, choose three brand colors, and input a brand description. Next, you choose your audience and the ad dimensions. Finally, you generate headlines with the AI copywriting tool (or write your own), then choose a stock image for the ad creative. Using your specifications, the AI tool will generate over 100 creatives to choose from.

Here are the Key Features of AdCreative AI:

  • Easy Creation: In just a few steps, you can generate over one hundred images plus AI-written copy for your next ad campaign.
  • Full Ad Creation Suite: The software covers multiple functions normally handled by a marketing agency: from design to copywriting to analytics.
  • Ad Insights: Connect your ad accounts to the tool to get insights for each ad you’re currently running.
  • Analyze Existing Ads: You can upload creatives you’ve made outside of the tool, then analyze them with the AI assistant to predict which will perform best.
  • Designs can be repetitive or sometimes contain errors.
  • You’re not able to edit the designs you generate.


AdCreative AI has four pricing plans, varying from $29 per month for 10 ad downloads to $149 for 100 downloads. All plans provide unlimited generations, but you’re limited in the amount you can download and use. You can try out the tool with a 7-day free trial before you commit.


For businesses that need to generate lots of ads on a regular basis, AdCreative AI can save you time by automating much of the process. While the tool still has room for improvement, it’s definitely worth checking out.

6. Writecream

Most Anticipated

Writecream is an AI content creation suite that covers not only copy and content writing but also AI-generated audio clips. It’s still in its beginning stages, but its unique features give it a chance to become a solid competitor among AI copywriting tools.

Here’s What Writecream Brings to the Table:

  • Icebreakers: If you need to do cold outreach to a prospect, Writecream can generate copy, images, and even audio messages designed to get a response from the person (called “icebreakers”) based on a website or LinkedIn profile URL.
  • Voiceover Tool: To save you extra time and maximize your content’s reach, Writecream can take a blog post and turn it into a podcast or video voiceover using AI-generated audio.
  • Good Templates: Like other tools, Writecream can compose ads, SEO meta descriptions, product descriptions, social media posts, and more.
  • ChatGenie: Writecream’s chatbot ChatGenie supports more than 75 languages, connects with Google Search to bring in the latest results, and can be used within the Writecream mobile app.
  • Mobile App: Speaking of mobile apps, Writecream has one (which isn’t common with AI writing tools yet).
  • One-Click Article Writer: This tool writes a 2000-word article in one click.
  • The app is still a work in progress, but it has the potential to become a top-rated app in the future. (The roadmap is published on the website so you can see where the tool is headed.)


You can generate up to 40,000 characters and access all AI copywriting tools for free. If you’re ready to subscribe, you can choose the Unlimited plan at $29 a month for unlimited words and generations (available for a limited time at the time of writing).


If Writecream’s unique features appeal to you, and you don’t mind dealing with a few bugs as the team irons out the software, this could be the best AI copywriting tool for you.

7. Copysmith

Great for E-Commerce Businesses

Copysmith is a powerful AI copywriting suite for e-commerce businesses. It does well with product descriptions and has many features uniquely suited for businesses that sell and market products online.

Copysmith Features:

  • Product Description Generator: The tool generates well-written descriptions with templates for each retail platform you might be using (such as Etsy, Amazon, and Instagram).
  • Writes Other E-Commerce Content: Need blogs, ads, or social media captions? Copysmith can do that and more—anything you need to promote your products online.
  • Content Enhancer: Within the extensive template library, you’ll find tools that can rewrite or freshen up old content to save it from becoming irrelevant over time.
  • Copysmith Art Studio: This feature can generate AI images based on a prompt, similar to Jasper Art and other similar tools.
  • Helpful Integrations: You can integrate with Frase (one of my top-recommended AI writers), WooCommerce, HootSuite, Zapier, and more.
  • Bulk Content Creation: You can use the tool to generate hundreds of product descriptions, meta tags, or captions at the same time. Alternatively, you can use it to rewrite multiple pieces of content in bulk.
  • Team Support: Even the basic plan offers five user seats, making this a great option for teams.
  • The interface can be difficult to use.


Choose between the $19-monthly Starter plan, offering 20,000 words and 20 plagiarism checks, and the $59-monthly Professional plan, which provides 80,000 words and 100 plagiarism checks. If you’re not sure yet, you can test out the software with a 7-day free trial.


Copysmith provides an all-inclusive copywriting and art generation suite for e-commerce businesses and teams.

8. ContentBot

Most Intuitive Blog Generator

Now, I must admit, the name of this software doesn’t sound like a copywriting app. And to be fair, ContentBot’s main feature is generating blog posts. But it also has AI copywriting tools, and since most businesses need to create blog posts on a regular basis, this could be a powerful combo for your copywriting workflow.

Here’s Where ContentBot Shines:

  • Automatic AI Content: What if you could get daily AI-generated and SEO-optimized blog posts sent to your inbox without ever having to lift a finger? In fact, ContentBot does this. You provide your keywords and specs, and it has its AI tool generate content on a regular basis at the interval you set. You can choose to get blog topics or fully-written blog posts.
  • Copywriting Templates: I wouldn’t have included this software if it didn’t have copywriting features. ContentBot can also generate ads, landing pages, product descriptions, and more with over 45 content and copy generators.
  • Drag-and-Drop Blog Generator: Most blog post generators ask you to fill out prompts or type in commands to generate text. ContentBot makes this more intuitive by allowing you to drag and drop tools into the blog post exactly where you want the content to be written.
  • Hybrid Article Creation: If you purchase the top-tier plan, you get two AI-generated, human-edited articles for your topic every month.
  • Discover Tool: ContentBot’s built-in SEO tool is powered by Semrush and allows you to do SERP research, keyword research, and more inside the editor.
  • Language Support: ContentBot supports a whopping 110 languages.
  • The website gives off startup vibes, but it has some great features. It may need further polishing to fully realize its potential.


You can choose between the pre-paid option or a monthly subscription. With pre-paid, you pay $1 for every 1000 words you want to generate. Paid subscriptions start at $29, which gets you 40,000 words a month and access to copy templates. You must upgrade to at least the Premium plan (at $59 a month for 100,000 words) to use the long-form assistant, SEO tools, and plagiarism checker.


Some of the best AI copywriting software can write blog posts in one click, but ContentBot goes a step further by sending you fully-written articles on a regular basis without any effort on your side. This, plus a library of copywriting templates, makes ContentBot a great choice for businesses that want to automate their content creation process to the max.

Hypotenuse AI

Best for Lifestyle Brands

Hypotenuse AI is an AI copywriting software that works especially well for businesses in fashion, furniture, and lifestyle niches. Its writing style looks like it could be ripped straight out of the pages of Vogue, and it makes any product feel more luxurious and high-end.

Key Features of Hypotenuse AI

  • Magazine-Quality Writing: Unlike other tools that have a distinct “copywriting” sound, Hypotenuse’s tone leans more toward lifestyle magazines and blogs.
  • Plenty of Templates: You get tons of templates to create content and copy, covering the needs of most businesses.
  • Content Detective: You can ask Hypotenuse to research any topic for you (and include citations in the results). Then you can use that info to create content, either by yourself or using the AI writing assistant.
  • Batch Generation Tool: Generate product descriptions at scale by uploading from a spreadsheet or connecting with WordPress or Shopify. (This also works with other templates like meta titles, ad copy, social media posts, and more.)
  • AI Image Generator: Hypotenuse has its own AI image generator, so you can create copyright-free images for your content.
  • Blog Article Wizard: In just five minutes, you can generate a 1000-word article (and still have control over the outline and main points). It wrote a 1400-word post for me called “Refresh Your Wardrobe This Spring With These Best Spring Outfits,” and it was not only accurate but written very well.
  • Time-Saving Integrations: Connect your account to Shopify and WordPress to sync information between tools more easily.
  • Like most AI copywriting tools, sometimes the copy doesn’t make sense. You’ll need to double-check facts and edit everything before you hit publish.


The Starter plan, available for $29 a month, gives you 25,000 words and 200 images, writes blog posts, and includes all templates. The Growth plan, starting at $59 a month, gives you 87,500 words, unlimited AI images, and advanced article tools.


If you’re writing about fashion, furniture, lifestyle topics, or other Instagram-worthy products and want to create content with a more feminine, magazine-like tone, Hypotenuse AI is the tool to try.

What is an AI Copywriting Tool?

AI copywriting tools use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to generate human-like text based on a prompt.

Most AI copywriters (like Jasper AI, Copy AI, and WriteSonic) are trained in copywriting best practices and frameworks to produce high-quality content and copy that’s designed to convert.

How do AI copywriting tools work?

There are two ways to answer this question:

  • First, how do you use AI copywriting tools?
  • And second, what’s the underlying technology that makes these work?

I’ll answer both of these questions.

First, how to use it: To generate copy with AI copywriting tools, you’ll first need to choose the type of copy you want.

You’ll either choose a pre-made template for that type of copy or send a custom command to the AI writing assistant detailing what you want it to create.

Once you fill out the prompts or give the AI software the information it needs, you’ll wait for a few seconds while the program generates your text.

Some tools give you multiple options, while others give just one output. You can usually re-generate the text or move it into an editor to tweak and improve it before publishing.

Now for the second question: What’s under the hood of these AI copywriting software and tools?

Most AI copywriting software and tools are based on GPT-3, which is a language model created by OpenAI (the team behind Chat GPT).

Basically, it’s a computer program that’s spent time reading tons of web pages, books, and other sources and has learned how to read and write English text with a technology called natural language processing.

When you ask the program for something, it can understand your request and form a (usually) logical response.

On top of GPT-3, most companies have added their own proprietary software onto the tool so their copywriting app can write in a certain style or follow popular copywriting frameworks.

That’s why each AI writing software writes differently, even though they’re built on the same underlying language model.

Why use an AI copywriting tool?

Here are some ways that AI copywriting tools can make your life better:

  • Save time writing. Instead of writing everything by hand, AI tools can generate first drafts and help you improve them in a fraction of the time it would normally take.
  • Overcome writer’s block. Looking at a blank page is scary. But an AI copywriting software can fill the page for you, so you have something to work with.
  • Generate more ideas. If you’ve got a topic in mind but don’t know what to write about, AI writing tools can give you a list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Increase conversion rate. AI copywriting tools are trained to write like successful copywriters and can help you get better results from your copywriting. Others use data to help you optimize each piece of copy for conversions.
  • Save money on freelancers. Instead of hiring a junior-level freelancer to write copy for you, you can generate first drafts with an AI copywriting software in minutes, then spend your budget on editing and optimizing copy instead.
  • Boost SEO rankings. Many AI writing tools integrate with SEO tools to help you with keyword research and optimizing posts for search engines.

What’s the difference between copy and content writing?

It’s important to understand the difference between copywriting and content writing before you purchase one of these tools.

Content is the name for any kind of information you might consume from a business or brand, whether its purpose is to inform, persuade, or even simply entertain you.

On the other hand, copywriting is a specific kind of content that’s designed to get a response from your reader or prompt them to take action on what they’ve just read.

A blog post explaining the best AI writers in 2023 is an example of content, but a landing page promoting a specific AI copywriting tool and encouraging you to buy it is an example of copywriting.

Content simply informs while copy aims to convince you and drive you to action.

When done well, copywriting gets you more clicks, subscribers, and engagement and helps you generate more sales online.

Limitations of AI copywriting software

AI copywriting software tools are extremely powerful. But it’s not a one-and-done solution. Here are some limitations you should be aware of:

  • Still Need Market Research: The best copywriting is written with a deep understanding of the audience that will read it. AI tools don’t know your unique audience, so it’s important to do market research alongside using these tools.
  • Out-Dated Facts: GPT-3, the language model most of these apps are based on, was released in 2020 and hasn’t been updated since. That means it doesn’t know anything that happened after that date. (To overcome this, some tools integrate with Google Search to include more recent facts.)
  • May Not Write for Emotion: Machines cannot fully understand and write for emotion (yet), but the best-performing copy usually stirs up an emotion in the reader. AI tools may not do well with this, so you might need to edit the copy to add emotion.
  • Not Great at Generating Brand-New Ideas: At the core, AI tools like these are reading things other people have already written, then using that information to create content. For that reason, content written by AI writers will often regurgitate the same points others have written about. Still, if you want to add original ideas, you can feed your ideas to the AI writing assistant as input.

To sum up: AI copywriting tools are powerful, but they don’t replace the need for good research, editing, and fact-checking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best AI copywriting tool?

Overall, I recommend Jasper AI as the best AI copywriting tool available right now. Besides Jasper, I’ve reviewed eight more titles, which I also consider to be among the best AI copywriting tools available right now.

What is the best free AI copywriting software tools?

While AI copywriters aren’t totally free, many do offer a no-cost plan. Out of the best AI copywriting tools that I recommend, Copy AI, WriteSonic, and Writecream all offer a free plan.

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