Although AI writers have been around for a few years, they’ve recently gained a lot of traction thanks to the efficiency they afford writers. You may be wondering if it’s a good option for you as a copywriter, blogger, or novelist. And I’m here to say, it’s a huge game changer if you’re ready to level up your content output.

I’ve reviewed more than 20 of the best AI writing software out there, and I’ve chosen the top 15 you need to know about.

But first…

What is AI Writing?

An AI writing tool uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to write content for you based on a prompt. These tools can write blog posts, digital ads, product descriptions, and more.

I’ve categorized the AI writing software into 3 categories:

  • AI Writers, which primarily generate unique written content
  • AI Rephrasers, which take written content and rewrite them
  • And AI Editors, which help you edit and improve a piece of finished writing

You’ll find examples of all 3 types in the best AI writing software reviewed below.

Let’s dive in.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

What is the Best AI Writing Software?

Here are my personal recommendations based on research and testing.

Table of Contents:


Best Overall AI Writer

Jasper is the industry-leading AI writing software at the time of writing. A favorite of big companies like Google and IBM, Jasper (yes, that’s the name of the AI bot) writes creative content and copy and can handle almost anything you throw at it. You can see my in-depth review here, but here’s the quick and dirty:

According to the Jasper team, the AI bot has personally read 10% of the internet. That means he can write knowledgeable content for most (if not all) industries.

The great thing about Jasper is that marketers have trained it to write emotional copy that strikes a chord with your reader (which means you get a better response), which is different from its competitors.

You can do basic functions like ask Jasper to write a statement or paragraph. See my example of how I asked Jasper to “>write a paragraph about how AI writers will increase your productivity

There are also a ton of writing option you can choose from such as paragraph generators that will write out a paragraph for you:

As you can see from my screenshot above, the left-hand side has a ton of other options such as the Content Improver (rewrite your own content if you need some inspiration), AIDA Frameworks, Creative Stories, and you can even use the “One-Shot Blog Post” that will try to create an entire article for you.

If you’re looking for an on-page optimizer, then you can link your Surfer SEO account, and your program will look a little bit like the picture below. You can write and toggle between the Jaspar features and the Surfer SEO features so you can write and optimize at the same time. No more copying your work from one program to the other.

Here are some of Jasper’s best features:

  • Boss Mode Commands: You can generate content from simple commands like “Write a list of headings about premium dog collars.” It can even write content in a celebrity’s voice.
  • SurferSEO Integration: Jasper integrates with SurferSEO, so you can optimize your AI-generated articles for search engines.
  • You can choose the tone of your commands from formal and professional to light-hearted and engaging.
  • High-Quality Content: In my experience, this tool has some of the best AI writing available.
  • Jasper is known to repeat itself inside a longer piece of content, so you might need to edit any long-form content you write with this tool.
  • You should definitely fact-check any of the material, as the research has been known to be outdated.

Jasper’s PricingThe Starter Plan allows you to write short-form copy for $49 a month. You’ll need to buy the Boss Mode Plan starting from $99 a month to get long-form copy and content.


If you’re looking for the best-quality AI writing software for both long-form content and sales copy, utilize Surfer SEO, and can afford the subscription, Jasper is an excellent choice.


Best for Writers on a Budget

Rytr (pronounced “writer”) is a versatile AI writing tool that allows you to create blog articles, digital ad copy, landing pages, and more for a super-affordable price.

The quality is not as high as more expensive tools, but it still does the trick for people on a budget. I’ve dedicated an entire article on Rytr, so if it’s an AI writer you’re really checking out, my in-depth guide is here. Otherwise, here’s the quick and dirty.

It also works well for writers who just want a head start and don’t mind editing the draft later.

I tested the content writer and was pleasantly surprised by the content. It wasn’t as creative as Jasper’s, but it was workable for the average content creator.

Here are some features I like about Rytr:

  • Tons of Options: You can choose from 30+ use cases, 30+ languages, and 20+ tones of voice.
  • Browser Extensions: You can get a Chrome extension to use Rytr inside your email client, Google Docs, WordPress, and more.
  • Built-In Plagiarism Checker: You can check for plagiarism without using a separate tool.
  • It doesn’t include an SEO tool, so you’ll need a different software for that.
  • The writing is lower quality than other tools, but it does give you something to work from.

Pricing: You can start generating content with Rytr for just $9 a month.


Rytr is the best AI writing software for people on a budget. If you’re looking to use an AI writing software but aren’t ready to invest a lot, this is a good option for you.


Best for Beginners

CopyAI is an AI copywriter designed to write things like sales pages, Google ads, and product descriptions. It can also write long-form content blogs and social media posts.

Out of all the tools I’ve reviewed, CopyAI has one of the easiest-to-use interfaces I’ve seen. Jasper can have a bit of a learning curve, but it was easy to choose a template with CopyAI and generate content right away. It’s often compared with Jasper AI in many ways.

I like that it focuses on copywriting, and the fact that it lists Ogilvy (one of the most famous ad agencies in the world) as a client must mean it’s pretty good. You can see my step-by-step examples of how it works on my full, in-depth Copy AI review here.

Here are some features I like about Copy AI:

  • 100+ Templates: If you need to write a website, landing page, a job description (even a birthday card or love letter), CopyAI can do it with a template. And they constantly add to their template library.
  • Freestyle Tool: Simply give CopyAI instructions about what you want to write, and the AI will give you what you ask for. This is comparable to Jasper’s Boss Mode commands.
  • First Draft Wizard: This tool writes a blog post for you step-by-step. The AI engine will give you a title and headings, which you can edit or approve, and then it goes back and writes the entire draft for you.
  • It doesn’t have an SEO tool or a plagiarism checker, so you’ll need to have other tools for that.

Pricing: $49 will get you 40,000 words per month. You can also generate up to 2,000 words a month without paying anything.


CopyAI is the best AI writing software for beginners because it’s super easy to use and gives you tons of templates that help you create content quickly.

Article Forge

Best for Niche Bloggers

Article Forge is a lighting-fast article generator.

You give it a keyword, a title, and a word count, and it generates an entire article on the topic in just 60 seconds.

It may not be the most creative or well-written AI tool on this list, but it’s great for a business owner who wants to write a bunch of keyword-focused articles fast.

Here are some features I like from Article Forge:

  • Simple Article Writing: The software focuses on just one thing: writing articles that focus on a specific keyword.
  • Fast: Getting an article in 60 seconds? Even if you have to edit the output, that’s a huge productivity boost.
  • Affordable Pricing: You get more words per dollar than most other tools.
  • The article quality isn’t going to wow you. You’ll still need to edit it before publishing.
  • Reviewers say you can sometimes get off-topic articles, so you’ve got to experiment with it until you get what you want.

Pricing: The Basic Plan is $27 a month for 25,000 words (roughly 10-15 articles). The more you pay, the more words you get.


If you want a ton of keyword-focused articles in record time and you’re not looking for anything fancy, this is a good option to consider.


Best SEO-Optimized Writer

While Jasper integrates with SurferSEO, Frase takes it a step further and includes a built-in SEO tool that works seamlessly with the AI writer.

You can use Frase to conduct keyword research, then generate an article, and finally optimize for SEO with the built-in tool.

Here are some of my favorite features of Frase:

  • Built-In SEO Tools: There’s no need to pay for a separate subscription. You can research, write, and optimize in the same tool.
  • Question Finder: This tool finds questions from other ranking pages, Quora, People Also Ask, and Reddit, so you can make sure your article includes people’s most-asked questions.
  • Expander & Rewriter Tools: After you generate an article with Frase, you can select sentences to expand or rewrite. This helps you to edit the content more quickly and hit your word count.
  • The basic SEO tools are included in the set price, but you will need to pay extra for the advanced toolkit.

Pricing: The lowest plan is $45 per month and gets you 30 articles. The SEO add-on for advanced tools costs an extra $30 a month.


Frase gives you high-level SEO tools and AI writing software for one monthly cost, which is perfect if you’re looking to save a little money and have all of your tools in one place.


Best for Visual Brands

Hypotenuse specializes in writing blog posts, Instagram captions, and product descriptions, which means it’s perfect for Instagram-worthy visual brands. 

It considers itself an AI writing assistant software, which means it assists you in writing better content instead of doing it all in one click.

The website lists Vogue and Marie Claire as some of their biggest clients, so it seems this tool is geared toward fashion, accessories, and interior design brands.

To test it, I asked the AI writing tool to write an article on 4 ways to wear a jean jacket, and to my surprise, it produced a well-written piece with real tips on styling a jean jacket. And when I ran it through a plagiarism checker, it passed with flying colors.

Here are some features I like about Hypotenuse:

  • Integrates with a Product Database: You can connect the tool with your e-commerce platform, and it will import all your product descriptions into its database. This makes it easy to generate product descriptions, ads, and long-form content from your product catalog.
  • Casual, Magazine-Style Writing: The copy this tool generates is fun, casual, and friendly. It sounds just like a fashion magazine, which must be why Vogue and Marie Claire are big fans.
  • AI Image Generator: This new feature allows you to generate unique illustrations and photo-realistic images to compliment your blogs and social media posts. A must-have for any visual brand.
  • This writer doesn’t include SEO tools, so you’ll need to use another tool to help you rank.

Pricing: Hypotenuse starts at $29 per month. You’ll need to upgrade to $59 a month if you want the plagiarism checker.


If your business operates in the fashion or lifestyle industry or other visual niches, Hypotenuse is a great choice for you.


Best for Bulk Content Generation

Wordplay AI is a standard-quality AI writing tool. It’s not going to win any awards for its writing.

That said, its standout feature is its ability to do bulk article creation. If you upload a spreadsheet of keywords and instructions, Wordplay will generate every article in the spreadsheet in one go.

Here are some features I like from Wordplay:

  • One-Click Article Creation: While you don’t get as much control over the article’s content, you can get a usable article in just one click.
  • Different Writing Modes: Title mode generates an article from a title, topic mode generates it from a topic, and outline mode lets you choose the headings for the entire article for more fine-tuning.
  • Bulk Article Creation: Wordplay can take a whole spreadsheet of keywords and criteria and generate a ton of long-form articles at once.
  • This is one of the more expensive tools, so it’s better for people who have a profitable business and need a lot of content.
  • Reviewers have mentioned that the tool can become slow when many people use it simultaneously.

Pricing: $49 a month will get you 50,000 words, and it goes up from there.


Wordplay is the best AI writing software for businesses that need a lot of content, want to streamline their content creation process, and don’t mind doing extra editing.

Best for Content Agencies is a one-stop shop for the entire content creation process. You can conduct keyword research, plan your content strategy, generate content, optimize for SEO, and track the performance of your published content.

It’s so comprehensive that it would work well for a content agency with multiple content marketers that need to work together.

Here are some features I like from

  • Topic Clustering: More than just finding one keyword to write for, you can find clusters of keywords that will combine to make you an authority on your topic.
  • Authority Gap: This tool searches your current content and identifies the keywords you haven’t written about yet, so you can strengthen your SEO strategy.
  • Content Optimizer: The tool suggests where to improve your current articles to help them rank better.
  • SEO Scoring Tool: Like SurferSEO, the tool will score your AI-generated draft and help you edit it to rank higher in search results.
  • It’s more pricey than other tools but could be worth it if it replaces your entire research, writing, and SEO toolkit.

Pricing: Solopreneurs pay $129 a month for 250,000 words. Teams pay $229 and up.


If your business specializes in creating content and you want one tool to take you from strategy to writing to management, is a great choice (provided you can afford it).


Best for E-Commerce Businesses

While Hypotenuse is designed for fashion and style niches, Copysmith is a great all-purpose e-commerce AI writer.

You can generate product descriptions, landing pages, Google ads, social media posts, blogs, and emails, and even manage full marketing campaigns inside the tool.

Here are some of my favorite features of Copysmith:

  • Bulk Generation: You can upload a spreadsheet of products, ad ideas, or caption ideas, and Copysmith will generate a complete list of product descriptions, ads, or social media captions based on the input.
  • Team Collaboration: You’re able to work on projects with other team members and assign tasks to each person.
  • Campaign Builder: This feature allows you to create multiple pieces of content for a single campaign and manage them in one place.
  • It’s not the best blog writer out there. It seems to work better for e-commerce copy and short-form content, though you can write blogs in this tool.

Pricing: This software is affordable at $19 a month for up to 40,000 words. You can upgrade for more words.


If you’re running an e-commerce business (and especially if you work with a team), Copysmith is designed for you.


Best for Startups

Scalenut, true to its name, is an AI writing software that helps you create content at scale. You can create good-quality content in just 5 minutes, then edit the draft and optimize for SEO with several intuitive tools.

Besides articles, they have dozens of templates to create content like video descriptions, Quora answers, Google ads, and more.

Here are some features I like from Scalenut:

  • Cruise Mode: This feature takes you through the steps of writing a blog post, from setting the title to choosing the headings to generating a complete article. It takes 5 minutes from start to finish, and the quality was surprisingly good when I tested it.
  • SEO Reports: Scalenut generates custom reports for any keyword to show you what you need to do to scale for that keyword.
  • Talent Network: If you want someone to fine-tune your content but don’t have time to do it yourself, Scalenut has its own network of “Scalenut Experts,” professional content creators available to polish up your work for you. This gives you the best of both worlds of AI and human writers.
  • You don’t get the Cruise Mode feature on the basic paid plan, which means you’ll need to upgrade to be able to write blog posts with Scalenut.

Pricing: Plans start at $29 a month for 100,000 words, which is a good deal compared to other tools. However, you’ll need to pay $79 a month to access Cruise Mode.


For a startup business that wants to produce a lot of high-quality content at scale, Scalenut is a great option to consider.


Best for Time-Strapped Entrepreneurs

WriteSonic is by far the fastest AI content generator on the list, clocking in at just 15 seconds for one SEO-optimized article. You may have also heard from them as they have a great chat feature that makes a great ChatGPT alternative.

You can also choose to write your article in 4 steps instead of one, which takes a little bit more time, but gives you more control over the output.

I personally tested this AI writing software tool, and the content quality was not as good as other tools. Still, if you’re strapped for time, this is the fastest article generator you will find today.

Here are some great features of WriteSonic:

  • Instant Article Writer: The app’s main claim to fame is its ability to pen articles in 15 seconds. So by the time you’re done watching one TikTok, a finished article is on your screen.
  • Creativity Levels: You can set the creativity level between 0 and 1 to get different types of writing. You’ll need to play with the tool until you figure out what settings work for you.
  • Word Quality Settings: You can choose to get words at 4 different quality levels: premium, good, average, or economy. You can play with the quality levels to get more words out of your subscription: 100 premium words equals 250 good words, 500 average words, or 1,000 economy words.
  • The quality of writing isn’t that great. You’ll need to edit it quite a bit before it’s ready to publish (or hire a freelancer to do it for you).

Pricing: $15 a month will get you 12,000 premium words and short-form content. $19 a month gets you 19,000 premium words, the Instant Article Writer, and other long-form tools.


For entrepreneurs who want to get a lot of content produced in the least amount of time, WriteSonic is certainly worth a try. Just factor in the cost of editing the drafts after you make them.


Best for Repurposing Content

Quillbot is, at its core, a paraphrasing tool. It helps you rewrite text into different tones and styles, or it can help you find another way to say something.

While this is a helpful tool, I find that most reputable AI writing tools include rewriter, expander, and shortener tools that help you rewrite sentences one by one, so I’m not sure how helpful Quillbot would be in that capacity.

However, Quillbot does excel in taking pre-written articles and rephrasing them automatically, making it easy to rewrite or repurpose existing content.

Here are some features I like from Quillbot:

  • Integrations: Quillbot works inside Chrome and Word, so you can rephrase your content everywhere.
  • Summarizing Tool: This tool scans articles and other long-form content and gives you the main points, which can help you research, write reviews, or generate a quick summary for an article.
  • Article-Level Editing: Other tools rephrase line by line, but Quillbot rephrases the entire article in a click, which saves you tons of time.
  • It won’t make the content more creative or bring in more information like an AI writer can, so you’ll need to edit the content if you want to change it significantly.

Pricing: The paid plan gets you unlimited rephrases and access to a plagiarism checker for $20 a month.


Quillbot is an excellent choice if you want to rewrite articles, repurpose existing content, or find new ways to express yourself.


Best for Business Communicators

Wordtune is an AI rephraser, similar to Quillbot. However, Wordtune focuses on helping people communicate more clearly. It rephrases sentences you write to make them more clear and direct.

Wordtune edits your text line by line, so it’s not as well-suited for rephrasing entire articles. Instead, it’s a great tool for writing emails, responding to chat messages, or writing for social media.

It will tone up your sentences so you can communicate more clearly and effectively.

Here are some of the best features of Wordtune:

  • Multi-Language Support: You can input text from 7 different languages (including Spanish and Mandarin), and WordTune will automatically translate your text into English and then rephrase it, so it sounds natural. (No more awkward translations!)
  • Multiple Options: Wordtune gives you multiple choices for each sentence, so you can choose the rephrase you like best.
  • Chrome Extension: You can use Wordtune inside your favorite websites on Chrome, making it easy to edit phrases on your email client, social media, or Google Docs.
  • There’s no option to edit a longer piece of content at once. You need to go line by line and manually choose a rephrase for each one, so it will take time to edit long-form content.

Pricing: $25 a month gets you unlimited rewrites and premium support. To be honest, it feels a little expensive for how simple of a tool it is.


If you’re not confident in your writing and communication skills, Wordtune can help you write and communicate more clearly in just a couple of clicks.


Best Editor for Content Creators

Grammarly is an AI-powered editor and grammar checker that helps you tighten up your writing, no matter what kind of writing you do.

This tool also includes a Plagiarism Checker that ensures your written content doesn’t exist anywhere else online.

I personally use Grammarly for my own editing, so I wholeheartedly recommend this tool.

Here are some of the features I like about Grammarly:

  • Available Everywhere: Grammarly offers a web app, Chrome Extension, Safari Extension, Android and iPhone keyboard, iPhone and iPad app, and desktop app for Mac and Windows. (Phew!) Anywhere you write, Grammarly will be there.
  • More Than Just Grammar: Because Grammarly is an AI writing software at its core, it goes above and beyond simple grammar and spell-checking. It can sense the overall “feeling” of your words, whether you sound confident or timid, happy or neutral. And it helps you rephrase your writing so it’s easier to read.
  • Overall Score: Grammarly gives your writing a score out of 100, which helps you know how much to improve. If you’re scoring in the 90s, your draft is probably good to go.
  • Sometimes the edits go too far and remove your unique voice, so I like to take the style edits with a grain of salt.

Pricing: You can use Grammarly’s key features for free, but if you’d like to get more detailed edits and use the Plagiarism Checker, it’ll set you back $30 a month on the monthly plan.


Grammarly is pretty much a necessity for anyone who writes anything. Since it has a free plan, you might as well go ahead and install it right now. And if you’re serious about content creation, the Premium plan is more than worth it.


Best Editor for Professional Writers

ProWritingAid is like the Swiss Army Knife of AI editors. While Grammarly helps you polish your draft, ProWritingAid has dozens of features and tools to help you fine-tune your writing even further.

Instead of just fixing your draft, ProWritingAid wants to train you to be a better writer. It can analyze your writing and help you make it more clear and creative. It also does well with long pieces of writing, like if you’re working on the Next Great American Novel.

Here are some of the best features of ProWritingAid:

  • Helps You Write Better: Yes, the app fixes grammar and style, and it’s great at it. But it also helps you to be more creative. ProWritingAid’s dozens of tools (created by experienced writers) help you write stories better, communicate more clearly, and improve your creative writing skills.
  • Privacy: ProWritingAid is committed to keeping your data private. Unlike some apps that retain the rights to your documents, ProWritingAid clearly states that anything you write in the app is strictly yours.
  • Integrations: ProWritingAid has browser extensions and integrations for Word, Scrivener, Mac, Windows, and more, so you can use it anywhere you write.
  • You need to pay more to get the Plagiarism Checker, but it’s still a good deal.

Pricing: You can either pay $20 a month or $79 per year (which comes out to $7 a month). If you can swing it, I recommend the yearly payment. $24 per month or $89 per year gets you the Plagiarism Checker.


ProWritingAid may be overkill for content creators that don’t see writing as their full-time job. But if writing is your bread and butter, and you want to get better at it, I don’t think there’s a better tool than this.

What is an AI Writing Software?

AI writing software is a tool that uses AI software and machine learning to aid in the writing process.

AI writing tools can do many different things for you. They can:

  • Create content for you
  • Generate content ideas
  • Rephrase or rewrite existing content
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Edit and polish your writing

Different tools specialize in different types of writing, and some write better-quality content than others. In this article, I’ve listed the top 15 AI writing software I’ve found so you can find the one that works best for you.

What Are The Benefits of AI Writing Software?

Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, an AI writing tool can help you in many ways.

Here are some of the main benefits of AI writing software:

  • Saves You Time. Any AI writing tool is going to save you time, because it’s taking part of the writing process and automating it for you. You can pick and choose a tool based on what kind of writing tasks you want to automate. (And my reviews above will help you do that!)
  • Helps You Find Ideas. Whether you’re looking for new keywords to write articles about, or you’re simply out of ideas for your niche, AI writing tools can come up with new and unique ideas for you to write about.
  • Writes Content For You. The most significant benefit of AI writing tools is that they can write content for you based on what you want. You can give it a title, a prompt, an outline, or a description, and it will give you a full-length article, an ad, an Instagram caption, and more.
  • Solves Writer’s Block. Most people struggle when faced with a blank page, but once something’s written down, they find it easier to move forward. AI writing software tools can help you get that first draft onto paper so you can turn it into your next masterpiece.
  • Writes More Effective Copy. AI writing software tools trained in copywriting use sales copy templates to write more effective ads, landing pages, and other forms of copy. You get more traffic, engagement, and clicks when your copy is effective.
  • Saves You the Cost of Hiring Writers. If you’ve previously been hiring freelance writers and then polishing drafts in-house, an AI writer can get you a basic first draft of an article in a fraction of the cost it would cost a human writer to do so.
  • Optimizes Your Content for SEO. Many AI software tools also have built-in SEO tools, which means your content will not only be tailored to your niche but will also be optimized for Google search.
  • Repurposes Your Existing Content. An AI rephrased can take a previously-written piece of content and help you express it in a new way. You can reuse the article without plagiarizing something you’ve already written.
  • Polishes Your Writing. An AI editor helps you fix grammar, spelling, and style issues in the text and can also help you write more clearly and effectively.

But there is something important that you should know

Using an AI writer doesn’t mean you can plug in some text, grab an article and publish it right away. You’ll still want to edit the draft and add your own voice to it. The content you get will be more of a first draft that you can then edit and get ready to publish.

One important issue that comes up with many AI writers is that the content isn’t always factual. While it may look and sound correct on first reading, you always want to fact-check the writing to make sure everything checks out.

Not to mention, search engines have strict rules in regards to AI writers so be careful. These are a TOOL to help you write, not to replace the writer themselves.

How Do AI Writing Tools Work?

AI writing tools use technology like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to write content from scratch based on a prompt.

Many AI tools are based on GPT-3, a machine learning model that can string together words into natural-sounding text with the power of natural language processing and artificial intelligence. Software companies must pay a premium to access the GPT-3 model, which is why most AI writing software costs money. 

Since machine learning helps the AI improve itself over time, the quality of these tools is getting better and better. These days, you can get high-quality content in just a few clicks.

How Do I Use an AI Writing Software?

There are 3 types of AI writing tools, and I’ll explain how to use each:

To use an AI writer, you give the AI writing assistant some text (maybe a title for a blog post or a prompt like “write me a listicle about ways to groom a dog”). Then the AI bot generates content based on your input.

The more detailed your input, the more accurate the content will be. You can also add extra options like templates for the AI to follow, a word count, or a focus keyword.

To use an AI rephraser, you write or paste some pre-written content into the tool. Then, the rephraser will give you options to phrase the sentences you’ve written in a new way. This can help you write more clearly or repurpose a previously published piece of content.

To use an AI editor, you paste or upload a piece of finished writing into the editor. Then it will give you a list of suggested edits so you can create a polished draft ready to publish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best Free AI Writer?

While you can use some good AI writers for free, the amount of text you can generate is limited.

Rytr allows you to generate 5000 characters a month for free, and it’s the most affordable at $9 a month for the paid plan. Quillbot allows you to rephrase up to 125 words at a time for free. And Grammarly allows you to use their basic AI editor without paying a cent.

Is AI Writing Worth It?

In a word, yes! If you need to write content for a personal blog, a business, or a side hustle, this will save you tons of time and effort. The quality is so high that most content only needs minor editing before it’s ready to publish.

Even if you enjoy writing, you can consider the content the AI writing assistant produces as a first draft that you then edit with your voice and point of view.

If you’re not ready to pay for an AI tool, many of them have a free version or free trial, so you can try before you buy.

Is AI Writing Free?

Yes and no. As a whole, AI writing will cost you for regular use. Some apps like Rytr or WriteSonic have a free version with limited characters, but if you’re looking to generate regular content, you’ll need to pay a monthly or yearly fee.

AI writing apps can cost anywhere from $9 to $99 and higher.

Will Google Penalize My Content for Using an AI Writer?

Yes and no. In April 2022, Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller stated that AI-generated content is technically against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

These guidelines, which have been around since the early days of Google, state that “automatically generated content” is against the rules.

However, it seems that the guidelines are actually against purely AI-generated content. If you use an AI writer to generate ideas or a first draft, but then you edit the article and make it valuable content, it seems like that would be okay from Google’s perspective.

Mueller also said it would be hard to detect an AI-generated article because of its high quality.

But if a human auditor from Google reads your article and it looks a little fishy, they reserve the right to mark it as spam.

Does SurferSEO have an AI Writer Feature?

Yes, SurferSEO recently announced a new AI content generator that can generate headlines and paragraphs for your content based on other ranking articles.

However, the quality is still not up to par with other AI writers, which is why I didn’t include it in this article.

If you’re looking to use SurferSEO with an AI writer, I recommend using Jasper (which has a SurferSEO integration).

Do AI Writers Support Multiple Languages?

Yes, many AI writing apps support multiple languages. Of the apps I reviewed in this article, these are the ones that support multiple languages:

  • Jasper – 26 languages
  • Rytr – 30+ languages
  • CopyAI – 25+ languages
  • ArticleForge – 7 languages
  • Frase – 8 languages
  • Hypotenuse – 20+ languages
  • Wordplay – 21 languages
  • – 13 languages
  • Wordtune – 8 languages
  • WriteSonic – 25 languages

Which AI Writers Offer a Free Trial?

Out of the apps we’ve reviewed, CopyAI, Article Forge, Hypotenuse, Copysmith, and Scalenut offer a free trial.

Which AI Writers Create Long-Form Content Fast?

Here are some of the best AI writers for fast content creation.

WriteSonic allows you to generate SEO-optimized content in 15 seconds (the fastest I’ve seen so far).

Article Forge creates an SEO-optimized article in 60 seconds.

Wordplay allows you to upload a spreadsheet of article prompts and generate all of them at once.

And Scalenut, which gives you more control over the content of each article, helps you generate an SEO-optimized article in 5 minutes.

Which AI Writers Create the Best Content?

Jasper has the best overall content quality out of the apps I’ve reviewed. CopyAI does great with copywriting, and Hypotenuse creates clever copy for fashion, style, and visual brands.

Which AI Writers Have SEO Tools?

The 3 best AI writing software with SEO tools are Jasper, which integrates with SurferSEO, and Frase and, which have their own built-in SEO tools.

Which is the Best AI Editor?

I recommend Grammarly for content creators and people who need to write well but don’t necessarily consider themselves professional writers. But if writing is your thing and you want to improve your craft, ProWritingAid is the editor for you.

What’s the Best Automated Article Writing Software Out There?

Jasper is the most versatile AI article writing software for all use cases. Frase and are the best AI writers with built-in SEO tools. Wordplay and Article Forge are the fastest AI content generators. And Copysmith and Hypotenuse are the best article writing softwares designed for e-commerce businesses.

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