For a sales professional, time equals money. The more time you can save, the more deals you can close. And it’s even better if you have extremely accurate data and a skilled analyst to tell you what it means.

In the past, this would require the work of an assistant, a data scientist, a skilled analyst, and decades of sales experience.

But today, all you need is a couple of really good AI sales tools. These apps can automate tedious processes and save you time, collect loads of data for you, and tell you exactly what that means for your sales strategy.

In this article, I’ll share 13 of the best AI sales software tools that can streamline your workflow, bring you up-to-the-minute smart insights on your accounts, and help you close the most deals in the shortest amount of time.

As sales involves many different sectors, we’ll be focusing on:

These tools are bound to take your sales game up several notches. Let’s take a look.

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  • Conversational marketing & sales.
  • Sales process analytics for serious sales.
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  • Create sales copy in minutes.
  • Maintain brand voice & positioning.
Video prospect


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  • AI Video personalized prospecting
  • Improve cold outreach.

What is the Best AI Sales Software?

Here’s a quick list if you’re in a rush.

Best AI Sales Software

1. Drift

AI Sales Rep

Drift is a smart Conversational AI sales software that can have conversations with leads, customers, and all other visitors to your website and help them move closer to purchasing.

Here’s what they help with (in a nutshell):

  • Conversational Marketing: This feature helps you to identify and nurture leads and set up sales meetings over chat, email, and other communication channels.
  • Conversational Sales: The sales assistant will figure out when a lead wants to learn more or make a purchase and can seamlessly set up a sales conversation with your team. (Even alerting you when someone’s on your site so you can chat with them live.)
  • Conversational Service: An always-on customer service rep powered by AI.
  • Analytics: Drift can create reports to help you uncover common issues with your sales processes and give you advice for better results from marketing and sales.
  • The price tag puts it out of the range of many businesses.

Drift Pricing

Drift is pricey, starting at a whopping $2,500 per month for the Premium plan, which includes all the main features. If that sounds too steep, you can apply for Startup pricing via their website.

Drift Verdict

Drift comes with a huge price tag, but the amount of time you can save and the money you could potentially earn from increased sales makes it a worthy investment for serious sales teams.

2. Clari

AI-Powered Sales Forecasting

I’m calling Clari a sales forecasting tool, but it does so much more than that. It’s a full-on AI sales assistant software that can help you manage your pipeline, track and summarize each sales call, extract important insights about your accounts, AND predict your revenue using smart algorithms.

Here’s the good and the bad:

  • Smart Sales Forecasting: You can forecast sales by team, product, revenue stream, and more.
  • RevGPT: This smart sales assistant summarizes your sales calls and suggests the next actions to take, saving your sales reps time and energy with every interaction.
  • Find At-Risk Deals: Clari will constantly monitor deals and alert you when certain deals in your pipeline are at risk. That way, you can save them before it’s too late.
  • The mobile app isn’t as great as the desktop version

Clari Pricing

Pricing wasn’t available at the time of writing, but you can request a quote from the website.

Clari Verdict

If you’re looking for a better place to manage your pipeline and sales performance, you should definitely check out Clari.

3. Gyaan

Sales Team Communication Platform

A huge hurdle for many sales teams is keeping everyone on the same page. That’s where Gyaan comes in—this AI sales workspace makes it easy for everyone to come together to close deals—from sales to execs to product developers (and more).

Here’s what makes Gyaan one of the best AI sales software out there:

  • Dashboard: Track all your deals—including each one’s health and status—meetings, calls, and notes in one place (for everyone involved).
  • Insights: The app can pull out insights about your customers, including pain points, desires, and more, without you having to lift a finger.
  • CRM Integration: Connect Gyaan to your CRM to automatically update your official sales records as deals evolve. All you need to do is make sure Gyaan is up to date, and your CRM will be, too.

Gyaan Pricing

Pricing wasn’t available at the time of writing. You can apply for a quote from the website.

Gyaan Verdict

If your issue is keeping your entire organization on the same page during the sales process, Gyaan could be the key to keeping your workflow organized and increasing your team’s performance.

4. Exceed AI

Lead Gen AI

If you’re tired of sifting through tons of data in your CRM trying to find potential customers, you’ll love Exceed AI’s sales software tool. Similar to Drift, Exceed AI can capture and qualify leads for you over email, chat, and SMS.

Here’s what I like about Exceed AI:

  • Lead Qualification: Let’s say someone writes an email asking to set up a call with you. Some AI sales software will go ahead and schedule the call. But Exceed AI makes sure to ask qualifying questions to ensure the call will be worth your time.
  • Automatic Scheduling: Once the lead is qualified, Exceed will guide them to set up a meeting with your sales team (which means qualified leads get added to your calendar as you sleep!).
  • Intuitive Dashboard: You can view all your new inbound leads in an easy-to-understand dashboard and instantly check the status of each. Understand whether they’ve been qualified, if they’re a good fit, or if they’ve set up a meeting with you yet—in seconds.
  • It doesn’t work out of the box; you need to set up the AI bot to interact with your leads well. But the algorithm can learn and improve, which means this gets better over time

Exceed AI Pricing

Pricing wasn’t available at the time of writing. Fill out a form on the website to get in touch and get a quote.

Exceed AI Verdict

Try Exceed AI to qualify your leads so you can maximize the space on your calendar and increase your closing rate overall.

5. Reachout AI

AI Video Prospecting

AI video prospecting is one of the most exciting new trends in AI sales. Instead of filming yourself or a team member sharing personalized messages with each lead, you choose an AI avatar to read out your scripts in video format, personalizing the message for each prospect.

Here are the key features of Reachout AI:

  • Personalized 1:1 Videos: This wouldn’t be possible without the power of AI, unless you’re talking about hiring a whole production studio to take videos for each of your leads. Just choose an avatar, add your script, and go.
  • Add Contacts from CRM: You can connect the app to your CRM to automatically import your contacts.
  • Seamless Video Dubbing: This upcoming feature will allow you to record yourself on video and then dub over your speech with names and information personalized to each recipient.
  • Obviously, the AI bots aren’t going to be as lifelike as a real person, so you’ve got to decide if it will work for your leads or not.

Reachout Pricing

When I checked out the site, Reachout AI was offering Lifetime licenses at a lower price: $249 for the Starter plan, $499 for the Scaling plan, and $699 for the 2x Scaling Plan. Soon they will likely move back to a monthly or yearly model.

Reachout Verdict

If you’re interested in video prospecting but want to automate and streamline the process, look no further than Reachout AI.

6. 6Sense

Lead Gen for B2B Businesses

AI sales software 6sense helps you wade through lots of marketing data to find the accounts that are closest to buying from you. This saves you time and helps you avoid missed sales opportunities.

Here’s the pros and cons of 6Sense:

  • Identify Silent Leads: 6sense helps you identify and track people checking out your business in secret, so you can uncover these potential leads and start a conversation with them.
  • Smart Analytics: 6sense analyzes all the data it collects to help you make better decisions for each account.
  • Integrate with CRM: Everything you do in 6sense gets seamlessly updated in your CRM.
  • The interface can be confusing and takes time to learn, in my experience.

6Sense Pricing

Pricing wasn’t available at the time of writing. You can book a demo from the website to learn more.

6Sense Verdict

B2B businesses will benefit from 6sense’s smart data analysis, powerful workflows, and lead detection capabilities.

7. People AI

Pipeline Management

People AI makes it easier to manage your pipeline by giving you helpful statistics and suggestions to fill it up faster and help more people move toward purchasing in less time.

Here’s where People AI shines:

  • Account Scorecards: Get an easy-to-understand scorecard for each account, letting you know how healthy the relationship is and what actions need to be taken (plus, you can customize this with your own settings).
  • Relationship Maps: Organize your decision makers into a dynamic map that can be reorganized whenever you need. Identify the people who are pro and against the deal and how key decision-makers are related.
  • Sales Playbooks: Create customized checklists and workflows for each sales interaction, either from pre-loaded templates or ones you create in-house.
  • It has limited settings for tracking meetings, which may be a hassle for some teams. You may need a platform like Otter along with it.

People AI Pricing

Pricing wasn’t available on the website when I checked, but you can book a demo from the website to get more information.

People AI Verdict

For sales teams that want to improve pipeline management and would benefit from scorecards and relationship maps for each account, People AI is one of the best AI sales software for managing your team.

8. SetSail

AI Coach for Sales Reps

As a sales professional, you know the importance of having a coach to help you improve your performance. But what if you could have an AI sales coach that never missed a beat and was available all the time?

SetSail gives you and your team guidance and actionable insights to take the guesswork out of the sales process.

Here’s what I like about SetSail:

  • Manage Your Team: You can see all of your sales reps’ activity in one place, allowing you to manage your team more easily and ensure everyone reaches their potential.
  • Powerful Integrations: SetSail can bring in data from apps like Zoom, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Gong (also on this list), and more. (It can also export data to your CRM so everything stays synced.)
  • Identify Successful Behaviors: SetSail’s data dashboards help you identify your top performers and determine why they’re so successful, so you can bring everyone on the same page.

SetSail Pricing

Pricing wasn’t available on the website, but you can schedule a demo to get more info.

SetSail Verdict

SetSail allows sales managers to optimize their team performance with the help of an always-available, super-smart AI sales assistant.

9. Warmer AI

Cold Email Writer

Cold emailing is essential for expanding your network and starting meaningful conversations with potential clients and investors. But writing hundreds of personalized emails by hand can take tons of time. Luckily, AI cold email writer Warmer AI can handle all of the writing and personalization for you.

I’ve trialed all of the AI email assistants; if you’re interested, you can check out more here.

Here’s what I like about Warmer AI:

  • Choose Email Objective: You start by deciding the purpose of your email, whether you want to book a meeting, get more link clicks, ask a question, or gauge interest in your business.
  • Write from Profile: For each email you write, you can input a person’s LinkedIn profile or website so Warmer AI can personalize the email.
  • CSV Upload: Instead of inputting each lead, you can upload a CSV with all the names and URLs you want to target, and Warmer AI will take care of the rest.
  • There aren’t many features yet, so it might not have what your business needs yet.

Warmer AI Pricing

I couldn’t find pricing on the website, but other sources mentioned $97 a month for 325 credits (I assume that one email costs one credit).

Warmer AI Verdict

For startups and fast-growing sales teams that need to communicate with many people quickly, Warmer AI is a simple way to quickly write more personalized cold emails.

10. Growbots

Outbound Sales Automation

Growbots helps you identify and contact qualified prospects for direct outreach using its vast 160+ million-member prospect database.

Here’s what you get with AI sales software Growbots:

  • Prospect Identification: You can find the right people to target for your next campaign using Growbots’ powerful search filters.
  • Huge Database of Potential Customers: The database has over 160 million leads, complete with contact info, and it’s updated with email verification (ensuring that email addresses are accurate and active).
  • Contact Leads Easily: Once you select prospects to target, you get email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles so you can approach people the way that makes sense for your organization.
  • The tool classifies email responses as “warm” or “cold,” and it’s not always accurate, but you can always double-check the emails and decide for yourself.

Growbots Pricing

The Outreach plan is affordable at $49 per month but doesn’t give you access to the database (you must import your contacts). The All-In-One plan gets you all features and access to the full database for $199 a month.

Growbots Verdict

If outbound marketing is your style, and you want to make it easier to reach qualified leads with the power of AI, you’ve got to check out Growbots.

11. Jasper AI

Sales Copywriter

Ah, Jasper. This AI writing app is one of my favorite AI tools and one I use regularly for writing and managing my own content. I’ve written extensively about this tool, and you can check out my full Jasper AI review here.

But to sum up my thoughts, here’s how Jasper AI improves your sales productivity:

  • Powerful AI Writer: This tool goes way above and beyond ChatGPT, combining it with powerful copywriting and content writing frameworks to generate persuasive and well-written content for any need you have.
  • Tons of Templates: Any copy you need, whether it be a landing page, sales email, ad copy, social media posts, blog posts, you name it; Jasper AI can do it.
  • Learns Your Brand Voice: Jasper’s new beta feature allows you to train your AI writer to speak in your brand voice. This ensures all the copy you generate follows your unique tone and style.
  • Extremely Customizable: Unlike most AI writers (as I’ve learned by reviewing the best AI writing software), Jasper allows you to create your own templates and customized workflows to automate even the most complex content for your business.
  • Jasper is a little bit more expensive than other writers, but in my case, it’s totally worth it.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper AI now offers unlimited words for all plans. The Creator plan includes one user seat, and the Team plan has up to 3 seats and can accommodate additional users for $59 a month (up to 10 total users). The Business plan is available for teams of more than 10.

Jasper Verdict

Need to generate sales copy that converts? Use Jasper to generate ideas, write powerful first drafts, and update your existing copy for better conversions.

12. ZoomInfo SalesOS

B2B Sales Automation

ZoomInfo SalesOS is an AI-powered suite that aims to automate and assist the B2B sales process. From helping you find key decision-makers to reach out to, analyzing and assisting with customer conversations, and automating sales processes, SalesOS can help you with every stage of the sales process—at scale.

Here’s what I like about ZoomInfo:

  • Huge Lead Database: ZoomInfo has a huge B2B contact database with over 65 million phone numbers and 150 million email addresses—all verified, so you can always be sure you’re reaching the right person every time.
  • Conversation Intelligence: An included software called Chorus allows sales teams to analyze calls, meetings, and emails and extract data to help you close more sales.
  • AI-Powered Workflows: You can set up automations to notify your team when certain sales signals are present so no potential deals are lost.
  • The software can seem complicated to use at first.

ZoomInfo Pricing

Pricing was unavailable at the time of writing, but you can apply for pricing details with a valid business email.

ZoomInfo Verdict

If you want to automate your entire B2B sales process from finding contact info to identifying hot leads to automating tedious sales processes, ZoomInfo SalesOS is one of the best AI sales assistant tools to consider.

13. Gong

AI Note Taker for Sales Teams

AI note-taker apps are a lifesaver for any sales team with many meetings and calls in the books. These apps listen to your meetings, generate transcripts, take notes, and then generate summaries and action steps based on the conversation.

Gong is an AI note taker specifically designed for sales professionals, winning it a place on this list.

Here’s what you get with Gong:

  • Revenue Intelligence: This sales assistant tracks online meetings, calls, and emails, analyzes each conversation, and helps you understand where each deal is at. This helps you catch potential buyers and find follow-up opportunities.
  • Track Your Team: Sales managers can see performance breakdowns by sales rep, including who’s talking to whom, when they last interacted with decision-makers, and how each conversation is going.
  • Big-Picture Overview: Most AI note-taking apps analyze each meeting to extract key insights, but Gong goes the extra mile and generates insights on the entire body of conversations for each account. This gives you a bird’s-eye view of every exchange with a potential customer so you can make better decisions.
  • Gong’s website makes it hard to understand exactly what the sales software can do, so it may be difficult to understand how to use the app at first.

Gong Pricing

You’ll need to contact Gong for pricing, which varies based on your team size and the type of license you choose.

Gong Verdict

Gong excels at tracking, transcribing, and analyzing crucial customer meetings and conversations. If you want to get more out of each meeting and conversation, you should definitely check out Gong.

What is an AI Sales Software Tool?

The best sales reps can look at multiple factors, assess the state of the current deal, make quick decisions about strategy and timing, and then skillfully interact with the potential customer to close a deal.

Sure, if you have decades of sales experience, you might be able to do this simply by following your gut instinct. But even the most experienced salesperson wouldn’t be able to pick up on all the tiny pieces of data floating around at all times or detect invisible leads visiting their website and content at all hours of the day and night.

That’s where AI sales software comes in.

AI sales software solutions use technology like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and deep learning to analyze data and automate parts of the sales process, including:

  • Analyzing customer data from all touchpoints to uncover and pinpoint the most promising leads.
  • Keeping track of follow-ups by reminding your sales team when to take specific actions on accounts.
  • Assessing the health of each deal and identifying next actions to maximize the return of each one.
  • Forecasting sales by account or time period based on the current status and interactions of the deal.
  • Transcribing and analyzing conversations via recorded meetings, phone calls, text messages, and chat to find insights, issues, and next steps.
  • Responding to, qualifying, and nurturing leads (including setting up meetings with sales reps) using AI chatbot technology.
  • Automating workflows such as sending pings to sales teams when certain sales signals are present, setting up meetings, or contacting leads. Productivity tools also help with this.

Why Use AI Sales Software Solutions?

There are so many benefits to using AI sales software in your workflow. For example:

  • Save Time. You can save tons of time automating processes that your sales team would have done by hand.
  • More Accurate Insights. AI sales assistants can carry out data analysis and find more accurate insights in less time than human sales reps.
  • Unbiased. AI software is unbiased and unaffected by emotion and can make cold, hard, data-driven decisions to maximize your ROI.
  • Eliminate Human Error. These tools eliminate human errors like forgetting to follow up on a lead or forgetting to set an appointment.
  • Track and Analyze All Meetings. Some tools record and transcribe meetings and generate automatic meeting notes and next actions, which means you can focus more on meetings without taking notes.
  • Save Money. You can save money on customer and sales support by using automated chatbots to handle inquiries to your site.
  • Free Up Staff For Higher-Value Conversations. Software with conversational AI capabilities can take care of new incoming conversations and help them with basic inquiries, then switch the person over to a representative when they need more specialized help.
  • Detect Hidden Leads. AI sales software can detect “hidden” leads—people that are visiting your site without interacting with it at all, something that a human salesperson wouldn’t be able to detect.

In a nutshell, switching to automated AI sales software can save you money and time, increase the accuracy of your data analysis, and free up your sales team to focus more fully on the tasks that require a human touch. AI tools are the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What AI sales software can be used to train sales reps?

SetSail is an AI-powered sales coach that can help your team improve their performance with insights from the AI sales assistant.

What’s the best AI sales software for writing sales copy?

Jasper AI is one of my favorite AI writing software. It’s designed to write sales copy that converts, including ads, landing pages, product descriptions, and more. If you want to write only cold emails, try Warmer AI.

What is AI video prospecting?

AI video prospecting is a form of outbound sales in which you use AI sales tools to generate personalized video messages for leads and then send them in outreach messages. Reachout AI is one example of a sales software that can help you with this.

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