As businesses continue to evolve and embrace technology, branding has become an essential component of their success. A well-designed, memorable logo can effectively communicate the brand’s values and personality among millions of users on social media.

However, creating a unique and memorable logo can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to differentiate yourself from a market.

If you’re just getting started, a great budget-friendly way to get a unique design without the costs of brand strategists or graphic designers is with the best AI logo generator.

I’ve personally tested the hottest AI logo generators on the market; let’s take a look at how they performed.

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Unique styles

Logo AI

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  • Brand media kit
  • Multiple Styles To Choose From
  • Offers everything for businesses
Great editing

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  • Amazing editing panel
  • Quick logo generation
  • High-quality
unlimited edits


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  • Update your logo unlimited times
  • Tons of styles
  • Branding kits available

What Are The Best AI Logo Generators?

To test out the options, I created a fake business name called “Healthy Lyfestyles” that’s in the health industry, with primary colors green and yellow.

Here’s a quick list of the top platforms I analyzed. Keep in mind there are a few others, but these specialize in artificial intelligence technology to create their logos.

1. LogoAI

If you’re looking for not only for designing an AI logo, but an entire branding mockup, then LogoAI is definitely a great place to start. They have a great AI logo maker, along with matching color palettes and typography for your brand.

  • You can download your logo as a PNG file, vector logo file, or transparent background file. Design edits are even included.
  • Brand identity options include the logo, color schemes, and typography so that you can ensure that all aspects of your brand are consistent.
  • They also have a “brand center” where you can design your business cards, posters, and everything else in just a few clicks.

AI Logo Experience

The process is quite simple.

  1. Upload your business name and slogan.
  2. Choose your industry.
  3. Choose the color and font styles you like.

Here’s how one of mine came out:

AI Logo Pros and Cons

  • I loved that it generated the brand logo without having to pay first. You could see the logo ideas first before paying for them.
  • The logo design process was really nice. You can choose the logo but then edit it to create a custom logo for your business.
  • When choosing an industry and color palette, they had no options for health. I had to choose “other.” They also didn’t have any green options, which I was a bit surprised by.

LogoAI Pricing

They have flat, one-time free pricing for $29 ,$59, or $99 depending on the files that you need.

LogoAI Verdict

Overall, I thought they had a creative selection of different logo styles and options. I loved the customization features to help you make unique logos.

2. is another great alternative for entrepreneurs looking to create custom logos at the fraction of the cost. They specialize in creating a variety of essential branding files, including:

  • Logo files at high-resolutions for media or print.
  • Brand guidelines that include icons, spacing, color palettes, typography, and sample use cases.
  • Social media designs such as Facebook pictures, sales announcements, and coupons.
  • Business card design templates.
  • Presentation templates. Experience

It followed the same logo creation process as its competitors.

  1. Enter brand name.
  2. Choose some keywords to describe your company.
  3. Color style or a specific color. Pros & Cons:

  • Their design board was among the best of their competitors. You could edit the font, size, letter spacing, and background.
  • They offer every part of your brand guideline kit that you could ever need.
  • I wish they had more of a grid pattern to select logo styles. You had to look at the options one at a time, and took longer to scan through the options. Pricing

Their prices are a bit higher, but it has the most offerings out of everything I tested when it comes to its designer package. Verdict

Brandmark really delivered when it came to creating a custom, professional logo. I love all the features that were included in their designer package.

3. is more than just a logo maker. They create logos, typography, social media imagery, and even AI videos. For new startups that need the perfect logo paired with social media templates, Designs.AI is definitely worth exploring for these features:

Designs.AI Experience

  1. Tell them your name.
  2. Create an industry (many more options to choose from, I went with health & wellness).
  3. Select a category (icon, initials, or full name).
  4. Choose a color.

Designs.AI Pros and Cons

  • They had tons of industries to choose from, so I was able to select my niche.
  • I loved how you could choose what logo format you wanted for your company logo, from initials to the full brand name.
  • I really liked the level of editing for the logo creator. You could change containers size, fonts, colors, and pretty much anything you need to create that unique logo for your brand.
  • They don’t offer any brand merch options… but you should be using a digital business card anyways, right?

Designs.AI Pricing

By far, they had some of the most affordable pricing of their competitors.

Designs.AI Verdict

Designs AI created beautiful logos, and for a very affordable price, you get get the entire brand kit, which was impressive. They don’t offer the merch, but that’s usually fine for most needing a logo.


If you’re looking for an artificially intelligent logo designer that will deliver a logo with unlimited edits, then LogoMaster is a great option. They offer the usual options, including:

  • Professional AI-generated logos are available in vector logo files for poster printing and PNG files for all other purposes.
  • You can adjust any part of the logo style at any time, allowing your branding to evolve as your company does.

LogoMaster AI Experience

  1. Choose different logo design options that you like for inspiration.
  2. Choose a color and icon.
  3. Look through lots of different proposals to choose the one you like best.
  4. Edit the background, shapes, colors, or fonts.

LogoMaster AI Pricing

Pricing is on par with the other logo maker options on the market.

LogoMaster AI Verdict

Overall, they give you everything you need when it comes to designing your own logo. I love that they give you unlimited editing even after you’ve created and purchased your logo design.

5. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is another popular platform that has incorporated artificial intelligence to create beautiful logos to match your brand. Again, they include everything you could need:

  • Social media brand kits.
  • Specializes in many different industries, including realty, restaurant, photography, and health.

Tailor Brands’ Experience

Overall, creating my logo was easy with its user-friendly interface.

  1. Very different from other companies, they ask what type of service your business offers, such as a product, leisure, and services.
  2. You can type in your industry and are not limited to pre-defined selections like their competitors.
  3. Choose different logo formats such as icon, name, or initials.
  4. Choose three styles of text you like.

Tailor Brands’ Pros and Cons

  • They offer tons of branded product merch such as t-shirts and business cards.
  • I liked how you could visually see what your logo would look like on shirts, websites, etc., to get a real idea of how it looks.
  • You have to sign up by email before you can see your logo options.

Tailor Brands’ Pricing

They only offer a subscription fee, which is unfortunate if you’re looking for a one-time payment for a logo.

Tailor Brand Verdict

Overall, they had really nice logo design, and the subscription fee is really cheap, making it the most affordable option if your startup is strapped for cash. I just wish they had a one-time fee option.

What is an AI Logo Generator?

An AI logo generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to create logos automatically. The process starts by providing the tool with a few details about the brand, such as the company name, industry, and preferred colors.

The AI logo generator then uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the data and generate a range of logo design options based on that information.

Some AI logo generators also use natural language processing (NLP) to understand the brand’s personality and mission, which can help generate a logo that aligns with those values. It’s a lot similar to AI art generators.

Users can then browse through the generated logos and select the one that best represents their brand.

AI logo generators offer a fast, affordable, and convenient way to create a logo without needing any design skills or hiring a professional designer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best free AI tool to create logos?

Many tools are free at first to use, but you’ll have to purchase the finished project. If you’re looking for something free to start, I would go with an AI art generator that has free credits.

Is there any AI logo generator?

There are tons of new AI logo generators on the market including Logo AI, BrandMark, and LogoMaster AI to name a few.

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