As a pharmacist who has created many professional resumes to land that next stellar job, I’m no novice when it comes to the resume-building process.

With thousands of applicants for each job, you need a resume that will place you high up on their software applicant tracking systems, as well as impress a human recruiter. That’s where an AI resume builder comes in.

After analyzing tons of resumes and industries, they can help you create a winning resume that helps you land an interview.

I’ve used my own credentials to test each of the following AI-powered resume builders. Let’s see how they did.

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Best overall


Full Review

  • Impressive AI writer to create job descriptions & cover letters.
  • Great dashboard experience.
Keyword targets


Full Review

  • Great way to include & target job-specific keywords.
  • Effortless and easy to use.
job tracking

Full Review

  • Full job tracking platform to easily track the job process.
  • Drag-and-drop editor process.

What Is The Best AI Resume Builder?

Here’s a list of the resume builders I personally tested:

1. KickResume Builder

Best Overall AI Resume Building Experience

KickResume is a fantastic AI-powered resume builder that will help you create a winning resume in no time.

Not only does their program analyze job descriptions and automatically write out sections of your resume to help you describe your previous work experience, but their AI cover letter and website builder will help you create a full-rounded application to help you stand apart from the other job seekers.

I’ve given a full breakdown of their platform you can read here, but here’s a quick snapshot of everything it does for you.

KickResume Features & Experience

This is an example of a resume I built for an industrial maintenance manager position in under five minutes.

KickResume gives you everything you can expect with an AI resume builder, with some extra features that set them apart from the rest, including:

  • Create resumes with an AI writer that will help you write a profile, job descriptions, and skills that are related to the job you’re applying for. Of course, you can fine-tune these as you build your professional-looking resume.
  • Make dozens of cover letters specific to each application you create in less than a minute with their AI cover letter builder. By choosing a company and title, it will draft a professional document tailored to the company.
  • If you need to present a portfolio (such as graphic designers, website builders, etc), you can create a personalized website with URL to present all of your amazing work. It’s important to present those high-income skills.
  • Resume feedback includes a resume score, professional feedback options, and an AI chatbot that will help you with relevant interview questions with real-time feedback.

KickResume Pros and Cons

They honestly have one of the best user experiences I’ve seen in any resume-building software.

Here’s a quick look at my dashboard when I was creating a resume.

Here’s what I absolutely loved when I tested KickResume:

  • Their resume builder is among the highest-quality that I’ve tested. From AI job descriptions, customization options, and design capabilities, I ended up with a better-written resume than I could have ever come up with on my own.
  • They make resume creation easy. With a prompt view on the left and preview on the right, it’s one of the most user-friendly applications out there.
  • The cover letter process is so quick and easy, and I love how many cover letter templates you have to choose from.
  • The resume score is pretty basic, I didn’t find it incredibly useful.
  • No option to add keywords, which is helpful for the initial screening process of applications.

KickResume Pricing

You can build an effective resume for free, but to get access to all the bells and whistles, I recommend upgrading to the Premiere Pro.

This way, you can have access to all of the resume and cover letter templates they have available.

KickResume Verdict

After testing multiple programs, the experience of building an impressive resume with Kickresume was top-notch. The artificial intelligence paired with their building platform made the resume process both fun and quick, leaving you with a resume to help you land that dream job.

2. Rezi AI Resume Builder

After doing some research, Rezi undoubtedly seemed to be the most popular AI resume builder on the market.

Rezi’s platform has analyzed thousands of resumes to help you create an industry-specific winning resume with its easy step-by-step dashboard.

You can read my full Rezi AI review here, but here’s the quick and dirty.

Rezi AI Features & Experience

Here’s a picture of a quick resume I built:

  • Create a resume, cover letter, or resignation letter quickly with their AI writer.
  • You can create your resume from scratch, choose from templates, or upload your existing resume to speed up the process.
  • The AI writer for creating job descriptions is top-notch. Simply give it a prompt like your previous role and it will suggest bulleted points to include in your job description using its AI technology.
  • When you’re finished, it gives you a “Rezi Score” that recommends areas that you can improve or optimize your resume.
  • The cover letter builder helps job seekers create dozens of unique cover letters in minutes so that you can submit a unique version to each employer.

Rezi AI Pros & Cons

  • You can choose to create job-specific resumes or just a general one. I think this is a necessary feature for people with specific skills that require job-specific formatting.
  • Not only is it a resume builder, but it also optimizes resumes. When you’re finished, you will receive a score with areas the software feels you should improve.
  • I was impressed by how in-depth the AI-powered resume builder could write relevant skills. For instance, when I switched from ambulatory pharmacist to critical care pharmacist, and it made the changes appropriately.
  • You can’t export to Google Docs, just to PDF. However, you can edit the resume right within the platform.

Rezi Pricing

You can build a resume for free, but will have limited features and options.

For the advanced function and unlimited resumes/AI credits, I highly recommend the Pro version.

Rezi Verdict

Honestly, I personally loved the professional resume that I was able to build with Rezi under thirty minutes. It wrote job features for my past roles better than I ever could have. Definitely recommend giving them a try, and for $29, that’s such a steal.


Great for Job Tracking

If you’re looking for a “job-winning resume”, then is going to be one of your top AI resume builders to help you beat the odds of applicant tracking systems and help you land the job.

Like its competitors, they have added AI writers to help you pre-write past job descriptions and optimize your resume to get you to the “top of the pile” (so to speak). Features

Let’s take a look at some of the features.

  • Their dashboard is unique in that you have a drag-and-drop editor to help you organize your resume. I love how simple it is to use.
  • The AI preset phrases (based on your job’s relevant keywords) helps you write a more articulate, professional resume.
  • They do more than just create professional resumes- you can actually keep track of your job search. With their job tracking system, you can keep track of which resume you’re writing, applied to, interviewing, or reviewing offers.
  • You can share your resume, and they now even have statistics to show how many people have looked at your link and for how long. Pricing

You can create a free resume, but you’ll have to choose from limited templates and you can’t easily download it to Google docs or Word (only TXT format). For full access, here’s the pricing. Verdict

If you’re applying to dozens of jobs in order to increase your chances of getting your desired job role, then is super nice to help you keep track of your resume and application process. They have tons of resume templates, making them a great option for job seekers.

4. ResuMaker AI

Free Resume Maker

As you can tell, there are so many great softwares available to help create a unique and professional document for job hunters.

So, what sets Resumaker apart from the rest?

ResuMaker AI Features

  • Like the AI resume builders, you start by choosing among their various templates. You can then fill out and preview at the same time through their dashboard, which I love.
  • When it comes to filling out the job title and description, a little box with come up to give you AI-written descriptions that you can add.
  • They have custom categories so you can add your industry-specific qualifications.
  • The “Pre-Written” AI responses felt like just that…. pre-written. I couldn’t choose between a critical care or ambulatory care pharmacist, which have very different daily roles. Overall, it just wasn’t helpful for my profession.

ResuMaker Pricing

Totally free.

ResuMaker Verdict

If you’re looking for a free AI resume builder that can give you a nice template and formatting design to build your resume, this works fine. But it’s honestly not much different than using Microsoft Word templates.

5. TealHQ

AI Builder with Google Chrome Extension

TealHQ is hoping to be your one-stop shop for all things related to your job search.

Not only does it help you custom tailor resumes to each specific job, but it helps you track your job application project from job search to signing your job acceptance letter. You can read all about my in-depth TealHQ review here.

TealHQ Features

  • They have a Google Chrome extension that links to your account when you’re on the job hunt. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated. This allows you to select careers from LinkedIn, Indeed, or any other hiring platform that you’re looking into and connect it to your job tracking board. It also looks at the keywords from those jobs to help your resume pass through software checks.
  • Job Tracking Dashboard: You can track the jobs you would like to apply to, have applied, interviewed, etc. This keeps all your information in one nice spot.
  • AI Resume Builder: Build your resume from the beginning or upload a resume. There are tons of templates and categories to choose from.
  • AI Cover Letter: Match a specific job to your cover letter builder, and it will create a uniquely tailored cover letter to the specific job you’re applying for.

TealHQ Pros and Cons

Here’s what I loved about TealHQ:

  • The Chrome extension is just awesome. You can job search, save jobs, and track the job search process.
  • I love the keyword matching to specific job applications. This ensures that when you are building your resume, you can choose the exact job you’re applying for, and then make sure you have all the relevant keywords that an applicant tracking software may be scanning for.
  • Instead of creating a generic cover letter, you can match it to the job you’re applying for. This gives you individual, unique letters and resumes for every application you submit.

Things I didn’t love:

  • Their AI resume builder process isn’t the best. It does everything it needs to, but didn’t have the best experience compared to their competitors.
  • I didn’t see an AI writer to help create your job descriptions and roles. This is a big gap between them and their competitors.
  • Can you export to Word or Google? I only found a PDF option.

TealHQ Pricing

TealHQ Verdict

I loved Teal HQ for its keyword-matching capabilities, Chrome extension, and job matching. This was better than any other program. However, when it came to the actual AI resume builder, it was lacking a bit and harder to use (but in the end did include everything you needed).

6. ResumAI

Free Version of Rezi AI

ResumeAI aims to be a “Resume Writing Assistant”. From what I gather, the goal is to help you create those specific job descriptions bullet points when you’re describing your previous roles throughout your work experience.

Where I was confused, was that I tried to create an account and found out “I already had one”. When I logged into my dashboard, I discovered the same well-structured resume that I had already built with Rezi.

So basically, ResumAI is the “Free Version” of Rezi that helps you write different job descriptions. But if you want the full experience, you need to purchase Rezi.

ResumAI Features & Experience

  • You can use their AI writer to help you build a resume that matches to the title and job descriptions you’re going after.
  • You can’t create a cover letter without upgrading to the Rezi platform.
  • I honestly cannot figure out any differences between this and Rezi. It seems like they just have two websites doing the exact same thing.

ResumAI Pricing

You can create a standard resume for free, but to gain access to the artificial intelligence capabilities, you need to upgrade for $29/month.

ResumAI Verdict

I honestly don’t see the point. It does the exact same thing (dashboard, sample resumes, everything) as their Rezi site. Not quite sure why they keep this running and don’t just merge the two.

What is an AI Resume Builder?

Ah, the core of our discussion – the Artificial Intelligence (AI) resume builders.

Many of the AI builders on the market have been trained to understand thousands upon thousands of winning resumes.

Because landing that interview isn’t easy.

AI resume builders don’t just format and edit your resume. They utilize machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to enhance your job applications in a multitude of ways.

Benefits of an AI-Powered Resume Builder

Here are some of the benefits you wouldn’t get if you tried writing your resume from scratch.

  • Understanding the Job Seeker: AI resume builders kick off their magic by absorbing information about you, the job seeker, and the dream job you’re trying to obtain.
  • Analyzing Job Descriptions: In just seconds, they can analyze imported job descriptions to which you’re applying, decoding the demands and expectations by pinpointing keywords, essential skills, and other crucial elements that might be the keys to getting your foot in the door.
  • Curating Content Unique Towards Your Industry: Once the AI has a grasp of ‘You’ and understands the ‘Job’, it deftly merges this information to curate a resume that speaks directly to the employer’s needs.
  • Design and Format Optimization: Remember spending hours formatting and creating a beautiful-looking resume? That’s all automatic now with a few clicks.
  • Continuous Learning and Adaptation: Unlike static platforms, AI resume builders learn and adapt. They evolve with every new piece of data, staying abreast with industry trends, recruitment norms, and the ever-changing job market, ensuring your resumes are always a step ahead.
  • AI Cover Letters: They can create cover letters in minutes specific to the job you’re applying for. No more countless hours spent making dozens of unique pieces of content.
  • Interconnected Job Search Ecosystem: Imagine an ecosystem where your resume builder communicates with job boards, identifying opportunities that align with your profile, and even autonomously applying on your behalf – this isn’t a distant dream but a tangible future that AI resume builders are galloping towards.

Wrapping Up:

In a landscape where the job search process is becoming increasingly automated and digitized, leveraging the prowess of AI in crafting your resume isn’t just a smart move; it’s an essential one.

AI resume builders help you create a document that places your best foot forward (similar with a digital business card) and it’s a must-have AI tools for job seekers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best AI to make a resume?

There are several amazing AI resume builders on the market, but my favorite three are KickResume, Rezi, and TealHQ.

What is the best free AI resume builder?

If you’re on a budget, I still recommend using my top three favorite resume builders. While the upgrades cost a small fee, you can still create a very professional resume with their free versions.

How do I get AI to rewrite my resume?

This is super easy, just use an AI resume builder! They write winning resumes in record speed that match to relevant keywords of the dream job you’re applying for. Some of my favorites are KickResume and Rezi.

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