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In today’s digital world, having a professional headshot is essential for creating a strong personal brand. Professional headshots are used in a variety of ways, from websites and press releases to social media profiles like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Hiring a professional photographer can be expensive and time-consuming. This is why the best AI headshot generators are quickly gaining popularity, as they can take you’re regular, everyday photos and turn them into high-quality professional headshots. And no one will know the difference.

Whether you’re looking to save money or just don’t have the time to make it into a photographer, I’ve personally tested all of the AI headshot generators on the market to help you select the best one without ever leaving your home or office.

Quick & Quality

Aragon AI

Full Review

  • Great quality AI headshots
  • Quick turnaround time under 60 minutes
  • Affordable
Personal edits


Full Review

  • Many Styles To Choose From
  • You can personally edit, upscale, and retouch images
  • Only a few hour turnaround


Full Review

  • Edited by a professional
  • Multiple Styles To Choose From
  • Use code SAMANTHABRANDON30 for a discount!!

What Are The Best AI Headshot Generators?

If you’re looking to create stunning headshots for your profile pic or digital business cards, here’s a full breakdown. If you’re looking more for personal avatars, I’ve reviewed those platforms as well.

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1. Aragon AI

High Quality With Quick Turnaround

Aragon AI is an AI headshot generator that has proven itself in the AI market. After testing out their process, I loved the results for the quick turnaround. Like the others, you submit a bunch of headshots, and within an hour, you’ll get pretty great-looking options.

These ones aren’t professionally edited like StudioShot, but they are pretty great quality for the quick turnaround.

Aragon AI Pros & Cons

  • I liked that they gave you over 50 options to choose from. The backgrounds are all different, more “casual” I would say, which I really liked. They also had so many different poses and clothes options compared to their competitors.
  • Most of the pictures came out looking like me, which I was impressed by as they’re not professionally edited. The other options I’ve tried (see below) have had an issue with looking nothing like me.
  • My only vice was some of the photos made me look older, but all the options I tried had photos that were scrapped.

Here are the results so you can judge them for yourself:

Samantha Brandon's Professional Photos created by Aragon AI.

Aragon AI Pricing:

The pricing is comparable to the others on this list, with options ranging from $29-$69 to get more photos.

Aragon AI Verdict

I really loved these AI headshot photos. They ended up being high quality, and they took under an hour to receive. If you’re looking for headshot photos with a quick turnaround, this is a great option.

2. Secta AI

Personal Edit Options

Secta AI is more of a newcomer in the field, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the unique features they offered, which I think sets them apart from their competitors. Let’s see how my headshots turned out.

Secta Experience

Secta had some impressive features that separated them from the rest. Here’s my pros and cons of the Secta AI generator:

  • You could enter in a description of what you’re looking for, and it’s an open-ended question. I wrote “Create office backgrounds, smiling expression, business casual clothes”.
  • It asks you to provide your LinkedIn profile picture so that they had an additional reference, which I thought was a great touch.
  • I also loved that it asked you to “choose a favorite photo.” I have some headshots I’m not particularly fond of, so I’m glad I asked that.
  • Results came in relatively quickly, under a few hours for me, but it can take up to 24 hours.
  • I didn’t like that you needed to upload 25 photos at minimum, goal of 35 images. While I understand it helps provide the best results, that was a LOT of photos to try and find of myself!

Here’s a look at the professional headshots that they generated for me at first glance were honestly not the best. Take a look:

A sample of Sam Brandon's professional headshots generated by Secta AI.

BUT THEN, I realized you could retouch them!! This is a HUGE advantage against their competitors, where you just get what you pay for.

Here’s what the retouching looked like:

Sam Brandon's editing options for the Secta professional headshots.

With this feature, these AI headshots quickly became one of my favorites because you have so much more control over the outputs of the images, but is probably the most time-consuming as well.

Secta Pricing

Right now, they have a discount for their launch.

Secta AI Pricing box.

Secta AI Verdict

At first, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original images, and only liked a few of the originals. But then, when I could edit them, and retouch them, that made it a real game changer.

3. StudioShot.AI

Great for Professional Editing

StudioShot.ai is a revolutionary virtual photography studio that uses AI technology to create photorealistic portraits from selfies. StudioShot is dedicated to creating the best professional photos on the market.

What makes StudioShot so unique among its competitors is that the AI photos get sent to a photography team for final touch-ups, so you’ll never be sent a bad or “fake” looking photo.

  • They offer many different types of professional styles, including Executive, LinkedIn, and Real Estate, and then color palette options from white to grey.
  • While their AI technology does the initial legwork, those photos then get sent to their photography team for fine touch-ups. This ensures that you get a great-looking photo every single time, which I love.
  • It takes two business days to complete, which is then emailed to you.

StudioShot Experience

The process was super easy: upload about 10-20 selfies, fill out a quick questionnaire (skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc.) and then they will email you the results.

I chose the “modern interior” style and was amazed by the photos that were given:

These photos actually look like me and are probably better than any headshot I would have taken in person!

StudioShot Pros & Cons

  • A professional photography team will glow up your final image to give you the best results.
  • Their photos are extremely high-quality and can be used to enlarge on any photo wall in your company.
  • You get unlimited touchups from their team. If you don’t like the first mockups, simply ask them to do it again.
  • It takes much longer for photos to come back (a few days).
  • You choose the style but don’t get to choose backgrounds or clothing types.


The pricing was super reasonable at $30 per person, especially because you get unlimited touchups if you don’t like the first round of photos that are sent to you. Considering I would have spent like $300+ for professional headshots, this price is a steal.

Studioshot pricing breakdown.

StudioShot Verdict

If you or your company are looking to make some budget cuts and save time, this is a great way to order a ton of headshots for those new onboarding employees. It gives you some of the most realistic photos of the bunch.

4. HeadShotPro

Great for Styles, Clothing, and Background Options

HeadShotHeadshotProPro is another platform that is dedicated to creating professionally generated headshots for you and your team. The company was founded in Holland and also has another site, ProfilePics, that creates more unique profile pics for your social media outlets as well.

When it comes to their professional headshot generator, here’s what you get:

  • They have more styles than their competitors with outdoor AI headshots (park, woods, building), Realtor, office, cafe, and a larger range of colors from white/black to blues/greens.
  • You can choose your clothing within the app, from scrubs and white coats to different types of sweaters.

HeadShotPro Experience

I chose their most popular plan to test out three different professional styles, opting for the “park,” “grey,” and “cafe” backgrounds. I then tried three different outfits like a white t-shirt, a blue shirt, and a white coat, as I’m a healthcare provider and wanted to see how it would work.

After uploading twenty selfies, and answering a brief questionnaire, here are my results:

Sample of Samantha Brandon's AI headshots using the HeadShotPro generator.

As you can see, they give you TONS of options because they know not every picture will be a hit. Here are a few that did look more like me. As you can tell, they do a great shop, but there is a bit of that photoshopped feel.

Sam Brandon's first favorite photo using HeadshotPro.
Sam Brandon's second favorite photo using HeadshotPro.

HeadShotPro Pros & Cons

  • I love that you can choose different backgrounds. It allows you to change up the vibe of the photo depending on which industry you’re in.
  • I love how it positions you in different ways, with different expressions and head tilts. Makes it feel a lot more natural and realistic.
  • The different clothing options were a nice touch as well. If you’re in a large company, you don’t want everything wearing the exact same thing.
  • You have to upload 20 photos, which I thought was a lot to ask for. Other competitors are okay with ten.
  • I wish the eye color were a little more spot-on. Mine are greener, but some came out blue.

HeadShotPro Pricing

Their pricing is on target with their competitors, around $40 give or take, depending on the options and bundle you choose.

HeadShotPro Verdict

Overall, I think they nailed some great images, and I will definitely be considering these for my profile pictures. HeadShotPro gave the most styles and options to choose from when it came to their AI-generated headshots.

5. ProfileBakery

Hairstyles & Outfits

ProfileBakery is one of the newest AI headshot generators on the market, and after giving it a go, I was pleasantly surprised. Same drill– upload headshots and it will email you a Google Drive of all your photos.

They specifically tell you that out of the 80 or so photos they send you, expect around 2-5 photos that actually capture the real you. And I found this accurate.

Here are my top three photos:

ProfileBakery generated photos of Samantha Brandon.
A second headshot generated by ProfileBakery.
A third shot of Sam Brandon generated by ProfileBakery.

ProfileBakery Pros and Cons:

  • It probably had one of the most diversified hairstyles that were current with the times. I would wear my hair today like any of the three ways pictured above.
  • You only have to upload 6 photos, others had to upload like 10+. Although, I’ll admit, I uploaded closer to ten so I could get better results.
  • I liked that it was exported as a Google Drive as I use Google for everything and could easily drag and drop the files to retrieve later.
  • Different styles of clothing, and they even offered upgrades for dating, professional background changes, and premium templates.
  • Sometimes, the photos made me look SO OLD. This seems to be a theme, I’m 33 and it would make me look 45 (but then maybe that’s a reflection on me haha).

ProfileBakery Cost:

Here’s the cost breakdown (note, these are in Euros).

Profile Bakery Verdict

I really liked the photos for a more casual vibe, not all suited up. Definitely a good option to check out!

6. HotPot.AI

Theme Central

HotPot is another AI platform that offers all different types of options, from AI gaming tools to various types of AI graphics. As I was most interested to see how their acting headshots would compare, I put their platform to the test.

  • You purchase credits and can use them for any of their AI options.
  • Their headshot generator is very straightforward and quick to use.

HotPot Experience

Their website needs some work, as I ended up paying for it twice to get the credits to work. But once I did, it asked me to upload exactly eight photos.

It took a little less than 90 minutes to complete and email my photos, and here’s how they turned out:

HotPot AI generated photos of Samantha Brandon.

As you can tell, I didn’t get to specify the “style” I wanted. After sorting through all the options, here were the top professional headshots created for me:

Sam Brandon Photo 1 AI headshot using HotPot.
Sam Brandon Photo 2 AI headshot using HotPot.

While I like how they look, they honestly don’t look very much like me, and the teeth are completely off.

HotPot Pros & Cons

  • They offer a refund if you’re not happy with your final products or will regenerate you new images.
  • Much more affordable than other options on this list.
  • The actual clothing and poses in the photos seemed much more realistic.
  • You don’t choose any styles or backgrounds for this platform; it selects them for you based on its own presets.
  • The majority of the photos didn’t look like me, and for some reason, they kept enlarging my teeth.

HotPot Pricing

This is the most affordable option of the group, you get 50 images for $10.

Hotpot pricing breakdown.

HotPot Verdict

The majority of the headshots were not useful for me. However, I did find one that I really really liked and would use today. With the low pricepoint, I definitely recommend trialing it.

7. AI Suit Up

C-Suite Level

As the name implies, this platform uses its artificial intelligence technology to literally “suit up” your selfies to give you a stellar profile pic for your professional socials. Like everything else, garbage in is garbage out. So make sure you upload great photos to get the most accurate samples from their AI stylist tech.

Here’s what SuitUp AI includes:

  • Gives you 100 photos to choose from.
  • There are different viewpoints, camera angles, outfits, and hairstyles.
  • Only takes one to two hours to receive results.

SuitUp Experience

Their AI tech needs 15 photos to train their system. As per usual, include photos that are of your face with different expressions. No glasses, group photos, or full-body pics.

  • They also ask you to pick your “best selfie” to help its model, which is unique among the rest.
  • It takes about 40 minutes to get your final product link to be emailed to you.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the types of photos you get:

A sample of AI headshots created by SuitUp AI.

SuitUp Pros and Cons

  • It gave you some of the most versatile outfit types and options.
  • Unfortunately, although you get 100 pictures, a large majority of them changed my skin tone and hair. So many of them didn’t look anything like me.
  • The photos were very poor quality, and it looked like they just cut my face and pasted them into existing photos.

SuitUp Pricing

They don’t offer a premium package or anything. Just one flat fee of $19.95.

SuitUp Verdict

While the platform and outfit choices with camera angles were great, the photos weren’t great at all. It looked like they just cropped my face into other photos.

8. DreamWave.AI

I was excited to test out Dreamwave, mostly because they boast that they create studio-quality headshots thanks to their researchers with MIT/Google AI training.

Here’s the quick feature rundown:

  • You only need to upload 8 actual images (THANK GOODNESS). I can’t tell you how much of a pain it is to find 20 or 30 photos that meet requirements.
  • You tell it your gender (optional), eye color, and ethnicity. I really like that they ask for eye color, because I’ve found so many generators mess up my eye color.
  • They offer AI headshot for Teams and corporate headshots, which includes different background removal options which you can switch out for office interior/exteriors, or various studio backgrounds.

DreamWave AI Results

Okay, let’s see what happened with my images. I want to note, that I uploaded eight high-quality photos that I think I look nice in and that’s a true representation of my facial features.

Sample of Sam Brandon's headshots using the Dreamwave generator.

I was pretty happy with the results. Like normal, some of the photos ended up ridiculously distorted, but I found that true of all of them. Above is just a snippet of the amount I received. Here are my top three favorites:

My top picks using Dreamwave headshot generator (1 of 3).
My top picks using Dreamwave headshot generator (2 of 3).
My top picks using Dreamwave headshot generator (3 of 3).

DreamWave Pricing

Their pricing is typically $60 one-time payment, but they’re offering a sale for $39.

Dreamwave pricing breakdown

Dreamwave Verdict

I loved how many different backgrounds they offered. Some were more casual, with sunglasses and beach backgrounds, while others were more corporate attire. I definitely recommend giving them a try.

Benefits of using an AI Headshot Generator

AI headshot generators are a revolutionary new way to create professional-looking headshots quickly and easily. AI headshot generators use AI technology to generate high-quality headshots from just a few photos of the user. I actually had to use this in a pinch when I developed a Beautiful AI slide deck for a conference.

These AI generated headshots can be used for resumes, business profiles, or any other digital profile picture you need.

After spending hours reviewing my own AI-generated headshots, here’s who I think would really benefit from them:

  • Anyone that isn’t ready to be in front of the camera, but needs a corporate headshot (me when I was pregnant)
  • You need a photo FAST, like less than an hour or two, not in a month when they’re taken and edited.
  • Someone on a budget that doesn’t have the money to pay for studio quality headshots or for professional photographers.
  • You need to create bulk corporate headshots for your company.
  • Create AI avatars or other creative photos (although, there are more creative options here).

You can also check out an AI art generator for more creative options if you’re not looking for a headshot.

How To Create Professional Headshots

The process is simple: users upload anywhere from 8 to 20 images of themselves to the website, and within 48 hours they typically receive a few dozen professional-looking headshots. Many AI headshot generators offer a variety of styles to choose from, making it easy for users to find a look that fits their needs.

Overall, AI headshot generators are an incredibly useful tool for anyone looking for high-quality professional photos without having to invest in expensive photoshoots.

Tips & Tricks to the Best Professional Headshots

Each platform is going to have its own specific guidelines when it comes to choosing photos, but here’s a common theme:

  • Choose photos that are up close to your face. This will give you results that look most like you.
  • Don’t choose anything with filters, accessories, glasses, or anything else that blocks your face.
  • No group photos or low-resolution photos.
  • Give the AI different profile points of view, like more side on profiles and direct as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do AI headshot generators provide a high enough quality to pass for professional headshots?

After testing many of the leading platforms, I would say they look great, but still have that “image generator” vibe. It’s passable for social media profile pics, but not quite there for hanging photos in the office. However, I think in the next 1-2 years the technology will get to a point where you don’t know the difference.

How do I turn a picture into a headshot?

Using an AI headshot generator will let you upload a dozen or so photos of yourself, and turn them into a professional headshot for networking.

How do I make my profile picture professional?

There are tons of profile pic generators on the market, but if you’re looking for a professional forward option, I would choose one that specifically is designed for this purpose.

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