If you are looking to create a next-level avatar for a game, social media profile, or other online presence, the best avatar creator can help you make the perfect image. If you’re looking for avatars specifically for vTubing, then this list would better serve you.

Thankfully, the best avatar creators can provide users with the ability to customize their avatars with different facial features, hairstyles, outfits, and more.

If you’re looking to step up your Avatar, I’ve reviewed and tested the top avatar apps and makers to give you a full breakdown and my honest opinion of each.

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What is the Best Avatar Creator?

Here is a quick list of the top avatar makers on the market. There are a few others out there, but these are the ones I felt were the most noteworthy.

Best Avatar Makers


Best For Creating Cartoon Avatars

Colorcinch offers several image editing tools, including an avatar maker known as Cartoonize, for creating anime avatars for social media sites.

True to its name, Cartoonize lets you create cartoon avatars in seconds with various user-friendly tools, features, and color palettes. Best of all, it’s free, and you can use the avatars on any platform. 

  • You can choose different preset styles for the face’s shape, mouth, nose, and ears. 
  • Then, you customize the avatar’s eyes, hair, clothes, and background. 
  • Share it on social media & upload to Gravatar. Download in SVG/PNG.

Not happy with your cartoon avatar? Hit the reset button or use the random button and let Cartoonize take on the creative works. 

Colorcinch Experience

I was amazed by how effortless Cartoonize is as I tried Colorcinch’s avatar maker. It provides more than a handful of customizations for every body part and clothes.

  • I could customize body parts by repositioning or resizing them with the controls. For example, Cartoonize lets me align the eyebrows asymmetrically to create a different impression. 
  • The same goes for other parts of the avatar. By using the arrow tools below the image, I could increase or decrease the avatar’s size or tilt the head sideways. 

Colorcinch Cartoonize Pros & Cons

  • It’s free.
  • Cartoonize has easy-to-use controls that are self-explanatory.
  • They provide many feature customizations to create unique and mesmerizing avatars.
  • No signs ups required.
  • You can’t switch body styles mid-design


Colocinch Cartoonize is free, with non-intrusive ads on the avatar creation webpage. 


Cartoonize is a simple yet comprehensive avatar maker for creating beautiful characters for social media profiles. It’s the go-to online software for creating a presentable avatar in seconds. 

2. DoppelMe 

Creative and Witty Avatars

DoppelMe is a free avatar-maker tool that runs from a simple webpage. It lets you create a full-body avatar with customized body parts, features, and accessories.

Thanks to its witty designs, you can use DoppelMe-generated avatars for humorous engagements on forums, blogs, or anywhere on the web. 

  • DoppelMe allows your avatar to express emotions like anger, sadness, and surprise.
  • You’ll find other customizable parts and apparel, such as hair, hats, tops, and shoes. 

DoppelMe Experience

The user experience is pretty straightforward:

  1. To create an avatar, click the Make Your First Avatar button. 
  2. Then, you choose the gender, skin color, and eye color for the base model and hit next.
  3. You’ll see a page listing the customizable parts, selectable options, and the digital avatar arranged horizontally.  

DoppelMe claims that it allows users to create likenesses of themselves as avatars, and I found that an overstatement as I tested the tool. 

While I can create witty or hilarious-looking avatars, they are modeled over a base character model with a rigid body shape.

That said, I enjoyed its rich options in replacing the avatar’s apparel, accessories, and facial expressions.

DoppelMe Pros & Cons

  • You can start creating an avatar without signing up. And it’s free.
  • It has an impressive range of avatar expressions. 
  • DoppelMe is easy to use. You’ll get a funny (or cool) avatar with just a few clicks.
  • It provides witty, cool, and hilarious avatar styles. 
  • It lacks advanced features, such as creating a random avatar.


DoppelMe is free, but you’ll need an account to access certain features or download the avatar. 


DoppelMe might not be the most powerful avatar creator, but it does well for users who want a humorous representation of themselves on the web. 

3. Superherotar 

Preferred by DC and Marvel fans

Superherotar is the go-to avatar builder for Marvel, DC, and other superhero fans. It’s like your regular costume dress-up games, except for the unmistakable superhero cloaks, shields, and claws. 

Superherotar is free and lets you showcase your favorite superhero on social networking sites, online forums, and blogs in a few clicks. 

Like most avatar creators, Superherotar lets you customize almost every body part of the model. However, it does so through a series of collapsible controls instead of easily-accessible ones in a smaller area.  

  1. Choose the body part, accessories, or background.
  2. Then choose a design or style from the collections.
  3. Select the colors for the chosen part or object.

If you’re not content with one superhero, you can create two by clicking the button bearing two human icons. Then, choose the left or right model to apply the customization features. 

Once completed, you can select the avatar profile’s format and resolution and save the image to your computer. Superherotar also lets you choose a full-body profile or a close-up facial snapshot for downloads. 

Superherotar Experience

I was eager to create a comic-worthy superhero with this avatar builder. I started with a base model (that lacks a mouth and nose). 

Then, I chose and added each body part to the model. Despite not being the most intuitive avatar creator I reviewed, customizing the model is relatively straightforward. 

  • Once I’ve chosen a design, the page automatically scrolls down to the available colors.
  • Selecting the color realigns the page view to the avatar automatically.

While Superherotar lets you create superhero avatars with ease, it could be better. For example, the background selection is flawed. I found it the hard way that applying the background after designing an avatar will reset all the changes. 

Besides, there are too many ads to the point of annoyance. 

Superherotar Pros and Cons:

  • It has lots of costumes and accessories to create your superhero avatar.
  • Superherotar provides real-world, scenic photos as backgrounds. 
  • You don’t need an account to create, save and share the avatar. 
  • It’s free (but with lots of ads).
  • Not the most intuitive avatar creator, with some software control issues.


Superherotar is free, but the number of ads sprawled across the page might affect user experience. 


Superherotar is strictly for superhero fans to parade their favorite caped heroes or masked vigilantes on the web. 

4. Voki

Great for educators

Voki is a free online avatar maker that lets you create avatars online for educational purposes. Instead of the usual human-like models, it provides a collection of exciting figures from folk tales, animes, and furry animals that children love. 

The anime avatars are designed in detail and animated by an intelligent AI algorithm. For example, the digital avatar’s eyes follow the mouse’s position when you’re customizing them. 

Voki has a user-friendly classroom-like interface with brightly-colored icons.

You start with the leftmost menu, which expands to submenus that provide finer selections. Here’s how to create an avatar with Voki.

  1. Choose an avatar. Browse from different types and themes.
  2. Customize the avatar’s apparel, accessories, and style. 
  3. Select a background.
  4. Alter the avatar’s skin and facial features color.

Voki also allows users to upload voiceover and audio recordings or synthesize speech from text. When enabled, the avatar will narrate from the recordings when loaded. 

Voki’s Experience

Voki made a good impression with colorful controls and artistic digital avatars. The software loads a random character each time I launch the tool. 

Creating an animated avatar was intuitive and fun.

  • The controls have descriptive icons. For example, the avatar selection’s pumpkin and Santa hat icon provides festive-themed characters.
  • I was spoiled for choice, whether I was choosing an avatar, accessories, or backgrounds. Voki has possibly the most extensive collection of style presets from other avatar makers. 

The text-to-speech is an interesting feature that brings the avatar to life. I could add a self-intro that the avatar would narrate.

Voki Pros & Cons

  • Voki has intuitive and colorful controls. 
  • It lets you build animated avatars that talk. 
  • There’s a broad range of avatar types that delights kids of all ages. 
  • The voiceover adds personality to the avatar.  
  • It’s only for educational and non-commercial use.


You can use Voki for free, but it has three tiered premium plans that unlock advanced features and remove on-page ads. 


If you’re an educator trying to engage and sustain children’s attention, Voki’s animated avatar builder will be a great learning tool. 

5. Bitmoji

Personalized  Avatar Creation

Bitmoji is an AI-powered app that lets you create a realistic avatar from your selfie. It uses AI technology to generate an avatar that mimics your facial features. Then, you can customize the full-figure avatar with various tools and styles. 

Bitmoji runs on Android and iOS devices and provides Chrome, GBoard, and iMessage plugins.

The app launched to a registration screen, where you submit basic info to create an account. Don’t worry, as it’s free and doesn’t require your credit card.

Then, it prompts you to take a selfie. All you need to do is to place your face on the highlighted area and hit the screenshot button.

Bitmoji then creates an avatar resembling your facial features, clad in plain white clothing. 

  • Use the array of tools and customizable features to style the avatar.
  • You may also alter the facial feature by replacing the hairstyle, eyelashes, mouth, and other parts.  

Bitmoji Experience

I would claim that Bitmoji’s AI is only partially accurate, but it does a fair job of creating an avatar from my selfie. 

  • Touching up the avatar was a pleasant experience, as Bitmoji provides vast wardrobe selections to choose from.
  • I’m also pleased that Bitmoji allows users to undo or redo their changes, a feature missing in many avatar creators.

The icing on the cake is the choice of emojis that the app creates from the avatar. I could use them almost anywhere on the web with the Chrome extension. 

Bitmoji Pros and Cons

  • Bitmoji uses powerful AI to turn selfies into avatars. 
  • It’s user-friendly, with detailed avatar customization options. 
  • You can integrate Bitmoji with Snapchat and use the emojis on the web with plugins. 
  • It’s free (and there are no ads).
  • It only allows you to create and save one avatar. 


Bitmoji is free on all devices.


Bitmojis is a user-friendly mobile app that creates an avatar in the likeness of your selfie. It’s arguably the best free avatar creator that provides tons of expressive styles. 

What is an Avatar Maker? 

An avatar maker software allows users to create digital characters for online applications. For example, gamers might use an anime avatar that resembles their gaming characters instead of their actual picture on social media.

They customize the avatar model with unique hairs, eyes, noses, clothes, and other accessories or body parts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a free avatar maker?

Yes, most avatar makers allow users to try the app without signing up for premium plans. However, they might limit you to basic features or display ads along the avatar-creation interface.

How do you make a face avatar?

Most avatar creator software lets you generate a face avatar. However, you’ll need an app like Bitmoji to personalize the avatar with your facial features. Bitmoji uses AI technologies to capture key facial points and render them as a digital version of your face.

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