Has this ever happened to you?

You’re in an important meeting, listening to your boss share a complaint you received from a customer when suddenly your phone whirrs in your pocket. It’s your partner.

You instinctively open up your phone to find… a cat meme. But it’s pretty funny. You stifle a laugh and slip it back into your pocket.

Oh crap. You didn’t hear a single word your boss just said. What did I miss?

In this new world of endless online meetings, it’s too easy to get distracted. Who has the attention span to remember everything that was said over the course of 60 minutes?

Fortunately, we don’t have to remember everything anymore. And we don’t have to force ourselves to stay alert so we can take perfect notes for every meeting.

Today, we have AI note-taker apps. These apps record every word spoken in your meeting, create a full transcript, and generate scannable summaries that you can read in 5 minutes or less. These guys don’t miss a thing.

Want to try this amazing technology for your business?

Keep reading to discover the 9 best AI note-taker apps and find the perfect one for your use case. You can also find tons of AI productivity or tools here.

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  • AI bot to record & transcribe meetings.
  • Smart Summaries


Full Review

  • Great meeting analytics.
  • Tons of integrations for every business.
Sales teams


Full Review

  • Revenue intelligence for sales.
  • Big picture overviews.

What is the Best AI Note Taker?

Here’s the complete list of the note-takers if you’re in a hurry.

Best AI Note Takers List

1. Otter AI

Best for Beginners

Otter AI is the OG transcription and note-taking app for individuals, businesses, and educators. It’s the perfect place to start if you want something simple and fast to stay on top of your meetings.

If you’d like to learn more, check out my full Otter AI review, where I examine the features, pros and cons, and pricing in more depth.

Here’s what I like about Otter AI:

  • Easy to Use: Above all, I find Otter AI the easiest to use. It’s got a great mobile app, and it’s so easy to set up and use.
  • Fast Transcription: You can see your generated transcription as you talk, which means you can follow along with meetings like you’re watching a Netflix show with captions.
  • Multiple Recording Options: If you need a transcription and summary, you can do it in 2 ways: have the Otter AI meeting assistant join your live meeting (by scheduling it on your calendar or sending it a link) or start a recording from inside the app.
  • Smart Summaries: Otter AI doesn’t just create a highly-accurate transcription with speaker identification—it also generates talking point summaries, takeaways, and tags for each meeting.
  • Mark Up Your Transcription: You can highlight, comment, and assign tasks to your team from your transcriptions.
  • The AI-generated summaries are sometimes lacking, and you don’t get all the functionalities of some of the more specialized tools in this list.

Otter Pricing

You can get started with Otter for free with up to 300 minutes per month and 30 minutes per conversation.

At $17 per month, the Pro plan gets you advanced features and a quota of 1200 minutes and 90 minutes per conversation.

If you need more minutes, the Business plan gets you 6000 of them—and up to 4 hours per recording (at $30 per user per month).

Otter Verdict

Otter AI is a great place to start if you’re new to AI note-taking apps. It’s got something for everyone and provides a smooth and fast experience from start to finish.

2. Supernormal

Great for Digital Agencies

Supernormal is another solid AI note-taking software that automates many of the tedious tasks around meetings, including translating meeting notes and exporting notes to a CRM or other tool.

Here are the top features of Supernormal:

  • Meeting Transcription: For starters, Supernormal does a great job of automatically transcribing meetings, and like other apps, it can automatically join meetings from your calendar.
  • Smart Notes: Supernormal can identify pain points, objections, action items, facts, and other types of information and mark them down in your meeting notes along with a summary and overview of the meeting.
  • No Limits on Meeting Length: Most AI note-taking apps limit the length of a single meeting you can record (and most cap it at 4 hours on their highest-tier plans). Supernormal takes off that upper cap and lets you record as long as you want.
  • Note Templates: You can change up the way Supernormal takes smart notes based on the contents of the meeting, like writing down pain points from a customer call or objections from a sales call.
  • Exporting Options: You can hook the app to your company’s CRM or other tool and sync information directly to it.
  • There’s no way to edit your meeting notes. Whatever the AI meeting assistant writer is what you get.

Supernormal Pricing

Record up to 20 free meetings on Google Meet with the free plan, or start with the Pro plan at $24 a month for 1,000 minutes. You can upgrade to higher-level plans for more minutes.

Supernormal Verdict

Digital agencies and multi-functional teams that want to track and draw insights from diverse types of meetings will benefit from Supernormal’s smart note-taking abilities.

3. MeetGeek

Smart Meeting Analytics

MeetGeek is a powerful AI note-taking app and meeting assistant with all the same features as other popular note-taking apps. However, MeetGeek stands out because of its meeting analytics feature, which can help managers improve meetings for the entire team.

Here’s a breakdown of MeetGeek’s top features:

  • Meeting Minutes: After every meeting, you get a minute-by-minute timeline of the meeting written by MeetGeek’s AI assistant in collaboration with ChatGPT, plus a digest, a list of key topics, and all action items.
  • Meeting Analytics: Besides the typical note-taking features you find in other apps, MeetGeek’s meeting analytics show you how meetings can be improved, which data on how many people come on time, the overall sentiment of the meeting, how many meetings end on time, and more.
  • Tons of Integrations: You can share notes and transcripts from meetings via integrations with Hubspot, Notion, Slack, Asana, and more.
  • Automatic Tagging: The AI note-taking bot automatically tags points in the meeting minutes with labels like “Concern,” “Fact,” “Important,” and “Action.”
  • Custom Branding: You can add your branding onto meeting notes to share branded notes with clients and customers.
  • Some users have reported issues with scheduling meetings on Google Calendar, but customer service is responsive and can help troubleshoot problems.

MeetGeek Pricing

Start for free with 5 hours of transcription a month and 1 month of video storage, or upgrade to the Pro plan for $15 per user per month for 20 hours of recordings per month, 6 months of video storage, and unlimited transcription storage.

MeetGeek Verdict

Managers, take note—MeetGeek will not only help your entire team to stay on the same page, but it’ll also help you improve your overall meeting experience and boost your team’s performance over the long term.

4. Colibri

Live Meeting Captions

Colibri is a type of hummingbird found in Central and South America with beautiful blue and green markings and black wings. And it’s also a great AI-powered note-taking app with a ton of helpful features.

I’m not going to go into the basic note-taking features, since all of these apps cover the same basic functions.

Here is where Colibri specifically shines:

  • Transcribes As You Speak: Colibri works as you speak, unlike other tools that make you wait for a transcription (similar to Otter AI.)
  • Shows Live Captions in Zoom: You can install Colibri’s built-in Zoom app to show live transcriptions of your meeting on a sidebar inside of Zoom. This can help people with hearing difficulties follow along with meetings and help easily-distracted team members stay on track.
  • Works With Many Meeting Platforms: Colibri goes beyond the trifecta of Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams and records any meeting that happens inside a Chrome browser or Windows desktop.
  • Make Highlights: You can highlight any part of the transcript, save highlights, and review them later.
  • This app doesn’t make smart summaries or AI-written notes of your meeting. It still requires some manual note-taking.

Colibri Pricing

Record up to 5 hours of meetings a month (40 minutes per recording) for free, or upgrade to the Start plan at $20 per user per month for 20 hours of meetings (and 90 minutes per recording). Higher-tiered plans increase the total and per-meeting time you can record.

Colibri Verdict

While Colibri doesn’t make smart notes (yet), it is a lightning-fast transcription app that works for many different meeting platforms. And if you want live captions in Zoom, this is a great choice for you.

5. Notes by Dubber

Great for Enterprises

Notes by Dubber helps you to transcribe, organize, and share your notes with others.

Let’s take a look of some unique features offered by their note-taking service:

  • Syncs with Calendar: Like many other apps, Notes by Dubber syncs with Google or Outlook Calendars to automatically join and transcribe meetings.
  • Meeting Summaries: This app summarizes each meeting based on the transcription and lists actions and tasks for each user (identified with a speaker ID).
  • Integrations: You can use the app in concert with Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Asana, Webex, and more.
  • Notes by Dubber lacks support for some of the newer team collaboration apps like Notion and Trello.

Notes by Dubber Pricing

The lowest-tier Professional plan starts at $19 per user per month for 20 hours of transcription and up to 2 hours per meeting. You can start with a 30-day free trial.

Notes by Dubber Verdict

While some of the conference software and integrations seem a bit outdated, Notes by Dubber seems like a good fit for enterprise-level companies who rely on tried-and-true software and need a reliable tool that works with their existing setup.

6. Sembly AI

Multilingual Support

Sembly AI is a versatile AI note-taking and transcription app whose biggest advantage over other apps is its ability to understand and transcribe multiple languages. I was impressed that besides English and other European languages, Sembly AI can also understand other languages like Japanese.

Here are some highlights of Sembly AI:

  • GlanceView Meeting Summaries: These smart meeting summaries show key topics, main points, and outcomes so you can get the info you need in a minute or two.
  • Language Support: Sembly AI understands English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Japanese.
  • Multiple Recording Options: Similar to Otter AI, you can have the AI bot join your meeting through Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, or record directly through the app.
  • Meeting Note Templates: You can use custom templates for meeting minutes to show the information you want in the format you want.
  • Helpful Integrations: After getting your notes, you can send them to Slack or assign to-dos through Microsoft To-Do or create custom integrations using Zapier or other tools.
  • The notes take time to generate. For a 5-minute test meeting I did, the app asked me to wait 40 minutes for notes (transcription only took 5 minutes).

Sembly AI Pricing

You can start with the free version, which lets you record 4 hours a month in English and keeps your meeting notes for 3 months. The Professional plan, at $10 a month, removes your monthly record limit, keeps your meeting notes forever, and lets you transcribe in all available languages.

Sembly AI Verdict

For international teams or people who speak multiple languages, Sembly AI gives you way more options for generating smart notes from your meetings.

7. Avoma

For Fast-Growing Startups

Avoma isn’t just an AI note taker; it’s a “meeting lifecycle assistant.” In other words, it can help you prepare for the meeting, record the meeting, and extract notes and takeaways from the meeting (covering the before, during, and after-meeting process).

Here are the quick and dirty breakdown of Avoma:

  • Meeting Scheduler: This Calendly-like feature makes it easy to schedule meetings without having to shoot emails back and forth all day.
  • Agenda Templates: Unlike other apps, Avoma gives you helpful templates to brainstorm talking points for your meetings and make sure the agenda is solidified before the meeting begins.
  • Smart Notes: Avoma records your meeting, transcribes what was said, and takes AI-generated notes. You can add comments, tag others, and add tags to parts of the notes to organize the information.
  • Conversation Intelligence: This feature helps you to track how often a topic is mentioned, who’s talking more and less than others, and other helpful stats.
  • Revenue Intelligence: This helps you to see the monetary value of your meetings as you track meetings for specific accounts (integrated with your CRM).

Avoma Pricing

Individuals can use Avoma for free for recording and transcription, and basic features. Or upgrade to the Start plan for $24 per user per month for more features. (Higher-tiered plans give you unlimited transcriptions and advanced features.)

Avoma Verdict

Fast-growing startups and growth-minded businesses will get a lot of use out of Avoma—it won’t just keep track of your meetings and decisions, but you’ll also be able to track sales outcomes of meetings and glean helpful insights about the way you run your business.

8. Fireflies AI

Best Integrations

Fireflies AI has all the features you’d want in an AI transcription and note-taking app. Where it really shines is its intuitive use of integrations.

Here’s what I like about Fireflies AI:

  • Automatic CRM Updates: The AI assistant can analyze your meeting and update your CRM records accordingly, saving you tons of time.
  • Voice Commands: During your meeting, you can use built-in voice commands to have Fireflies create tasks in your dedicated task manager app.
  • Sharing: It’s easy to share meeting notes to other apps like Notion, Slack, Asana, and more.
  • Privacy Settings: Decide who can see each meeting so sensitive information is kept private.
  • Conversation Intelligence: Fireflies’ AI bot can measure the overall sentiment of meeting attendees, identify who’s hogging the conversation, and pinpoint objections, competitors, and other pieces of information.
  • This app doesn’t seem as accurate with its transcription as other tools.

Fireflies Pricing

You can try out the free version, with limited transcription and 800 minutes of storage, but you won’t get the integrations. The Pro version, at $10 per seat per month, gets you unlimited transcription credits, 8,000 minutes of storage, and AI-powered summaries.

Fireflies Verdict

Fireflies AI has the potential to save you tons of time by integrating with your favorite tools. But it’s best to try it out to see if you like its features before going all-in on this app.

9. Gong

For Sales Teams

Gong is like an AI note-taking app on steroids, designed specifically for sales teams who want to use data to improve their sales performance.

Here are the best features of Gong:

  • Revenue Intelligence: This feature tracks not only your online meetings but also your phone calls and emails, extracts insights about your relationship with each customer, and helps you stay on top of each account for the best results.
  • Track Your Team: You can easily see who on your team is interacting with each account, when they’ve last interacted, and how each team member is performing, allowing you to train your team and resolve problems earlier.
  • Big-Picture Overview: Instead of just focusing on each single meeting like most apps (which Gong also does), Gong looks at the entire body of conversations you’re having and gives you big-picture insights to help you make better decisions.
  • It’s hard to understand everything Gong can do- I found the website to be more than a little confusing.

Gong Pricing

Pricing depends on your team size and the type of license you choose. Contact Gong for pricing details.

Gong Verdict

Gong is a no-brainer for sales teams that want to use AI to track conversations and get the most out of every sales relationship.

What is an AI Note Taker?

AI note-taking apps record meetings and conversations, generate transcriptions, and write notes that summarize and organize key points of the discussion.

They replace the need for human note-takers in a meeting and allow everyone to focus on the conversation without worrying about writing everything down.

Most will also take an audio and video recording of the meeting and sync it with the notes, allowing you to review key moments of the meeting in one click.

Benefits of Smart Meeting Notes & Note-Taking Apps

  • You can focus on the conversation without having to worry about remembering everything or taking notes yourself.
  • All action steps and important topics are summarized and listed for all to see so nothing gets lost.
  • Many apps integrate with to-do list apps and CRM tools, so you can send action items and important information to other apps in your workflow.
  • You can quickly share notes with team members to make sure everyone’s on the same page.
  • Some apps generate insights about the meeting itself, noting how people were feeling, who dominated the conversation, or how many people were late, helping managers to improve the entire meeting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which AI note-takers have a free plan?

AI note-taking tools with a free plan: Otter AI, Supernormal, MeetGeek, Colibri, Sembly AI, Avoma, and Fireflies AI.

Are there privacy issues to consider when using AI note-taking tools?

Any time you will be recording a meeting, check the applicable laws of your area so you don’t violate someone’s privacy. In some places, you must let the person know you will be recording them.

Which AI note-taker apps support GoToMeeting?

Colibri, Notes by Dubber, Avoma, Fireflies AI, and Gong work with GoToMeeting.

Which AI note-takers support Cisco WebEx?

Colibri, Notes by Dubber, Avoma, Fireflies AI, and Gong work with Cisco WebEx meetings.

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