Presentations have come a long way from the old days of clicking through slides on a projector or flipping cardboard panels like Don Draper in Mad Men.

When Powerpoint exploded onto the scene in 1987, presentations became weightless, endlessly customizable, and easily duplicated and shared. Since then, an endless array of presentation makers and cool templates have made slide creation a breeze.

Today, we are witnessing a new evolution in presentation tools—the advent of AI presentation software. These tools will write your script and slides and design your entire presentation for you with the power of AI technology.

This is the future of presentation software.

Keep reading to discover the nine best AI presentation software and AI presentation makers you should know in 2023.

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Small Business


Full Review

  • AI generates a full presentation in minutes.
  • Nice template base.


Full Review

  • Turn a document into a presentation.
  • AI assistant with prompts to create a slide deck.


Full Review

  • Create interactive quizzes within the presentation.
  • Great to engage audience.

What is the Best AI Presentation Software?

Here’s a quick list of all the AI presentation software that was tested.

Best AI Presentation Software

1. Decktopus AI

Great for Small Businesses

With Decktopus’ AI-powered presentation maker, you can generate persuasive slide decks to help you reach your business goals. You simply fill out a few prompts and then watch the presentation maker create a nice rough draft presentation for you. From there, edit it to customize it to your needs.

Here’s what I like about Decktopus:

  • Make Strategic Presentations: Decktopus asks you for your topic, goal, and audience for your presentation, which makes for a more strategic and engaging slide deck.
  • Design Options: It’s easy to change your slide designs with the built-in template library or simply update the fonts and colors to your liking.
  • Exporting: Share your digital slides with others via email or export your slides to PDF or Powerpoint format.
  • When I tested the app, the bot generated random, unusable graphs. You’ll have to create you’re own visual or find better ones if you want a polished presentation.

How to Use Decktopus AI

You can create a presentation in two ways: either from scratch or with Decktopus’ AI assistant. Choose the Decktopus AI tool to create slides automatically.

Next, tell Decktopus what your presentation is about.

Define your audience.

Then set the goal for the presentation.

Next, specify the time you have to share your slides.

Finally, choose one of the preset templates and click “Generate Presentation.”

This is what it generated for me:

Decktopus Pricing

Individuals can use the Pro plan for $10 a month. Teams pay $36 per user per month for extra credits and branding features.

Decktopus Verdict

Businesses that need to make convincing presentations to grow their business will benefit from Decktopus’ strategic AI-generated slide decks.

2. Canva Magic Presentation

Best Free AI Presentation Software

Canva, one of the most popular online design platforms today, has its own AI presentation maker called Magic Presentation.

Here’s where Canva’s Magic Presentation tool shines:

  • Quick: Simply enter one line of input, and Canva will generate a custom-designed presentation custom about your topic.
  • Great Design Tools: Because this tool is inside Canva, you get all the great design functionality of the app, including stock images and graphics, fonts, color palettes, editing functions, and more.
  • Short Text: While many presentation generators fill up your slides with long, unreadable paragraphs of text, Canva does pretty well at keeping the text short.
  • Can Record Presentations: Canva has a built-in tool that lets you record yourself presenting the slides (with or without video), allowing you to share presentations with others.
  • With such a small space for entering input, you can’t customize the prompt as much as the other tools.

How to Use Canva’s Magic Presentation Tool

Inside Canva, click the Magic Presentation button.

Write a short description of your presentation for the AI assistant.

Choose a template and click “Create my presentation.”

Use Canva tools to edit and update the design.

(Canva also has a Magic Writer tool to help you generate more text for your slides or notes.)

Canva Pricing

Canva is free to use with limited access to stock images, fonts, and features. (At the time of writing, you can use the AI design feature for unlimited generations on the free plan.) Upgrade to the Pro plan to access all professional design features for $13 a month or $120 per year.

Canva Verdict

If you want the best-looking slides and don’t mind customizing them, Canva’s Magic Presentation tool is a great option for quickly generating presentations. It’s also the best free tool that’s out there.

3. Presentations AI

Great for Startups

Presentations AI is a lightning-fast presentation generator that uses strategic templates to make sure you nail your presentation every time.

Here are the best features of Presentations AI:

  • Pre-Loaded Templates: Instead of typing a prompt and hoping to get what you want, you can choose from dozens of pre-loaded presentation types, like Client Check-In, Marketing Strategy, Company Overview, and others.
  • Document to Deck Feature: This feature allows you to upload a script or document outlining your presentation and generate slides from it.
  • Website to Deck Feature: This upcoming feature will allow you to generate a presentation from a website, instead of having to re-write the information in the prompt.
  • The first generation of the presentation was rough, and some of the AI-generated images were unusable. You’ll need to polish up the presentation before using it.

How to Use Presentations AI

To generate a presentation from scratch using the AI assistant, click “Use an AI Template.”

Choose a template for your presentation from the list. (You can’t scroll through them all, but you can search for what you want.)

Make sure your business type is selected in the second drop-down. (You set this when you create your account.) Then click “Generate.”

After a few seconds of loading, you’ll get your basic presentation, which you can edit until it’s ready to present.

Presentations AI Pricing

At the time of writing, Presentations AI was offering beta pricing. The basic plan is free (regularly $120 per year) for unlimited decks but with limited AI credits. Teams can use the software and get extra features starting at $399 per year.

Presentations AI Verdict

Startup founders who wear many hats (like client management, marketing, development, sales, and possibly more) will benefit from Presentations AI, and its ability to generate specialized presentations for many different business needs.

4. Slides AI

Google Slides Add-On

If you’re a Google Slides user, check out Slides AI. This app takes a script or long-form description of your presentation and transforms it into a fully-designed Google Slides deck -right inside of Google Workspace.

Here’s where Slides AI shines:

  • Integration With Google: Google’s suite of apps is the preferred place for many businesses to create content and presentations, and this tool is designed specifically for the Google ecosystem.
  • Magic Write: After you generate a collection of slides, you can use the Magic Write tool to further edit the content. The Paraphrase Sentences command, for example, helps re-write sections of your slides.
  • Recommended Images: Another tool inside of Magic Write automatically recommends you free stock images based on the content of the slide.
  • Powerpoint Support: Slides AI is developing a new feature that works with Powerpoint presentations, which will be a huge help for many businesses.

How to Use Slides AI

After installing the tool, open a new Google Slides presentation and click “Extensions” in the toolbar. Under the Slides AI menu, click “Generate Slides.”

Enter your pre-written script or notes for your presentation. This isn’t an AI text generator, so asking the AI assistant to write about a topic won’t help. You give Slides AI the text to work with, and it’ll summarize and organize it into slides for you.

Choose your presentation type and the number of slides, then check “Replace existing slides” (so you don’t have a blank slide at the beginning).

To change the theme, toggle to the Themes menu and choose one for your presentation.

Go back to the Text menu and click “Create Slides.”

In a few moments, you’ll have a full Google Slides presentation to edit and use.

Slides AI Pricing

Slides AI has a free plan that covers three presentations per month and up to 2,500 characters of input per presentation. You can upgrade to the Pro plan for $10 a month, which bumps up your quota to 10 presentations and up to 6,000 characters of input per presentation.

Slides AI Verdict

As this is the only tool that works beautifully with Google Slides, it’s a must-try for any Google Workspace user.

5. Beautiful AI

Amazing Graphs and Icons

I’ve had a lot of time to play with Beautiful AI, and I absolutely love it. You can check out my full review of Beautiful AI to see all my thoughts on this AI presentation tool.

To summarize, here are the highlights of Beautiful AI:

  • DesignerBot: This AI-powered tool takes your request and builds a full presentation for you. It took about 60 seconds for the bot to create my design.
  • Beautiful Pre-Built Layouts: Choose from a library of themes and layouts for beautiful, easy-to-understand slides.
  • Graph Generator: Instead of generating a graph in another program and pasting the image into your presentation, you can import your data into the app and generate graphs dynamically.
  • Team Features: Teams can collaborate on decks, keep branding consistent, and create team templates to save time.
  • I wish there were more stock images to choose from. Sometimes, it’s also hard to customize it and takes some getting used to.

How to Use Beautiful AI

Click “Create New Presentation” and choose the “Designer Bot AI” option.

Fill in the prompt you’d like the AI bot to follow when it creates your slides.

After you get the output, you can add more pages, edit layouts, and update the design until it’s ready to use.

Beautiful AI Pricing

Paying monthly sets you back $45 per month for the Pro plan, but if you pay annually, it comes out to $12 a month. The dramatic difference in price means that paying annually is a much better deal. Until you decide, you can try it with the 14-day free trial.

Beautiful AI Verdict

If graphs, visuals, and layouts are important to you, Beautiful AI is a powerful tool to add to your collection.

6. Sendsteps AI

Best for Educators

Sendsteps AI differs from other AI presentation tools in an important way. It creates interactive quizzes that test your audience on their comprehension of the topic. This is why it’s great for educators needing a presentation software for the classroom.

Here are some pros of using Sendsteps AI:

  • Generate Presentations From a Document: You can upload a PDF, Word Doc, text file, or PPT file as input for the AI presentation generator bot.
  • Templates: Sendsteps template library is chock full of professional-looking slides for your presentation.
  • Interactive Quizzes: Sendsteps not only generates AI presentations, but also creates interactive quizzes with scoring algorithms so you can keep your audience engaged.
  • Powerpoint Support: The app can be downloaded as a Powerpoint add-in for use inside Microsoft Office.
  • Multiple Language Support: You can generate presentations in English, Dutch, German, French, or Spanish.
  • As far as the design and content of the slides go, this app doesn’t perform as well as the other options on the list. But if you want quizzes, this tool is for you.

How to Use Sendsteps AI

Click the button that says “Generate my presentation” to access the AI tools.

Then input a prompt for your presentation. Once you’ve got your prompt the way you want it, click Next.

Choose a language for your presentation.

Choose the audience you’re presenting to.

Pick one of the AI-generated titles for your presentation.

Finally, choose a length for your presentation and click “Generate My Presentation.”

Voila! Your presentation and quiz are served.

Sendsteps Pricing

You can use Sendsteps AI for free to generate up to 2 presentations per month. The Starter plan gives you unlimited presentations and quiz questions for just $14 a month.

Sendsteps Verdict

If you’re teaching an audience and want to check their comprehension, check out the Sendsteps AI presentation maker.

7. DeckRobot

AI Powerpoint Designer

Attention, Microsoft Powerpoint lovers (or those who are forced to use it at the office). DeckRobot makes it easy to design and format Powerpoint slides with the power of AI.

No, this app won’t write your presentation for you. Instead, it takes a set of basic Powerpoint slides and automatically formats them for you according to your specifications.

Here are the best features of DeckRobot:

  • Automatic Formatting: One of the most annoying parts of creating slides is designing layouts and making sure everything fits. DeckRobot takes care of all the formatting and designing for you.
  • Designed for Powerpoint: Most tools work with Powerpoint, but aren’t designed specifically for the app. DeckRobot is the only one I’ve found that provides a specialized Powerpoint solution.
  • DeckRobot doesn’t write your presentation for you, though you could use an AI writing tool for that.

How to Use DeckRobot

I haven’t been able to test out the software yet, but here’s the basic flow you’ll follow inside the app:

  1. Download the app as a Powerpoint plug-in.
  2. Set your brand guidelines and standard templates inside the app.
  3. Create a new presentation or open an existing one.
  4. Use the app to automatically format your slides based on your settings.

DeckRobot Pricing

Pricing wasn’t available on the website at the time of writing. You can schedule a demo call with the DeckRobot team for more information.

DeckRobot Verdict

If you’re part of a mid- to large-scale business that operates solely in Powerpoint, this could be a huge time-saver for your workflow.

8. Tome AI

Sleek Slide Design

Tome AI isn’t interested in helping you create a great slide deck. Instead, it wants to be your storytelling assistant. Instead of creating slides, it creates beautiful digital presentations (called “tomes”) that tell the story of your business or brand in an engaging way.

Here’s what I like about Tome AI:

  • Beautiful: Forget amateurish designed slides. The presentations you’ll get with Tome are simple yet professional.
  • Generate Pages with AI: After generating your presentation, you can prompt the AI assistant to generate new pages with any information you want to include.
  • AI Images: You can easily generate AI images with DALL-E and insert them into presentations.

How to Use Tome AI

Start by clicking the pink “Create” button.

Click “Create presentation about…” and submit your prompt.

Tome will generate your presentation, which you can edit with themes, design options, and use more AI prompts to add images, new slides, and more text as needed.


Tome is free for individuals to create as many presentations with the tool as they’d like, but you’re limited to 500 AI credits. (It’s not clear how many credits are used each time.) For $10 a month, you upgrade to unlimited AI credits and more advanced features.

Tome Verdict

Tired of boring slide decks? Try Tome for visually stunning presentations that will set your business apart.

9. Synthesia

AI Video Presentations

Synthesia is not your grandma’s slide deck generator. This presentation maker generates talking-head tutorials with lifelike AI avatars that deliver your presentation on camera.

It’s insanely accurate and uber-realistic (nothing like those terrible voiceover generators that sound like a cheap version of Siri). You can check out my full list of AI video generators as well.

Here’s some of Synthesia’s features:

  • Lifelike AI Presenters: Choose from hundreds of avatars and voices to present your topic. The avatar will read out your script to the camera, making it look like you hired a film crew and actor for the video.
  • Video Templates: Choose from tons of pre-designed video templates with animations and titles included.
  • Automatic Script Writing: This new feature allows you to generate scripts with an AI script writer.
  • Language Support: Synthesia’sAI avatars can speak over 100 different languages.

How to Use Synthesia

I haven’t been able to test out this tool yet, but here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a template for your video.
  2. Select the AI avatar you want as your speaker.
  3. Add your script.
  4. Edit and polish the video.
  5. Export and share.

Synthesia Pricing

The Personal plan is affordable at $30 per month for 10 video credits per month. You can contact the company for more details on the Enterprise plan if you need more than that.

Synthesia Verdict

If you’d like to make video presentations on your topic, but lack the time, budget, or ability to do it yourself, you’ve got to try Synthesia.

What is an AI Presentation Software?

AI presentation tools use cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sophisticated algorithms to assemble presentations based on a prompt.

They can help you to:

  • Create presentations from start to finish
  • Write slides, scripts, or notes for a presentation
  • Arrange a script or bullet points into slides
  • Design slides with graphics, colors, and custom fonts
  • Re-format slides according to brand guidelines
  • Create interactive presentations with quizzes and other modules
  • And more

How Do AI Presentation Tools Work?

AI presentation tools are based on computer programs that can process and write human-like text. These programs run from gigantic data sets called large language models (LLM), which is what runs the famous AI chat app ChatGPT.

Other AI presentation tools that design or format slides come loaded with smart algorithms that decide how to position words on the screen or how to format the layout on each slide.

Some software applications can also generate images based on the presentation topic using AI image generators like DALL-E.

Why Use AI Presentation Tools?

If you’ve ever had to create a presentation for work or personal use, you know how time-consuming (and frustrating) it can be.

AI presentation tools help you:

  • Save time writing your presentation by creating an outline or script for you.
  • Communicate information clearly by translating your information into professional designs and layouts.
  • Find the right royalty-free images for your presentations in seconds.
  • Stick to brand guidelines with colors, graphics, and formatting in just a few clicks.

All in all, AI presentation tools help you to make the best presentation possible with the least amount of effort, so you can nail your next pitch, inspire your customers, or engage your audience more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which AI tool makes Powerpoint presentations?

Decktopus, Beautiful AI, Sendsteps AI, and DeckRobot can generate Powerpoint slides.

What is the best AI presentation software for Google Slides?

Slides AI is an add-on for Google Slides, allowing you to generate slides within the app.

Which AI presentation tools can create PDF presentations?

Decktopus, Canva, Presentations AI, Beautiful AI, Sendsteps AI, and Slides AI can be used to create PDF presentations.

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