You can’t ship code without testing it first.

But those tests can eat up a lot of time for your team.

How to make it faster? Use AI test automation tools.

These apps use artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze your app or website, create meaningful tests, and show you where errors are so you can fix them faster.

I’ve researched the best AI test automation software on the market right now and drilled it down to the top ten, organized by type.

Let’s take a look.

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What is the Best AI Test Automation Tool?

Here’s a quick list of the ten softwares that I checked out.

Best AI Test Automation Tools

1. Functionize

UI Testing

Functionize provides AI testing from the user’s perspective, interacting with your app from the front end.

It checks the display of your content, how your app functions, and all the inputs and outputs.

Functionize Features

  • It uses Visual AI to “see” your app and make sure it displays correctly.
  • You don’t need to know much code to set it up, making it easy for non-developers to design tests.
  • It has a self-healing feature to adapt to changes so testing isn’t interrupted.
  • And it runs in the cloud, so you can test your app without a local environment.
  • It’s not a completely no-code tool, so users will need some background in coding.

(Not to mention, there are a ton more features that wouldn’t fit into this overview!)

Functionize Pricing

Contact Functionize for pricing details.

Functionize Verdict

Functionize provides an excellent way to make sure everything in your app is working and looking great for your end users.

2. Testim

For Customer-Facing Web Apps

Testim by Tricentis is an AI automation testing platform designed for customer-facing web apps.

You can create tests quickly and run them on autopilot in just a few clicks.

Testim Features

  • Create tests quickly by recording a set of actions (you can also edit tests visually or with code).
  • The AI tester understands your app structure and how it works, which means it can find elements even when the layout changes.
  • The AI assistant diagnoses why your tests failed.
  • It creates Selenium-based tests which you can export at anytime (so you’re not married to this tool).
  • The pricing model can feel complicated, as it’s based on the number of tests you run (and it can be hard to monitor that number).

Testim Pricing

For web apps, start with the Essentials plan for $450 a month (billed annually). You’ll get 500 web tests and 50 mobile tests per month.

Or choose the Mobile testing plan starting at $90 per month (billed annually).

Testim Verdict

Testim helps you author tests and run them quickly without much human intervention. Plus, you don’t need much coding knowledge to create tests.

3. pCloudy

Great for Startups

pCloudy’s AI-powered test automation suite provides end-to-end testing for more than 5,000 combinations of browsers and devices.

pCloudy Features

  • You can run automated tests online in parallel to save time (and test on multiple browsers and platforms quickly).
  • See test analytics to understand why tests have failed and how to fix them.
  • Provides a drag-and-drop interface to create tests instead of coding.
  • The app can be slow when you’re trying to view your app live, according to some users.

pCloudy Pricing

Paid plans start at $99 for automated web testing or $129 for mobile.

But startups get a sweet deal: free lifetime access if they’re developing a mobile app.

pCloudy Verdict

pCloudy provides a no-code and low-code platform that’s more affordable than other options, including a special free tier for startups. App developers on a budget, take notice.

4. Parasoft SOAtest

API Testing

Parasoft SOAtest is an automated functional testing tool that places a special focus on APIs. It can also handle security, UI, load, performance, and other types of testing.

Parasoft Pros & Cons

  • Machine learning algorithms understand what your API calls are doing, and then design meaningful test scenarios to maintain quality, performance, and security.
  • The ability to design tests without a single line of code using the drag-and-drop editor.
  • The change management system notices changes to your app and adapts to them accordingly (so software testing isn’t interrupted).
  • I had a hard time understanding everything this app does from the website—you might face a learning curve when using it (but I’m also not a developer).

Parasoft Pricing

Contact Parasoft to get pricing information.

Parasoft Verdict

If you’re looking for an automated functional testing tool for API tests (that can also handle other types of testing), Parasoft SOAtest will be a valuable tool for your team.

5. AccelQ

Full-Stack Testing

AccelQ covers all the bases, from web to mobile, API, desktop, and backend testing.

It was recognized by Forrester in 2022 and counts many established corporations among its clients. What I love about it, is that it is completely codeless. You can check out the no-code platforms to create the initial code as well if you’re not a savvy developer as well.

AccelQ Features

  • Codeless AI automation that happens in the cloud.
  • Write tests in plain English, so anyone can create meaningful tests.
  • You can run API and UI testing at the same time to mimic real user behavior.
  • Developers who want to use code to develop tests won’t be able to—AccelQ doesn’t have that functionality.

AccelQ Pricing

Pricing wasn’t available on the website at the time of writing. You can start a free trial or set up a call with AccelQ for more information.

AccelQ Verdict

AccelQ provides comprehensive full-stack testing for your entire application from start to finish, and all this without a single line of code.

6. TestBrain

Risk-Based Testing

TestBrain by Appsurify aims to make testing more efficient for organizations that practice continuous deployment.

Instead of running all your tests every single time you update the code, TestBrain identifies the code changes and all the parts of your app that are affected, then only tests the affected parts of the code.

TestBrain Features

  • Notifies you of “risky” code changes so you can investigate and avoid errors.
  • Creates a risk map to show you visually which parts of the code have been updated and affected by the update.
  • Get helpful and easy-to-understand reports that group together all your test failures and show what might have caused them.
  • Has 99.9% accuracy in identifying affected code, which means some bugs might occasionally slip through the cracks.

TestBrain Pricing

Reach out to TestBrain for pricing info.

TestBrain Verdict

Increase efficiency and ship updates faster with risk-based testing from TestBrain.

7. Tosca

For Enterprise Software

Tosca is an AI test automation suite for enterprise software. Like Testim, it’s developed by Tricentis.

Tosca Pros & Cons

  • Perform end-to-end testing of over 160 enterprise technologies and applications.
  • Use Visual AI to “see” your app and make sure it’s displaying correctly.
  • It uses model-based testing, which separates the test environment from your actual source code.
  • You can create tests without code by recording behaviors and converting them into test scenarios.
  • Users sometimes find it difficult to use, and there are very few online resources about the tool.

Tosca Pricing

Apply for more pricing details.

Tosca Verdict

Companies that need to test enterprise-level software applications will get a specialized solution in Tosca by Tricentis.

8. Appvance

AI-Generated Tests

I find Appvance to be one of the most interesting applications of AI in automated testing.

While most other AI tools require human input to create tests, Appvance sends machine learning bots to crawl your entire application and generate tests automatically.

Appvance Pros & Cons

  • The AI Blueprinting feature scans your entire app and all its functions, maps the app, then decides what should be tested.
  • It handles functional, load, performance, and security testing for UI, APIs, and mobile and web apps.
  • Tests are self-healing, which means they adapt to changes in your app.
  • This is a lesser-known app, so there’s not as much information and community support as you’d get with other software.

Appvance Pricing

Sign up for a free demo to get more information.

Appvance Verdict

Appvance is the “Set It And Forget It” of AI automated testing tools. Try it out to see how much time it saves your organization.

9. Testsigma

Easy Test Creation

Testsigma’s defining feature is the ability to write tests without code.

You can either describe the test in plain English or record user behavior to create tests automatically.

Testsigma Features:

  • Functional testing that’s designed without code.
  • The ability to run tests on the cloud or locally with more than 800 OS and browser combinations and over 2000 mobile devices (and tests are self-healing).
  • Generate custom reports and visualizations to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Some of the UI is confusing—it takes time to get used to.

Testsigma Pricing

Paid plans start at $399 per month for teams. You can start for free with limited features.

Testsigma Verdict

Testsigma gives your team an easy way to test your app and report on test results to stakeholders without knowing how to code.

10. Codium AI

Most Anticipated

Codium AI is an up-and-coming AI automation testing tool that’s already shown some impressive features.

Codium AI Features

  • Get suggested tests inside your IDE as you develop, which saves you time and helps you test throughout the process.
  • It understands how your code works and shows you how each change affects the rest of the code.
  • Codium just raised $11M in funding, which shows that other people are excited about the future of this app too.
  • It’s still in development, so there might be bugs. Codium recommends you to double-check every suggestion just in case.

Codium AI Pricing

Codium AI is currently free for individual developers. They’re currently developing a paid plan for enterprises.

Codium AI Verdict

If having suggested tests inside your IDE sounds enticing, try Codium AI’s free VSCode extension or JetBrains plugin today.

What is an AI Test Automation Tool?

AI testing tools use artificial intelligence to test apps with speed and efficiency.

Traditionally, test automation is done with static programs that run the same tests every time.

But when artificial intelligence and machine learning gets involved, you can do a lot more (which is such a park of AI tools).

  • Ask AI to generate tests for you.
  • Get an automatic diagnosis of what went wrong.
  • Self-healing tests that adapt to code changes without having to rewrite tests.
  • And more!

It’s a much smarter, faster, and easier way to run testing.

One caveat: Make sure to have experienced developers check any code or results an AI software gives you! Even the smartest computer programs get things wrong some of the time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can AI tools help with software test creation?

Yes! Tools like Functionize, AccelQ, and Appvance make it easy to create software tests with the help of artificial intelligence.

How is AI used in testing?

AI-powered test automation tools can create tests, run them, analyze results, and even fix broken tests all without human intervention.

Which tool is best for automated testing?

Functionize, AccelQ, and TestBrain are great choices. Or check out all 10 of my suggestions in the article above.

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