Want to redesign a room? Furnish a new home? Or create a stunning interior design proposal for a client?

Then you’ll want to check out the best AI interior design tools, all of which can make the design process 10x easier with the help of cutting-edge artificial intelligence features.

These AI tools are perfect for interior designers, interior design enthusiasts, and DIY-loving homeowners.

Below, you’ll find my top 7 picks, why I chose them, and how they performed during testing (with screenshots, of course!).

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What is the Best AI Interior Design Tool?

To test these interior design apps, I chose two photos from the free stock website Unsplash.

So how do these AI-powered tools perform when redesigning this bedroom and kitchen?

Let’s take a look.

Full List of AI Interior Design Tools

1. Spacely AI

Most Advanced

Spacely AI is a super intuitive interior design AI tool.

The best part is that you can fine-tune your generated images until you get exactly what you want.

Spacely AI Features

  • I found the renders to be some of the best-quality images of all the apps I tested.
  • You can choose from a ton of pre-loaded styles, upload a reference photo of the style you’re after, or write a custom prompt for the AI image generator.
  • After you generate some room images, you can adjust each piece of furniture or re-render the image in specific ways. THIS IS HUGE for interior designers to tweak the images, not just cross your fingers that you’ll like the result.
  • Payment plans are only for personal use. Enterprises will need to apply for custom pricing.

Spacely Test Results

I chose to render these rooms in the “Ryokan” style, which takes cues from traditional Japanese inns. (They also had styles named Y2K and Famous Wizard Movie, which I would love to try next.)

Here are the results:

As you can see, if you’re an interior designer you can imagine how different a space would look with different styles to help present to your client.

This is also a great AI real estate tool to help buyers reimagine a fixer-upper.

Spacely Pricing

Paid plans start at $30 per month. Get started with a 3-day free trial. 

Spacely AI Verdict

The design process of Spacely AI rocks. This interior design AI isn’t like other apps. Instead of submitting a prompt and crossing your fingers, hoping you get what you want, you get full control over the output.

2. RoomDeco

Unique Styles

Don’t let RoomDeco’s simple interface fool you. You can generate a lot of unique styles that you won’t find in other apps.

RoomDeco Pros and Cons:

  • On top of giving you dozens of styles to choose from, you can add on themes like “Christmas,” “Birthday,” “Steampunk Workshop,” and “Vampire’s Lair,” which can add a fun and creative flair to your designs (say you’re a party or commercial real estate pop-up planner).
  • Besides customizing your room with styles and themes, you can also choose specific colors or materials to include in your designs.
  • The renders are super-fast—an average of 10 seconds each.
  • The renders are a little bit messy, but they give some good ideas.

RoomDeco Experience

I chose a “Scandinavian” style:

You can see how the render is a little messier than Spacely, but maybe that’s the price you pay for faster rendering.

Room Deco Pricing

Pricing starts at $15 per month for the most basic plan. Upgrade for more styles. Professionals must pay for the Pro plan to use images for professional use.

You can also buy credits or theme packs on top of a monthly subscription.

Room Deco Verdict

RoomDeco is fun to use and gives you creative options you won’t find anywhere else. It won’t give you perfectly polished designs, but you’ll certainly generate some great design ideas.

3. Gepetto

Easy to Use

I find Gepetto’s simple interface extremely easy to use. At the same time, it provides a few extra options that give you more control over the output.

Gepettos Features

  • You can choose from over 30 different room styles.
  • You can adjust the AI’s creativity level to get different outputs.
  • You can “blend” a generated photo with another style to get hybrid outputs.
  • When I tested the app, the style names were written in French which made it a little harder to understand.
  • The Shopping feature pops your generated image into a Google Lens image search to find similar furniture which is a great concept. Problem is, there were no relevant results.

Gepetto’s Test Results

I chose the “Hampton” style, and here’s what I got:

Gepetto Pricing

Gepetto costs 40 Euros a month (about $43 USD). You’ll get 7 free renders by signing up for a free account.

Gepetto’s Verdict

This app is simple but powerful and easy to use. If you’re looking for an easy way to get started, or want to try mixing some styles, definitely try Gepetto for some fun.

4. Visualize AI

Great for Professionals

Visualize AI is a powerful AI interior design app with plenty of features for professional interior designers and DIY enthusiasts. But more uniquely, they have features that can help out even architects.

Visualize AI Features

  • You can generate architectural designs, interior designs, and products (such as furniture).
  • Besides generating from a photo, you can also upload a sketch, plan, or elevation details.
  • It has a helpful History tab where you can see your past generations in one place.
  • There was no progress bar and rendering seemed to go so slow, but you can close the browser and it will render in the background.
  • When downloading the photos, they didn’t have a file extension attached, so I had to type out the extension to save it properly in say a .PNG file.

Visualize AI Test Results

I chose “Cottagecore,” and this is what it rendered for me:

Visualize AI Pricing

Start with the Basic plan at $19 per month for 400 credits. You get 3 credits for creating a free account.

Visualize Verdict

Visualize AI is great for professionals who want to generate interior design ideas, architecture, or furniture designs with great detail.

5. DecorMatters

Most Addictive

DecorMatters brings something entirely new to the equation. This is an interior design game, where you create interior designs with a community of like-minded people.

I spent way too much time on this one thanks to its fun platform, but it really is a game.

DecorMatters Pros & Cons

  • Use the augmented reality feature to visualize items from the app in your space.
  • Earn coins by participating in the app and doing interior design challenges that you can use to access new furniture and items.
  • Upload photos of your space and then decorate them with real-life furniture and items in the vast item catalog (plus, everything is linked to product pages so that you can buy an item in real life).
  • Host an interior design event where people design your room for you, and you pick the winner.
  • Everything in the app uses coins, so this isn’t a place for professionals or homeowners working on a serious project. This is strictly for fun or to get ideas while enjoying gameplay and community.

DecorMatters Pricing

You can unlock unlimited usage of furniture for $20 a month or buy packages of coins (2,000 for $2).

DecorMatters Verdict

If you love interior design and want to find a community of people to create designs with, you might enjoy DecorMatters. Prepare to get hooked along the way.

6. Homestyler

All-In-One Tool

Homestyler isn’t just an AI-powered app, but it’s an all-in-one interior design app that can help anyone from amateur to interior designer create stunning designs.

Here’s What Homestyler Can Do:

  • The AI Designer feature will take an image of your room and generate new interior designs based on the style you choose.
  • But that’s not all! It can also help you create floor plans, virtual tours, and 3D designs of a space.
  • Isn’t the best suited for homeowners and DIYers. These features are geared towards the industry.

HomeStyle Results

I chose the “Glam” style, and here’s what I got:

HomeStyler Pricing

For watermark-free renders and more advanced features, plans start from $5 a month. 

You can also buy one-off packs of renders or AI credits on-demand ($5 for 20 credits).

HomeStyler Verdict

Homestyler provides a powerful suite of tools for the professional interior designer, though homeowners will get some great use out of it, too.

7. REImagine Home

For Home & Garden

REImagine Home is a fast and easy AI interior design tool. Not only can it do your inside rooms, but it can also handle backyards, pools, decks, and other outdoor spaces.

Here are the key features of REImagine Home:

  • Just like other apps, you can upload a photo of a room and have the app redecorate it in your style of choice. But you can do this for outdoor spaces, too.
  • The “Surprise me” mode can help you generate more ideas quickly, since it generates something for you with no choice of style from you.
  • You can easily change the masked part of the image to make sure you’re re-generating the parts you want.
  • Still doesn’t support redesigning empty rooms, which is something most other apps have.

REImagine Test Results

I chose the “Mid-Century Modern” style, and this was the result:

REImagine Pricing

You can buy one-off credit packages to use whenever you need (instead of a monthly subscription). Packages start at $19 for 10 downloads.

Plus, you can render dozens of images and only pay for the ones you download.

REImagine Verdict

REImagine home is a great way to generate ideas for your entire home, inside and out, so I encourage both homeowners and interior designers to check it out.

What is an AI interior design tool?

An AI interior design tool is software that uses artificial intelligence, deep learning, and advanced algorithms to render interior designs based on your input.

Most will let you upload a photo of your room, then select the style you’d like to decorate it in.

Then, using its knowledge of images of other spaces and what each style looks like, it’ll render a new image of your room with new design elements in the chosen style.

How do AI interior design software tools work?

AI-powered interior design software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze video and image input of a room layout and then augment the image with a new design.

These tools also use natural language processing to understand what you’re asking them to create. For example, suppose you ask the tool to design a room in a “Scandinavian” style. In that case, it reads your prompt, looks through its neural network to find examples of Scandinavian design, and then generates it into your image.

Other tools have AR capabilities, which allow them to add 3D objects into your space virtually, so when you point your camera lens at your room, you can visualize how certain design elements will look in your space.

They’re very similar to an AI art generator, but use the photo that you upload to change it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can AI interior design tools replace an interior designer?

Not likely! Yes, AI-powered interior design tools can generate good ideas, but they can’t evaluate those ideas and decide if they’re on-trend or if they’ll work in the space. They also can’t purchase items and put the room together. The interior design industry is still safe 🙂

Can AI design my room?

Yes! Try one of the best AI interior design tools reviewed in this article and see for yourself 🙂

What are the best free AI interior design tools?

AI-powered interior design software REImagine Home allows you to generate tons of AI designs for your room, and you’ll only pay for the images you want to download watermark-free. Most other tools will give you a few free credits to try before you buy, but you’ll need to pay to keep using them.

Which interior design AI tools are best for interior designers and the interior design industry?

Visualize AI and Homestyler have the best professional features. As for the best-looking design renders, I recommend Spacely AI.

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