If you’re struggling with complex math problems (or trying to help your child finish their homework), an AI math solver will help you find answers fast.

Now, I know there’s a ton of controversy around using one of these as many feel it’s “cheating.”

As an avid overachiever throughout school, we used to look at the answers, and it would help us work backwards to understand how to solve a problem when we were stuck.

So, I highly recommend these as tools to help you learn, not do it for you. You’re not going to have access to these AI tools on an exam.

Here are my top 6 picks after researching and testing.

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What is the Best AI Math Solver?

Best AI Math Solvers Full List

1. Socratic

Best Free Tool

Socratic is a completely free AI math assistant that can help with way more than math problems.

Developed by Google, Socratic aims to provide the solution to all your homework problems—whether that’s algebra, geometry, trig… even biology, drama, and poetry.

Socratic Pros and Cons

  • Socratic covers more than math problems—it also teaches theater, literature, and science, too.
  • It explains each concept and gives step-by-step solutions so you can understand how to answer problems yourself.
  • Thanks to its integration into the Google ecosystem, the tool also pulls in other search results and videos to give you a better overview of the topic.
  • Because it’s free and it’s from Google, your data might be used for research or advertising. You might want to check the terms and conditions and make sure you’re comfortable with them first.

Pricing: Socratic by Google is absolutely free.

Socratic Verdict

If you’re looking for a free tool to help you with math problems and other homework from a reliable resource, give Socratic a try.

2. Smodin

Great for University Students

Smodin is an AI-powered homework assistant that helps you finish your math homework, learn multiple subjects, and even write essays. But to be honest, I would consider using an AI writer or an AI presentation software before this if it’s essays you’re looking for.

Supposedly, it covers you for math problems up to the university level.

Smodin Features

  • The Math AI Homework Solver can solve math problems, explain mathematical concepts, and give step-by-step solutions (perfect for test prep).
  • The Summarizer condenses long readings so you can find the information you need in less time.
  • The AI Grader tool will read your essays and show you how a teacher might grade your work, and the built-in AI writer can help you polish your writing.
  • This is more of a writing app than a math solver, so it doesn’t have all the advanced tools you might find with other apps. (But it’s great if you have math homework and writing to do at the same time).

Pricing: You can start for free with 3 AI credits per day, or upgrade to the Essentials plan at $10 a month for 100 credits and more advanced features.

Smodin Verdict

To get some quick math questions answered, Smodin is a great choice for you.

3. Photomath

Great for Parents

It’s the great struggle all parents face: trying to solve math problems with your child, but you forgot algebra at least a decade ago. (And some of us didn’t understand it the first time, either!)

If you find yourself in this situation, Photomath can help you out. It’s a math solver focused on elementary to high school math.

Photomath Pros and Cons

  • You take a photo of your child’s math homework, and the app starts solving math problems right away.
  • After answering math problems (including trig, algebra, stats, calculus, and more), it also explains how to solve it with step-by-step solutions.
  • The app was developed by a dad who struggled to teach his kids math, so you can trust it was developed with parents in mind.
  • CON: This wouldn’t help university students trying to solve higher-level math problems.
  • This wouldn’t help university students trying to solve higher-level math problems (too bad, because solving Schrodinger’s equation was so much fun…..).

Pricing: Access Photomath Plus for $10 a month to get visual step-by-step explanations of problems, more helpful bonus content, and content supporting popular math textbooks. Or use the core features for free.

Photomath Verdict

Parents, rejoice! Photomath is here to help you with difficult math homework so your child can have a good learning experience.

4. Symbolab

Visual Math Solver

Symbolab is a dedicated math solver that has a special focus on word problems, graphing, and geometry.

So, if those are some topics that you’re struggling with, then here are the pros and cons of this one.

Symbolab Features

  • Type out a math problem to get answers with step-by-step solutions.
  • Or use the built-in graphing and geometry calculators to solve difficult math problems like functions and equations with a visual interface.
  • You can even create personalized quizzes and exercises based on your learning path, to spend less time studying and retain information for exams.
  • They focus on those specific math topics, nothing overly complicated.

Pricing: You can use Symbolab for free, but in order to get AI math features, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro plan for $10 a month. With this plan, you’ll also get more detailed, step-by-step explanations and personalized assessments.

Symbolab Verdict

Need help solving math problems visually? Symbolab’s easy-to-use interface will help you figure out these math problems in a couple of clicks.

5. TutorEva

Most Fun

TutorEva is by far the most fun AI math assistant out of the bunch.

Instead of a boring screen with a blank form to fill out, TutorEva’s interface resembles an anime-style game with a cute anime avatar ready to help you with your math homework.

But does it actually help you solve your math problems? Let’s find out.

TutorEva Features

  • The cute character makes it fun and easy to use .
  • TutorEva can handle word problems, algebra, graphing, and more with step-by-step explanations.
  • Eva explains the answers to math problems in chat format, as if you’re interacting with her in a game.
  • And if she can’t answer your questions, you have access to math experts around the clock.
  • If you just want a minimalist math solver, this ain’t it.

Pricing: Subscribe to the Pro plan starting at $10 per month. (You can find pricing details inside the App Store or Google Play.)

TutorEva Verdict

If you’d rather be gaming than doing homework, Tutor Eva can help you break the habit and start enjoying math again.

6. WolframAlpha

Real-Life Calculations

WolframAlpha is an insanely detailed AI math solver and calculator app.

Not only does it solve traditional math problems, but it also figures out complicated real-life calculations, like the “total length of all roads in Spain” or whatever else you want to throw at it.

WolframAlpha Pros and Cons

  • You can calculate more than you ever expected, using WolframAlpha’s huge datasets and hundreds of super-detailed calculators (with a general math solver for your homework, too).
  • The topics go beyond math problems to cover science and tech, society, and everyday life.
  • It’s developed by Wolfram, a long-standing software and computational knowledge company founded in 1987, so it has a lot of data and expertise in this area.
  • The sheer number of calculators might be overwhelming to some. It’s definitely more than a young student would need, but would be great for researchers and journalists, for example.

Pricing: To get step-by-step solutions and more advanced features, you’ll want to upgrade to the Pro plan for $8 per month or $80 per year.

WolframAlpha Verdict

Once you discover what you can calculate with WolframAlpha, you’ll never want to go back to regular calculators again.

What is an AI Math Solver?

An AI-powered math solver uses AI technology, neural networks, and machine learning capabilities to understand and solve math problems.

Most AI math solvers also explain how to solve each problem with step-by-step solutions so learners can understand mathematical concepts.

Why use an AI-powered math solver?

  • It can increase your understanding of math problems and grasp of math concepts by providing you a step-by-step solution to each.
  • It can save you money on the cost of tutoring, which we know can get extremely expensive.

This is not a way to cheat on your homework, and if you do this, it will likely nip you in the bud come exam time.

All in all, it’s a great investment for students struggling with math, who want to avoid headaches in school and learn without stress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can AI help with my math homework?

Yes! AI math solvers are designed to solve math problems, provide accurate solutions, and teach you important mathematical concepts with step-by-step explanations.

Which AI tools can solve math problems?

Socratic, Smodin, and Symbolab are some of the best. Check out my reviews of six different AI math solvers in the article above.

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