Are you a large enterprise with thousands of employees? Or maybe you are a small business owner with a few team members in your corner. Either way, if you’re looking to switch from paper to digital business cards, you’ll need to join a company that will give you everything you need.

I’ve trialed with many of the most popular business card companies on the market. But before we get into each company, let me answer some of the more common questions you may have (like I did!) before getting started.

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What is a Digital Business Card for Teams or Companies?

If you’re not quite sure what a digital business card is, I will invite you to read this first to understand how they work at the individual level. If you aren’t looking for Teams, you can also check out my complete list of the best digital business cards here.

Many companies offer “Teams” software, where your HR or appointed personnel can manage your entire company’s digital business cards. Digital business card companies do so many great things, from digitizing all of your business cards and customizable landing pages to networking analytics. If you’re about to make the switch, I’ve developed a list of questions you should ask yourselves and the companies you are trialing:

Questions to Ask a Digital Business Card Company

About the Product and Platform

  • What do the NFC cards and customized products look like? Can you incorporate your company’s exact color and logos?
  • How user-friendly is their platform to make changes to employees (hire, change titles, make bulk updates across the entire company, etc.)?
  • What features are provided now or in the future, such as lead generation forms, geolocation, customized links/video embeds, etc.?

About Onboarding:

  • What education do they provide for your admin and employees? Many people are new to digital business cards, so this is important.
  • If you have a company with thousands of employees, will the company help create the cards, or will your team need to add each individual manually?

About the Analytics:

  • What types of analytics are included in the platform?
  • Can these analytics be organized into groups (say, one team has its own metrics vs. another)?

About the Integrations:

  • Does the company integrate with your current CRM software?
  • What about your HR software?

About the Costs: I don’t include costs for the companies in this article as it’s highly specific to each company and the number of employees. But these are questions you should ask the company you are trialing.

  • What are the costs to maintain the platform and for additional cards when new employees are added?
  • Does the initial cost include all the cards for your current employee list?

These are just a few things to remember when selecting the company that’s the best fit for your business. I was surprised by how many great options there are, so here’s an excellent overview of the top platforms.

What Are The Best Digital Business Cards for Teams or Companies?

Best Digital Business Cards for Teams:


Another solid choice for digital business cards for your company is Popl. Out of all the companies, they have one of the best landing pages, which you can customize with custom videos, logos, and color design. This makes it a great choice for those wanting to display a unique product or if you’re a Realtor wanting to advertise your latest listings.

I’ve written an entire review on Popl (excluding the Team features) here. Check that out to see all the independent functions.

Popl Products

What stands Popl apart from the others is they have one of the largest arrays of product options with embedded NFC technology.

This is their “standard” card
  • NFC Business Cards: Fully customizable cards with your logo and colors. They also have a 24K gold card, which is a nice touch. They also include a QR code on the back to share contacts with those that don’t have NFC smartphones.
  • “Popl”: This is the sticker or tag you can put on your laptop or phone. This is also fully customizable as well.
  • Popl Display: This is great for business storefronts, as you can have this displayed with all of your information.
  • Wristbands, keychains, and badges: For networking events, these are really nice to have.
  • Smartphone cases: If you don’t want to carry a card around you, this is a nice option.
  • Smart Stand: These are those little circular phone stands to set it upright. Very practical option.

Popl Landing Page

I really love their landing page. It has that iOS feel with the icons and is customizable to your company. You can add nearly everything you could want with video embeds, payment links, customizable links, and social media platforms. Here’s a look at mine:

This is only the first portion. You keep scrolling down for more features.

Onboarding Process

They have instant sync with Azure Active Directory, which is a really nice touch. If you don’t use Azure, then CSV import and bulk uploads are also available.

Popl Team Features

Popl also offers some incredible Team features for your major company. Let’s take a look at the features:

  • Lead Generation: Popl also has an exchange contact form where you can capture leads for follow-up. The leads can then be tracked to increase conversions for your company.
  • Integrates with all the most popular CRM platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zoho.
  • Data Analytics: Popl also offers data analytics, so you can see how many people are visiting your website and how many leads you’re generating.
  • They have an AI-powered business scanner to help you capture leads from your clients or customers that are still using paper business cards.
  • The Teams subscription comes with free business cards and free replacements in case one of your Team members loses their card.
  • Company push notifications are a nice touch. Imagine being at a conference and being able to reach all your team members in one convenient spot.

Things to Note:

  • It looks like adding or removing Team members is manual and doesn’t automatically do this when integrated with HR systems like other companies.


Popl is another really great platform for companies, and what sets them apart is their very nicely designed landing page with a great mobile app. This would be a great option for those looking for customization like video embeds.

Mobilo for Teams

After receiving a demo of their Teams platform, I was definitely highly impressed by Mobilo.

To start, the main dashboard after you log in is visually appealing, user-friendly, and intuitively easy to use. This is a big bonus to me, as it makes it much easier for your employees to understand how it works quickly. The geolocation map is a nice touch to see where all your networking leads are located. Essentially, their Teams platform has everything you’ve come to expect in 2022.

Here’s a complete breakdown.

Mobilo Products

Mobilo offers a variety of great products that are fully customizable to your company’s logo and colors.

NFC Digitial Business Cards

I just received my cards, and I won’t lie; they were some of the best, in my personal opinion.

My Mobilo Swag
  • Metal: These are my personal favorites. I ordered the black one and the look and heaviness of it make me feel like I have one of those premium credit cards with no balance limit. It also comes in gold and silver. I won’t lie; I’m going back to purchase the gold one; I wish I had ordered that one from the beginning!
  • Wood: These are a superb option, and it comes in two colors (a lighter and darker wood). For me, these were unique but not my preference. However, I could see if you owned something in homes, carpentry, or anything artistic that this would be a great option.
  • Customizable Color: This will likely be the option for large enterprises. The plastic quality is great; the color turned out very vibrant on mine. While my image was relatively minimal, I’m sure you can make it as intricate as you want without sacrificing quality.

Smart Button: This is like a tag or sticker that you can stick on the back of your phone. It’s about the size of a quarter which is convenient and can also be customized with your logo.

Keyfob: This is a keychain you could always have on your car keys.

QR Code for Widget: You can use a QR code to download a widget to your smartphone.

Mobilo Landing Page

The landing page is a bit minimalistic compared to the others on this list. The question is, will this be a good or bad thing? For example, when you wave your card for a client, it automatically grabs the contact app of their phone and adds in all the information, such as your website and customizable links.

The good is that it’s a one-click process — it takes a step away (i.e., typically, a landing page pops up first, then you have to hit “Add to Contacts” to bring up your phone’s contact app to add).

The bad is that it doesn’t have those beautiful landing pages you see with other companies with video embeds and icons.

Onboarding Process

Their onboarding process helps your company with a smooth transition, especially if you have thousands of employees.

  • The card with be customized and go through a series of proofs before a finalized card is chosen.
  • The business simply needs to send over a spreadsheet or CSV doc of all the employees’ names. Mobilo will take it from there to do a “bulk” upload.

Mobilo Team Features

Sample Dashboard Page Provided by Mobilo

This is where Mobilo really shines, in my opinion. Here are some of the unique features that Mobilo offers in regards to your optimizing your enterprises’ networking efforts:

  • HR Systems Integration: First off, let me just say this is probably one of the best features. They have automated it so that when you have everything integrated, hiring a new employee will prompt a new card to be issued. On the opposite end, if someone leaves the company, it will automatically disable their card. Title change? It will auto-update. As I’m all about automation to save money, this takes out the tedious work away from your HR or hiring personnel.
  • CRM Integrations: Mobilo integrates with many of the popular CRM platforms.
  • Locked and Unlocked Fields: You can lock certain features that you don’t want your employees changing (say, your logo, slogan, company site, etc.) and unlock specific fields like LinkedIn. Customize this to whatever is the best fit for your company.
  • Organizational Hierarchy: You can set many different admins for different teams. This allows you to organize and manage more effectively.
  • Lead Board and Enrichment: Whenever a contact is shared with a client or potential customer, they can fill out a lead form for the company to receive this information. What’s unique with Mobilo, is they have integrated a Lead Enrichment, which will automatically also provide public information about the company (names, location, etc.). This will then go into a list called the “Lead Book.” Admins can see all their Team’s leads on the Lead Board for follow-up.
  • Data Analytics: Thanks to their data integrations, you can see how many clicks your contacts and links are receiving.
Team View, Photo By Mobilo

Things to Note

It’s important to note that these companies are still very young and will likely improve over time. Here are a few improvements coming down the pipeline and some others that I hope to see improvement over time.

  • Tagging: Being able to tag leads is helpful for organizing (like if you’re networking with a CEO, etc.). I was told this would be coming soon.
  • There’s no business card scanner. Right now, we’re at a time where everyone has a mix of paper and digital cards. Luckily, this is also rolling out soon as well.
  • The landing page is very minimal compared to competitors (no video embeds), but it gives you the actual information your future clients need.


Overall, when looking for a digital business card for a large enterprise, Mobilo delivers. They’ve thought of all the “big” questions to make managing thousands of employees a breeze, like HR integration, automating hiring and changes, and lead generation with lead enhancement to give you more information about a company. These are the metrics large companies need to make actionable improvements to their networking strategies. I hope to see more future customization to the landing pages in the future.


Blinq is another great digital business card platform that offers a way for you to manage all of your company’s employee’s cards from a single dashboard. From their customized NFC cards to their straightforward landing pages, they also have a lot to offer companies. They also have some high-profile clients like Uber and Tesla.

Products They Offer

Blinq only offers a few great networking NFC products.

  • NFC Business cards: These are shaped a little bit different with two pointed corners to separate them from the rest of the market. They can be customized with your company’s logo and colors as expected.
  • Apple watch bands are available.
  • Virtual meeting background provides a customized QR code to your business card in a corner. This allows people to scan and get your contact info during virtual meetings, which is a nice touch.
  • Email signature is available to add to the end of all your emails.

Landing Page

Blinq’s landing page presents your company’s information and customized links with a clean but professional minimalist feel as well.

As far as designing it, they have an extremely easy-to-use mobile app. You can add in your Snapchat accounts, Venmo, Discord, custom links, pretty much everything. I really love how they have an “auto-detect” logo feature. Simply enter your website, and it will find and place your logo.

The only thing I think they’re missing is being able to customize the colors with hex codes (so it’s an exact match to your company) and adding video embeds.

Onboarding Process

For those companies utilizing Microsoft Azure, Blinq offers great integration where a card is automatically created when someone is hired. They also will do a bulk upload and CSV docs. As far as education, you really won’t need much because their platform is so user-friendly, but they offer training sessions.

Employees will receive an activation email.

In terms of the NFC card, they will help you design your card if you’re a smaller company or work with your company’s design team.

Team Features

Like the others discussed, Blinq offers a lot of Team Options for your company

  • Includes many CRM integrations to easily work with your current systems.
  • User-friendly dashboard to easily keep track of all of your employees.
  • Templates for various teams in your department (in case you want a different template for your marketing team, HR team, etc).
  • Lead generation in the form of contacts that integrates directly into your CRM like Hubspot and Salesforce. When you share your contact, the client will be prompted to share their contact details back, and then those contacts will be shared in the CRM.
  • Unlimited admins for the organization.

Things to Consider

  • They do not have a business scanner at this time.
  • There is no business analytics currently for their Teams, however, this will likely be coming in the future.


Blinq has a nice landing page, an easy-to-use mobile app, and a great NFC card, which is why it’s at the top of my list for business cards. They have everything you need when it comes to replacing a paper business card, but they still are in the process of adding additional features such as analytics.


Linq is another company that has a great Teams option available. They offer nearly everything you could need, from a customized NFC business card to a fully loaded and comprehensive Teams dashboard. Let’s check out all they have to offer.

I’ve done an entire Linq review here.


Similar to Popl, Linq has a ton of products available with NFC.

  • NFC Digital Business Cards: Their standard options allow you to choose from white, black, bamboo, and a few other colors. You can also customize the card with your logo.
  • Linq Bracelets and Apple Bands: Great for those that would rather wear their business contact information.
  • Linq hubs and badges
  • “Taps” or stickers for the back of your phone.

Landing Page

Linq has one of the best landing pages in the group. I would place it right next to Popl.

You have everything you can think of, and it is all fully customizable. You can customize the icon colors, highlight certain features, video embeds, honestly anything you can think of; they have created the option for you to do that.

Onboarding Process

They have a wonderful onboarding process with a dedicated team to help your company make the transition.

Team Features

They have tons of features for your company, including:

  • Plenty of CRM integrations. I’m sure they will have whatever you need to integrate it with your current tech stack.
  • Networking analytics allow you to see how many times your links and cards have been clicked.
  • You can standardize and customize as little or as much as you want. Quickly update a company logo across all of the cards, or allow your employee to change their own LinkedIn profile account.
  • Leads can be sent to your dashboard so you can help increase conversions.


Overall, Linq provides a very high-quality Teams dashboard for your company and makes the onboarding process really easy. Something I would ask is if they have automatic card generation.

Take Home Points

Overall, I hope this will help guide you in choosing the best digital business card for your team or company. There are tons of great options on the market with various price points.

Whichever you choose, transitioning from a paper to digital business card is a great step to digitizing your networking efforts.

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