Are you planning a trip to the beach this summer? Plotting an escape to Europe this fall? Or want to check off a bucket list trip to Tokyo?

Wherever your travel plans take you, you’ll benefit from using an AI travel planner.

What’s an AI Travel Planner?

An AI trip planner is like a travel agent who never sleeps.

Plug in your travel dates and destination, and the app puts together a custom itinerary for your trip.

You can even specify what kind of activities you’d like the planner to focus on, like Michelin-starred restaurants or kid-friendly attractions.

Because the app uses natural language processing and neural networks (like ChatGPT), it can understand your requests and update your itinerary accordingly.

You’ll want to try one to save hours on trip planning. You can also check out an AI travel agent as well.

But with several competing options, which one should you choose to plan your next getaway?

Check out my top four picks below.

What is the Best AI Travel Planner?

Here’s the full list of planners I tested out:

1. Roam Around

Easiest to Use

This AI trip planner wins the prize for the most user-friendly interface.

When you load up the app, you’re presented with two words: “Where to?”

Type your destination city into the box and watch as Roam Around prints out a full itinerary for your trip in an easy-to-read story format.

After you get the plan, you can customize it with special requests. Try “We love coffee” or “Take us to museums.”

Each time you enter a request, the app will re-work your itinerary. You can continue until you’re happy with the result.

Roam Around Pros and Cons

  • The simple interface makes it easy to use and fast.
  • You can update your travel itinerary as much as you want.
  • Your itinerary is separated into morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime for easier reading
  • Each attraction is highlighted with a link to a TripAdvisor paid tours page. I’d rather get Google search results or more information about the attraction..

Roam Around Pricing

Roam Around is free to use.

Roam Around Verdict

Roam Around’s AI trip planner doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but it’s perfect for people who want something simple that works. As someone that travels a lot, this gives you a nice starting point for your trip planning.

2. ForgeMyTrip

Helpful Features

Forgemytrip’s AI trip planner makes things easy by including some helpful extra features.

ForgeMyTrip Test

Enter your destination and dates and click “Generate Itinerary.”

Then add additional details about your trip, like:

  • The time of day you’re arriving
  • Any special requests for your trip

After this screen, you’ll get a finished itinerary with a map and other nice features.

ForgeMyTrips Pros and Cons

  • The AI trip planner gives you a map on the side of your screen so you can see the route you’ll take.
  • You can book hotels, flights, and cars from your itinerary page.
  • Each attraction is highlighted with a link that takes you to Tripadvisor to see tips and reviews.
  • You can’t update the itinerary after generating it. Instead, you’ll need to start over each time.

ForgeMyTrip Pricing

Forgemytrip is free to use.

ForgeMyTrip Verdict

Forgemytrip is great for putting together an itinerary and learning about each attraction. But it might take a few tries to get something you’re happy with.

3. Traivl

Multi-City Travel Plans

Both apps I reviewed above are great for single-destination travel. But if you’re going to multiple cities on your trip, you’ll want to try Traivl’s AI trip planner.

Not only can you plan to visit multiple cities, but you can also set detailed parameters, like:

  • General budget (like Premium or Budget)
  • Max travel time per day
  • Number of stops on the trip and more

Once you’ve chosen your settings, you’ll get a detailed page with your travel itinerary.

Traivl Pros and Cons

  • Your itinerary page has plenty of options to adjust the plan. You can delete and add attractions, change your mode of transportation, and add more destinations as you please.
  • Each destination comes with hotel suggestions, which seem to follow the budget you set. Clicking on a hotel takes you to a Google Hotels search page with prices.
  • You can view a simplified Daily Itinerary to get an overview of your plan.
  • While this AI trip planner gives you great ideas and has some tour planner functionality, the tours it suggests aren’t real (You can’t book them.) However, this might become a real feature in the future.

Traivl Pricing

Traivl is free to use.

(It seems like they’re working on paid travel plans, which might become a feature in the future.)

Traivl Verdict

For planning a multi-leg trip, including how to travel to and from each destination, Traivl is the best choice.

4. Skoot

Family-Friendly Itineraries

Skoot’s travel planning tool serves a specific audience: families who travel together.

Created by Rob & Sam, London-based parents of 2 boys, the app seeks to remove some of the stress of planning a family vacation.

Besides providing an AI trip planner called Skootbot, the site also features numerous articles with family-friendly travel and activity ideas.

Skoot Features

  • You get to specify how many kids and how old they are when generating an itinerary
  • Skoot partners with travel companies to help you get good deals
  • It’s made by parents who acutely understand the struggles of traveling with kids
  • The travel itineraries you get are pretty plain. I don’t see much added value you couldn’t get with some custom parameters on the other sites on this list.
  • There are no options to customize the itinerary further. What you get is what you get.

Skoot Pricing

Skoot is free to use.

Skoot Verdict

While I like the concept of kid-friendly travel plans, I don’t think this AI trip planner provides much more than other options. But having discounted travel deals and family-friendly blog articles might make it worth it for some families.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there an AI tool that makes travel itineraries?

Several! Find reviews for Roam Around, Forgemytrip, Traivl, and Skoot in this blog post.

Are AI trip planners free?

Most are free. Some partner with travel companies, which probably brings in affiliate income when you book through them.

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