Welcome! I’m Samantha

Up until 2020, I was living the American Dream. Had a good childhood, graduated with my Bachelor’s in Biochemistry and Minor in Business Administration. Accepted into graduate school for a Doctor of Pharmacy. After graduation, entered into a highly sought residency. Landed the dream pharmacist job thereafter. Married my high school sweetheart, bought a house, and had two children. Sounds like the perfect life, right?!?!?

Well, not really. Behind those beautiful Instagram stories, we were so unhappy. Our income somehow barely paid for our expenses, daycare, and student loans (LOANS of $400,000 PLUS. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT). We were stressed, overworked, and did it all for what? To let someone else raise our kids 10 hours a day? Now don’t get me wrong, I knew I was still doing pretty well, that many other people are so much less fortunate. But that made me think, how could I possibly be so unhappy with everything I have?

And then worst happened. The pandemic in 2020 while pregnant meant total isolation. 2021 started off with a bang with my dad being nearly killed by a drunk driver. Six months later I suffered from a spinal CSF leak, which left me bedridden 80% of the day for over a year. I went from a 60 hour/week working mom to being mostly couchbound, living with in-laws unable to care for my own children overnight. 

But then, something happened. I realized I was HAPPY, even though disabled. And that’s because I wasn’t working a million hours a week and missing life as it passed by. My illness was a blessing in disguise, as I had my “George Bailey” moment where I stepped outside my life and assess how it was going.

As a pharmacist, I always loved translating complex medical processes into easy to understand, digestible information. Now I’m really just doing the same thing, but with AI and digital tools.

I discovered the most important things to me in life were my family and my passions like travel. So how could I do more of that and less of everything else? That’s when I found a new obsession: working smarter not harder. By automating all of those time-consuming tasks, I had more time to spend at home. That evolved into a passion for artificial intelligence. I transformed my doctorate skills to those specializing in digital marketing, online entrepreneurship, SaaS, and artificial intelligence. As a pharmacist, I always loved translating complex medical processes into easy-to-digest information. Now I’m just doing this for AI and digital tools.

As much as I love the hustle, my life circumstances have taught me to stop and smell the roses. WORKING SMARTER, NOT HARDER, I have found is the key to a healthy life balance.

That is why I have created and dedicated this blog to give you all of the tools you could need to automate your life. Whether that’s with automating your business processes with artificial intelligence or automating your personal finance, I’m here to help you minimize the mundane, so you can spend time on your passions.

after automating life, I spend more time with family and travel


  • Doctorate in Pharmacy
  • Bachelors in Biochem
  • Minor in Business Admin.

Favorite Travel

  • Coronado, California
  • Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
  • Antigua, Nicaragua
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Orvieto, Italy

My Reading List

  • Nightingale
  • AI Marketing
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Harry Potter (can’t exclude this!)
  • Where the Crawdads Sing

Favorite Sports

  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Chicago Cubs

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